FAQ regarding your booking

Informations for clients at the BB Escort Agency

Yes, you will meet the lady you see in the picture. The photos of the ladies are updated every 6 months. In the VIP area you will also find private pictures of almost all ladies.

  • The ladies with private pictures are beginners who want to get a taste of the escort adventure. After a few successful dates and positive feedback from the gentlemen, you will find professional pictures of the lady after a few weeks. As a rule, the fee of the lady increases after the photo shoot. Thus, if you like beginners, it is recommended to meet a lady with private pictures.
  • The High Class Escorts are ladies who have already been referred to clients by BB Escort and have taken part in a professional photo shoot.
  • The VIP ladies are ladies who can only be seen in the VIP area and can only be booked by VIP clients.
  • The fetish escorts are ladies who would like to live out their preferences in the fetish or dominant area. With the fetish ladies a certain lead time is necessary, as they would like to prepare for your individual wishes.

BB Escort provides you with ladies with whom you can spend wonderful moments for a certain period of time. The fee is only a compensation for the time with the lady and not a “performance payment”. The intimate possibilities are included in the fee. Thus, no further costs arise for you. Each lady acts on her own responsibility and determines the individual services herself.

Our software is in no way inferior to the unlimited possibilities of a dream date, so that you can filter the appearance of the lady and your wishes for your date by mouse click. With ease you will find the lady who fulfils your criteria so that the date meets your wishes. Play through all the possibilities of the software and undo any options you have clicked on without leaving a trace. Of course, it is also possible to contact the customer service of BB Escort, we will also be happy to help you.

If you have certain wishes or ideas about your date that you do not find on the lady's sedcard, we ask you to e-mail us with your exact requests. We will gladly forward this to the lady and clarify your wishes with the respective lady. Alternatively, we will recommend a lady whose interests coincide with yours on a date.

You will find an overview of the fees in the main menu under Fee. The respective fee of the lady can be found in the sedcard under the item fee. Here you will also find the respective travel costs if the date is to take place outside the lady's place of residence.

No, this is not possible. The escort ladies would like to be contacted exclusively via the agency. The ladies have decided to be placed by an agency because they do not want private contact before and after the date. Of course, you can tell us your wishes, preferences, ideas about your date and we will pass this on to the lady one-to-one. Please understand that the ladies attach great importance to their privacy and anonymity.

Many gentlemen feel the same way: they experience a fantastic date with a breathtaking woman. And what could be more natural than to ask for a repeat? But asking the escort lady for her private details makes her uncomfortable, as she has to justify why she does not want to give out her number. Please refrain from asking for the private phone number! Her concern is to create a heavenly atmosphere with you so that you can experience your unforgettable meeting. Please respect the setting and just enjoy your dream date.

The earlier you request a date, the more likely it is that your desired lady will have time. We also have dates that are planned months in advance by gentlemen. For longer bookings of 2-7 days, early planning is recommended. The ladies at BB Escort do not pursue the job of escort full-time. Mostly they have another main job, are students or trainees who have to plan their dates with their regular job and only do escorting as a sideline.

Of course, it is also possible to organize a date with a lady at short notice. For this, we recommend that you contact us by telephone. This is the most likely way to coordinate a date for you on the same day. Please note that the ladies need a certain lead time. If a lady has time, she usually still requires at least 2-3 hours until she can be at the date. The ladies want to freshen up for you and sometimes have a longer arrival time.

A booking is made by contacting us via enquiry form, SMS, email, or phone call. You tell us which lady you would like to meet, on which day, at what time, for how long and in which city. Afterwards, we will ask the lady for you. We confirm the lady's agreement and tell you all the conditions (fee) and travel expenses (in case they are incurred). If we do not yet have your mobile phone number, please let us know and we will reserve the date with the lady of your choice.

The minimum booking duration for each lady is at least 2 hours if the date takes place at the lady's place of residence. The longer the lady has to travel from her place of residence, the longer the minimum booking duration. We calculate the minimum booking duration individually on the basis of the duration of arrival and departure, as well as the type of journey. Here it depends on whether the lady is travelling by car or by public transport. You will also find the minimum booking duration on the lady's sedcard under the item fee. If your city is not listed, please write to us and we will inform you of the travel costs.

Travel costs of the ladies arise if you meet a lady outside her place of residence. In the lady's profile, you will find travel cost flat rates for the most frequently visited cities, which may vary depending on the lady's journey. The travel costs are calculated for each lady individually and based on her mobility (public transport, own car or car sharing). Thus, ladies coming from the same city may have different travel costs. If your meeting place is not listed in the Sedcard, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.

We will recommend alternative ladies who may be available on the date you want. You can tell us what is important to you and we will recommend the right lady.

If you would like to meet a certain lady and she cannot accept your invitation, it may be for the following reasons:

  • The lady is not mobile and the meeting is in a place that the lady cannot reach.
  • Or the date is only possible for you late in the evening and the lady can only travel to the date by public transport but cannot get home later at night. In this case, you have the option of approaching us and offering to pay the lady's taxi costs for the return journey. We will be happy to clarify with a taxi company in your area how much the taxi costs will be.
  • The lady is unable to travel at the times you have indicated. If you are flexible in terms of time, we can ask the lady on which days she is available for you and you can coordinate it with your schedule.

If you have prioritized more than one lady for your date, you are welcome to let us know. We will request 2-3 ladies for you and among the ladies who have time, we would jointly pick the suitable lady for your date.

The escort ladies offer home and hotel visits. A date can also take place in a restaurant, cinema, museum or in a thermal spa. The ladies also accompany gentlemen to swinger club parties, BDSM parties and SM studios. Dates at the hour hotel are not possible.

Please note that intimate contact (sex) in public is not desired. This includes outdoor sex, car sex or sex in naturist areas.

No, dates in an hourly hotel are not possible with the ladies of BB Escort. Intimate contact (sex) with the escort ladies in public, such as outdoor sex, car sex or similar, is also not possible!

No, the ladies are not visitable. We can gladly book a hotel for you in the name of the escort lady.

Yes, we are happy to take care of the hotel booking.

  • We offer various packages for this purpose. Please contact the agency for this.
  • Before the date you have to pay 30% of the fee and the package price for the hotel.
  • If you book a hotel through us, the hotel room will be booked in the lady's name. The lady checks in at the hotel, sends us the room number, which we then send to you. This way you can meet the lady discreetly at the hotel without giving any information about yourself.
  • Please note: For liability reasons, if you have booked a hotel in the lady's name, it is important that you leave the room before or with the lady.

You also benefit from your status as a VIP guest when booking a hotel through us. Please contact us!

When visiting a hotel, after your check-in we need the room number and the telephone number of the room on whose landline phone we may discreetly call you for a short time. Afterwards, the lady can drive off to the date. Alternatively, a deposit is possible before the date. If we receive a deposit, we need the room number and the meeting point 5 minutes before the date in order to inform the lady. As a VIP guest you benefit from your status and a call to the room is not necessary. Nevertheless, we always need your room number before the start of the date.

In this case, you have the option of sending us the room card plus hotel reservation via WhatsApp or emails as a picture. Alternatively, we can discreetly call the reception and have them connect us with you. If you do not want to do this, you can pay a deposit of €100 at the agency and simply tell us the room number shortly before the date starts.

Yes, if you know in which city the date should take place, you can send us the hotel name plus address. The hotel address is necessary at least 48 hours before the date.

If you have a date with an escort lady at the lady's place of residence, the journey time of the ladies is approximately 1-1.5 hours. If it is not possible for you to inform us of the room number 1 hour before the date, we recommend a deposit of 100 euros. Then the lady can start on time for the date and will appear at the appointed time. As a VIP guest, you also benefit from your status. Please contact our customer service for more information.

If no keycard is required, the lady can come directly to your room. If a keycard is necessary, a meeting in the lobby, by the lifts, in the bar or in front of the hotel is possible.

We recommend that you provide us with this information when making your reservation. Thanks to our many years of agency experience, we can help you further and have many tips for you. You are also welcome to contact us in advance by telephone. It is not possible to leave the keycard at the reception.

Yes, of course that is also possible. Here, despite a meeting in the restaurant, we need the room number and the phone number of the room before the lady can start the date. If this is your first booking with BB Escort, we will call you in your room at the hotel before the date starts.

If you would like a date where the two security measures (giving the hotel room number in good time, calling (via reception)) are not possible, we require a deposit of €100 for security reasons. As a VIP guest you benefit from your status. Please contact our customer service for this.

To secure your first home visit for the lady, you have 3 options to choose from.

  • Call on the landline: We need a landline number from you, on which we can call you at an agreed time. If this is not possible and you have an office, practice or chambers, we can also make a call on the landline.
  • Proof of address: Send us a copy of your identity card or a current bill (electricity bill or mobile phone bill) with your address via WhatsApp or email.
  • Deposit: If you do not want either of the above options, you can make a deposit of €100.
    Of course, this is only to be made at the time of your first booking.

For a reservation, we need your mobile phone number, on which we may contact you only in case of emergency on the day of the date by SMS with "request to call you back". If you do not wish to give us your mobile phone number, in exceptional cases a deposit of at least 100 euros is required before a firm reservation can be made. However, we then need an email address in case we need to contact you if the lady is late or the lady cannot find you etc.

We need your mobile phone number to ensure that your booking is a serious booking. Your phone number and email address will not be disclosed to anyone except the individual processor. We store your data to make it easier for you the next time you book. If you wish to delete your data, simply let us know after your date. We will delete the data immediately. We will contact you on your mobile number only in case of emergency on the day of the date with the SMS "Please call back". 

No, we understand that you would like to remain anonymous as a guest. Therefore, it is sufficient if you tell us your first name. Of course, we always handle your data very discreetly!

The lady will be told your first name by us so that we can address you. If you have information (age, appearance, height) that you would like to share with the lady, you are welcome to do so and we will pass this on to the lady. However, this is entirely up to you!

Normaly, the ladies travel by their own car, by train or by taxi.

A deposit is required if a lady has a journey of more than 100 km. This amounts to 20% of the fee plus travel expenses. As a VIP guest, you can also benefit from your status here. Please contact us for more information!

These ladies have already had bad experiences with the payment behaviour of some clients. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that for a few ladies the complete fee must be paid in advance.

A deposit is possible via various methods.

  • Bank transfer: Pay comfortably and without further costs with a bank transfer.
  • Credit card payment: Pay with your credit card for a 10% handling fee.
  • Western Union or MoneyGram: Pay in cash and anonymously at the branch. A handling fee of 10 € will be charged.

As a VIP guest you have further payment options. Please contact us for more information!

Please give the lady the fee in cash at the beginning of the date. To prevent misunderstandings, please let the lady count the amount.

What people hope for when they have a first, tingling date: That they are well-groomed and friendly. Otherwise, you can enjoy the anticipation of your date!

This can happen, interpersonal chemistry cannot be planned. Please tell the lady in the first 15 minutes. If you are uncomfortable, you can contact us and we will sort it out for you. We ask you to give the lady a contribution towards expenses of 100 Euros. The lady is required to contact the agency in this case as well.

If you did not like something about the meeting with the escort lady, if you imagined something different, or if you are dissatisfied, then discuss this directly with the escort lady during the date. It is not possible to complain to the agency afterwards and demand compensation. If you are dissatisfied, then break off the date immediately and contact the agency.

NOTE: The escort lady is not employed by the agency and we only act as an intermediary between you and the ladies. Therefore, as an escort agency, we can NOT refund any money that you have paid to the lady.

Yes, if you know in advance that you might want to extend the date, please let us know and we will clarify it with the lady. This way you can be sure that you can extend the date. If you would like to extend the date spontaneously, you can also clarify this spontaneously with the lady during the date.

If you are late and the date should start a little later, contact us and we will pass this on to the lady or clarify whether a postponement is possible. As a rule, this is not a problem. However, it may happen that the lady shortens the date a little because she has to go to her regular job the next morning or cannot get home by public transport at night.

Despite perfect planning on your part, something comes up and you have to cancel the meeting. Of course, that's not a disaster. Simply contact us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to reschedule the agreed appointment for another date after consultation with the self-employed lady. If the lady cannot accept your invitation, you are welcome to use your deposit as a credit for a later booking with another lady. We limit your costs to the actual expenses incurred. If the lady is already on her way, only the travel expenses will be incurred. Travel bookings are subject to cancellation protection, as experience shows that the costs of booked train or flight tickets from the travel companies are not reimbursed or – in exceptional cases – only partially reimbursed. Thanks to absolute transparency, our FAQs also include all information here. We hold your payment in trust for your next date. For accounting reasons, your payment expires after two years.

For a holiday escort, a deposit of 50% is necessary so that the escort lady does not have to walk around with several thousand euros in her pocket.

Our agency thrives on your feedback and thanks to you we become even better. Therefore, we are always happy to receive your feedback. No matter whether it's about the recommended hotel, the booking process or about the lady herself. We always take your feedback as an opportunity to work on us. At the same time, you can already use the feedback from other guests to get an even better picture of the independent ladies. Under "Feedback" the sedcard of each lady contains the feedbacks of other guests.

You can easily send us your feedback by e-mail, feedback form (in the sedcard of the escort lady) and SMS. If you give us permission, we will publish your feedback, anonymously of course. We do not publish names or personal data under any circumstances. This way we guarantee absolute discretion at all times. We thank you in advance for taking the time to help us. We all benefit from it, thank you.

No, in order to publish feedback, we need the guest's consent. Very often we get good feedbacks from the ladies that we are not allowed to put online. If you would like to meet a lady who does not have any feedbacks yet, you can ask us for a feedback.

No, for one thing the lady would have to invoice you. On the other hand, the lady works as an escort and can only invoice you for this service. If this is desired, please contact us before the date and we will clarify it with the lady you have booked.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out that BB Escort is merely an agency. Please note that a contractual relationship arises between you and the escort lady when a booking is made. The agency only acts as an intermediary and receives a commission from the lady. The ladies are self-determining in their decision. Should you wish to receive an invoice, please let us know before the date so that we can inform the lady.