Information for aspiring escort ladies

The word escort can not be summarized in a few words. Escort ladies are usually booked for a duration of at least 2 hours up to several days. The focus of an escort date is the customer who has booked the lady. Escort ladies are booked for intimate hours in pairs or threesomes.  Weekend and vacation escorts, city tours, but also for the next birthday party with the family as a new girlfriend are sought by many guests. The lucrative sideline as an escort lady is very versatile.

Do you want to be successful as an escort lady and earn up to several 1,000 euros? Then it is important that you are open to eroticism, communicative and well-groomed. Model measurements and experience in the escort sector are not a must. As a rule, the right guest is found for each lady, as well as the right lady for each guest. For the agency it is important that you are reliable and available. If you bring all these points, you can successfully start as an escort lady.

You can of course work part-time as an escort and pursue your regular job or studies. The high earning potential gives you the freedom to pursue your hobby or to have time for your studies. But you also have the option to work full time at BB-Escort.

You can apply via the casting form on our site, or via Whatsapp message (01579 - 233 553 88). The most important information we need from you are: Name, age, place of residence and 3-4 photos of you. We do not need nude photos, but we do need recent full body photos that a friend has taken or that you have taken yourself in front of the mirror. Snapchat photos and heavily retouched photos do not represent you in your naturalness. Therefore, we can not really say whether you can be successful as an escort lady.

Both as a newcomer, as well as experienced escort lady you will quickly realize that the priority of the agency is that you feel safe and comfortable and of course that the team is reliably available for you. We offer you the security, reliability and a friendly and open team. We help you with our years of experience to a good start as an escort lady and support you on every date. The team of BB Escort organizes, supervises and supports its escort ladies.

An mediation contract is a contract that gives us the opportunity to place you as an escort lady. This summarizes everything that we will discuss verbally. 

The commission is 28 to 30% of your fee. There is no commission for travel costs and expenses.

At BB Escort you have no minimum contract period and no costs for the sedcard creation. Quite the opposite! At BB Escort you have the opportunity to get an intensive taste of the escort business for 2 weeks and then decide whether the work as an escort lady is right for you.

The different categories are different fee levels. These start at 2 hours for 470 euros and go up to 2 hours for 1,000 euros. As a beginner, you are usually in the fee level silver. In which fee level you are, depends on your location and the demand of the guests. If you get a lot of positive feedback and the guests book you more often (regular customers), then this also leads to you being in a higher fee level. Satisfied guests increase your earnings. On average, the fee is 500 euros for 2 hours. Some ladies have received the fee level "Special" at BB Escort and thus an earnings of 600 euros to 1,000 euros for 2 hours of escort work, because their requests and bookings are so high. The fee level, you decide as an escort lady in consultation with the agency.

No, with an escort service the guest honors the time with the lady, the intimate possibilities are included in the fee. Costs that are added for the guest can be travel costs or expenses. You will receive these in addition to your fee if you meet the guest outside your place of residence.

Your earnings are usually between 3,000 and 10,000 euros. Criteria such as your place of residence, your flexibility regarding travel and how much time you bring with you play a role here. Since 30% of international clients and 20% of them are English-speaking clients book an escort lady, knowledge of English is an advantage. The more time you bring for the escort, the more dates you have and the higher your earnings.

To work as an escort, you must be at least 18 years old. There is no upper limit in the escort. Some guests also explicitly ask for more mature ladies. Of course, it is important that you look well-groomed and attractive even at a mature age.

Yes! The agency support the ladies and discusses with them all questions and uncertainties. The task of the BB Escort team, is to take care of the escort ladies and to help with words and deeds. Whether beginner or experienced escort lady, at BB Escort you will never be left alone.

Yes, we have very many requests from guests who want to meet only ladies with shapely curves. The ideal image that we women have is not always what the gentleman imagines and desires.

No, our colleague who looks after the ladies also conducts the interview. This means that you first get to know your personal contact person. A personal meeting is not necessary at the beginning. Nowadays, castings can be conducted via Facetime, Skype or TeamViewer.

After your casting, you will receive a text message or an email from us within 24 hours. After our interview, we will send you the documents and the agency contract. Once we have received all the important information from you and you have signed and sent the agency contract online, you will usually be online within 24 hours. It is therefore possible to start as an escort lady within 2-3 days.

Yes, once a year the escort ladies meet with BB Escort in Cyprus and spend a weekend together. The organisation and all costs are borne by the agency. 


No. The agency acts as a mediator and receives a commission for the mediation service. You only have costs if the agency has arranged a date with a guest for you. The creation of the sedcard is of course free of charge.

As an escort lady you should have a selection of different lingerie, dresses, high heels and sex toys in your wardrobe. As a rule, every lady has 1-3 outfits and certainly also a sex toy. Of course, after your first 2-3 meetings with a gentleman, you have the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe and equipment, e.g. with various sex toys. After a short time you will be able to fulfil all wardrobe and other wishes of the guest. This in return will increase your bookings, because you can date guests with special preferences.

A beginner lady is a lady who wants to get a taste of escorting. During this time, the lady has the opportunity to be online with private pictures in order to first look at working as an escort with a few dates for approx. 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, the lady receives a professional photo shooting and goes online regularly with professional pictures like all other ladies. After the photo shoot, the demand usually increases considerably.

Yes, it is important that you are shown from your best side. For this, the agency hires a professional photographer who brings out everything in you. In addition, we want to ensure professional quality and a consistent style on the homepage with the pictures from the photographer.

As a beginner you can work with private pictures for the first 1-2 weeks to get a taste of escorting. During this time you will definitely have 1-2 dates. If your dates have gone smoothly and we realise together that the work as an escort lady is just right for you, you will have a photo shoot with a professional photographer. As an escort lady, you have to pay for the photo shoot. You have the option of paying the agency for the photo shoot with each date, so you don't have to pay in advance or spend your savings on it. The travel costs to your photo shoot are covered by the agency. So you start earning from your first date.

Yes, as an escort lady you choose a stage name. Your real name is only known to the employees who have conducted the casting with you or who take care of your flight or hotel bookings. If you live in a small town, this will not be included in your sedcard, but the next larger town. Of course, the photographer is able to conceal special features (birthmarks, piercings, scars). The agency also attaches great importance to you remaining anonymous as a lady.

As a rule, you will be booked by clients who are staying in your city for a few days for business or pleasure or in the next larger city. There are also many international clients who like to book a lady from Berlin to Munich, for example. 95 % of our clients are men, but we also have many couples who like to book an escort lady.

You have the option to break off a date at any time, just like the gentleman. You can't plan interpersonal chemistry. If the guest wants to break off the date with you, it is important that you contact the agency immediately. The BB Escort Team will help you in all situations. Together we master every problem and always have a solution so that all parties part satisfied.

If you don't feel comfortable on a date or want to break off a date, you can do that at any time. Again, it is important to contact the agency directly on the date.

If the guest has certain wishes for his date, we check this in advance with your self-created sedcard. If the guest has wishes that cannot be found on the sedcard, we will clarify these with you before the date. If the guest has special ideas on the date that are a no-go for you, you can of course tell him. If you cannot reach an agreement with the guest, please contact the agency immediately and the BB-Escort team will help you and mediate.


Usually you always receive your money in cash in an envelope from the guest at the beginning of the date. If you have a date that is further away, we would like to secure your date and the guest pays a deposit. In this case you will receive the money from us after your date. You always get all this information from the colleagues who coordinate your dates.

As an agency, we are responsible for the safety of your dates. We secure this in different ways. Be it through a call to the guest's hotel room (hotel check), a copy of the identity card or a deposit. BB Escort has been one of the most renowned agencies in Germany for over 10 years. With our team, we carefully ensure that nothing goes wrong with any date arranged by us.

Yes, if the guest gives you a tip, you can keep it.