FAQ about the VIP area
Wichtige Informationen zur VIP Lounge

With the VIP Status Gold you have the advantages to get an even better picture of the escort lady. This means you will get professional pictures without anonymization and private pictures of the escort ladies.

In order to obtain the VIP Gold status, you must have already completed a date with BB Escort. Alternatively, you can make a payment of 500 euros. As soon as the payment has been credited to our account, you will receive your access. (A refund of the VIP access is not possible).

With the VIP Status Diamond you will have the following advantages:

  1. All advantages from the VIP Gold Status.
  2. You will find nudes of the ladies
  3. You have the possibility to meet the Black and Special at their city for 1,5 hours.
  4. A deposit is only necessary if the lady has a travel of more than 250 km.
  5. No deposit is necessary for meetings in public places.
  6. With hotel bookings up to 200 euros we could pay in advance for you
  7. If you have more than 10 bookings in a year you will get 30% on your next booking.

*Please note at point 4, 5 and 6 you must be known to the agency. For more information, please contact our customer service.

To obtain a VIP Diamond status you must had 2 dates a year at BB Escort!

The VIP Gold or Diamond status is valid for 1 year.

Some ladies do not want to show themselves without anonymization or do not want to provide private photos to the agency. We accept this as an agency. As you may notice they are just a few. If you are not satisfied with the anonymized pictures, we will be happy to recommend an alternative lady where you can get a better impression. 

No, the date must have already taken place. You can contact us directly after your date and we will process your request for VIP access.

No, a refund is not possible! However, you have one year to find the right lady for your date and use your 500 euros. (Please note that your payment of 500 Euro will expire after 1 year).

On the one hand, it may be that the lady does not live directly in the city in which she is listed, you can see that by the lady next to the place of residence you will fin another city or "surrounding area". So her travel would be too long for a short date of 1.5 hours. Or the lady has decided not to offer shorter dates than 2 hours. We accept this as an agency.

No problem, call us or send us an e-mail. In order to find your access, we need the mobile phone number or email address with which you booked with us.