I would like to introduce to you our new telephone operator Gerlinde

Even though I accept the requests of our clients on weekends with delight, I also am very content to have a weekend off.

After a long search, I am pleased to welcome the busy "telephone bee" Gerlinde to our team. Despite that Gerlinde had an intesnive training period, there might be still one or another open question.
I kindly ask for your understanding if it takes her a little longer at the beginning to respond. We all know the feeling, when we start a new job and are a part of a new team that at the beginning nothing will be done correctly 100%.

Our Gerlinde has done extremly well at her training phase and she is always open to discuss upcoming questions and needs that you might have.
She will let your date know what these questions are, so that they are answered. Gerlinde will be helping you every second weekend of the month.

As you all know you will have Daniela from Monday till Friday available with the headset. Last I will be there for you the remaining weekends.