Can I work anonymously as an escort?

Many students do not dare to take the first step to work as an escort lady because they would like to remain anonymous. Actually, a short call to an agency would be possible to get this answer immediately from the agency. However, since we know that many ladies do not dare to dial the number of the agency and simply ask without obligation, we will answer this question for you. First things first, yes! It is possible to work anonymously as an escort lady.

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How is it possible to work anonymously for BB Escort?

Anonymity and discretion are significant to the agency! Therefore, it is the highest priority for all colleagues at BB Escort to protect your identity and also that of the guest. This is the only way to build up a good relationship of trust between the agency, escort ladies and clients. At BB Escort, your actual name is only accessible to the employees of the agency. It is important for us to emphasize once again that you are not employed by BB Escort, but you work as a freelance escort lady and the agency only arranges the service. We guarantee your anonymity by not storing any of your data or passing it on to third parties. The communication with the guests takes place exclusively via the agency so that you do not have to worry that your private telephone number gets into the hands of others.

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At the beginning of your casting at BB Escort you can choose a pseudonym. The colleagues at the casting can help you choose a suitable name. You will only be listed with the agency under this stage name. Your artist name will appear in the public area as well as in the VIP area, and the BB Escort team will address you with this name in the future. It is important that the name fits our guidelines and does not sound vulgar.


At BB, you will have your own sedcard after your casting. Most new ladies have the opportunity to get a taste of the profession as an escort lady. For this purpose, you will first be listed with your private pictures on the homepage of BB Escort. Don't worry, you decide which photo the agency puts online and which not. In addition, the private photos will also be provided with an anonymization bar above your eyes. After your professional photo shoot, all photos will of course also be anonymized so that you can work anonymously as an escort.

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VIP area:

Should you decide for private reasons to work even more anonymously at BB Escort. You have the possibility to be visible only in the VIP area. In the VIP area you are also only visible to selected regular guests and this also at your request, still with anonymization. No guest who is not registered with BB Escort can access your photos, your name or your sedcard. Your sedcard is therefore only visible to known guests, and we guarantee your anonymity. Please bear in mind that you will naturally have fewer booking requests and therefore fewer dates in the VIP area.

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Oh, God!! Many people throw their hands up in horror at the very thought of retouching and already see the vanishingly small reality with the photos shown. Of course, this is not the case with BB Escort. During your professional photo shoot, you will be staged in such a way that conspicuous tattoos fade into the background and are not immediately visible, if this is possible. In addition, other special identifying features, such as conspicuous moles or scars, will be edited afterwards. This is primarily so that you can work anonymously as an escort and your true identity remains protected.

What you can do yourself to work anonymously as an escort

We not only protect your privacy and your identity, but also that of our clients. That means, for you, silence about your guests. Stick to the saying “Talk is silver; silence is gold”. Discretion should be your top priority, just as it is for us. Therefore, don't embarrass yourself or your guest by carelessly slipping out things that you will regret in the end. Besides, with your new job, you will have more financial possibilities. Keep a low profile, if you can suddenly afford expensive glasses, a Prada handbag or a holiday four times a year with your job as an escort. Those around you will quickly wonder where you got the money to afford it. Buy luxury goods only in moderation, otherwise you will probably have to answer questions very soon. Of course, you could also make up a story about why you now have more money than before. Your great-aunt has left you a considerable sum, or you have been promoted at work.

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Have we been able to answer all your questions about working anonymously as an escort, and do you now feel informed enough to start working as an escort? Then make a casting with us today, and you can already earn money as an escort in the coming days. If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to ask the colleagues at BB Escort. The BB Escort team is looking forward to your application or your call.

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