Job as escort girl or pocket money meeting?

If you want to earn money with sex, you have a few options that could be worthwhile. Maybe you are attracted by the uncomplicated promise of pocket money meetings: Just create an ad and go straight to a meeting. However, this will not only bring you a little pocket money, but possibly also a lot of trouble. We'll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of TG meetings and compare the job with working as an escort girl. 

Earn money without sex

Important note: Even though we are talking about pocket money meetings here, we are only talking about women who are at least 18 years old. It is strictly forbidden and strongly condemned to use sexual services of minors. As a customer, however, you cannot check the age of the female providers on classified ad portals.

What are pocket money meetings?

Pocket money meetings (short PMM) are an umbrella term for sexual encounters for money that are organized privately or semi-privately. Self-employed service providers offer their erotic offers on platforms such as, Tinder or or other classified ad portals. The meetings take place in cars, hourly hotels, hostels, outdoors or in private rooms. 

The meetings take place in cars, hourly hotels, hostels, outdoors or in private rooms. For a quickie or a blowjob, there is an “allowance” as a fee, which is usually in the low price segment. The ladies set their own prices, but are in competition with each other. That's why they often haggle or bargain. There are no fixed price lists and no one to guarantee payment. Prices between 40 and 75 euros for 30 minutes are common. This is a fraction of what escort girls earn. The method is especially attractive for younger women over 18 who want to make as little effort as possible to earn money with sex. All you have to do is register online on the platform, write a little text and upload a selfie – and even that is optional. Pocket money ads are the modern form of the newspaper ad. 

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Advantages and disadvantages of pocket money meetings

At first glance, it seems attractive to build up a little extra income with uncomplicated sex for money. In practice, TG meetings are more dangerous and less rewarding than other forms of sex work. On the other hand, they are relatively anonymous and discreet. You can start quickly, but you can also stop quickly. 

We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages for you so that you can make a better decision. 

PMM advantages

  • You can earn money very quickly. Often, the first meeting will happen within a few days of your ad going online. 
  • To get started, you only need a few selfies and a profile on one of the big platforms. The barrier to entry is relatively low compared to an escort.
  • Meetings are usually short and get to the point quickly. The majority of dates last no longer than 30 minutes. 
  • The clients are only interested in the sexual service, you don't have to entertain and ensnare the man. 
  • Finding a date is easier than with business clients who have a tight schedule that you have to follow. 
  • If you need money, you just have to (re-)activate your ad. When you want to stop, you take the ad offline again. You are completely flexible and independent.
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PMM disadvantages

  • The prices are below ground – and then many men also want to bargain you down. Those who take advantage of these meetings want to save money. It's not called “pocket money” for nothing.
  • The meetings don't take place in a safe hotel room, but in a car or even in a lonely spot in the forest. This is a huge security risk. 
  • The client base consists less of business clients, but mainly of penny-pinchers. This leaves less room for tips or extras. 
  • No one travels to you especially for a 50-euro pocket money meeting. The guests come from the surrounding area – this increases the risk of being recognized. 
  • Cheap customers who don't pay a deposit don't really take the agreed date seriously. Spontaneous cancellations and fake bookings are the order of the day. 
  • You have no one to take you by the hand with the organizational aspects like registration or taxes. 

Which is better as a job: escort or pocket money girl?

There are no hard facts about this, but as an escort agency, we have often heard from ladies who have had bad experiences as private prostitutes or TG girls. Younger women in particular tell us that they often felt pressured by their clients. In the end, the gentlemen wanted more and dangerous situations arose. In a professional escort service, the safety of the ladies is a central concern. And it is precisely this aspect that is the biggest problem with pocket money meetings.

You have to take care of the protection yourself and usually don't have a network of colleagues with whom you can exchange ideas. You are on your own when things get serious. Regardless of whether you are a private prostitute or a high-class escort: sex workers have to be able and allowed to say no. This is easier from the position of an escort. You act at eye level. Moreover, business clients are often more pleasant to deal with – even if they require more effort in planning and preparation. It may sound absurd, but it is true: the higher the fee, the less often it is discussed. As an escort, you attract completely different clients who don't have to haggle over every euro. Escort clients want to have a good time with the lady, not squeeze as much sex as possible into 30 minutes. Accordingly, they meet you in a more pleasant and relaxed way. 

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Are PM meetings worthwhile?

Of course, as an escort agency, we are biased when it comes to the question of the advantages and disadvantages of TG offers. In the vast majority of cases, the small turnover is not worth the risk.
Our advice: Rather look at other options to earn money with eroticism (for example selling underwear, phone sex, sex chats or working as a webcam girl)! Or apply as an escort at a reputable agency!

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