Anal sex is still a taboo topic in today's society and is only discussed behind closed doors or in closed bedrooms, which is also shown by the code word for anal sex "Greek sex" or "Greek sexual intercourse". Although there is nothing reprehensible or dirty about the subject of anal sex. The expression "Greek sexual intercourse" does not come without reason, or was invented by accident, because even in ancient Greece anal sex was something natural and even respected. It was not only practised in heterosexual beds, but also in homosexual beds, which shows that the ancient Greeks were much more open and tolerant than some are today. Why anal intercourse enriches sex life is quite obvious. Both men and women can experience very intense orgasms when they are penetrated anally, as there are many nerve endings around the anus and also in the rectum that are then stimulated.

Anal sex for beginners

The first time anal sex often makes both woman and man nervous, but this is not only true for the first anal sex, but also for the "first time". But it doesn't need to be and it shouldn't be! The important thing is that both man and woman are relaxed during anal sex, that they both enjoy it and feel good about it. Talk to each other about your wishes and ideas and how you imagine the first time anal to be.
Does anal hurt? This is probably one of the first questions that comes up regarding Greek sex. The answer to this is not a concrete "yes" or "no". It depends on a few factors, such as preparation, your own sensation and your partner's empathy. Yes, it can hurt if the insertion is fast, hard or rough, which is desirable and desired in some cases. No, it does not have to hurt if relaxation, sufficient lubricant and mutual consideration are provided.

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Anal sex preparations

Anal shower

One of the preparations for anal sex for the first time is the anal douche. It is an instrument and can make it more pleasant for some, but it is not a must. The widespread misconception that during anal intercourse faeces gets stuck on the penis, finger or whatever you use for anal penetration is wrong in most cases. The rectum is only filled with faeces just before you have to go to the toilet. Most people know their body and therefore it would be perfectly sufficient to go to the toilet before anal sex. If you are still unsure, you can take an anal shower beforehand.

Here you can use different methods. As an anal sex beginner, you should inject body-warm water into the anus with so-called bilsters and then let it run out again on the toilet. You can repeat this process until the water is clear and clean. Usually one procedure is enough. Such blisters are available in pharmacies, sex shops or on the internet. Note that for anal sex you don't have to clean the whole bowel, but only the rectum, so a Bilster syringe with a capacity of about 200 ml is sufficient. For bowel cleansing in the course of therapeutic fasting, there are also larger liquid containers that have more capacity, but these are not suitable for cleansing the rectum for anal sex preparations, as they can have exactly the opposite effect and could lead to a "deep cleansing". If you are not having anal sex for the first time, but are already somewhat advanced and have developed a feeling for the amount of water, you can also use the anal douche. This is a special attachment for the commercially available shower hose, which is not only suitable for anal cleaning, but also for the more experienced, for penetration.


A condom is also essential for anal sex for beginners. It is advisable to use a somewhat stronger and more tear-resistant condom for anal sex, as it is subjected to more strain. There are special condoms that are made for anal sex, but the normal rubber also protects. It is more difficult with special condoms that are "feeling-proof", as these travel more easily during use. The condom is especially important because the mucous membranes in the rectum are much more susceptible to minor injuries than, for example, the mucous membranes in the vagina or mouth, through which bacteria can then quickly enter the body.

What was onced used for anal sex must never be used in the vagina!

It is also important to remember that what has been used once for the anal area must not be introduced into the vagina. Natural intestinal bacteria that do not disappear even through rinsing can quickly lead to bladder and kidney infections in women. Therefore, have anal sex with a condom and then change the condom, or stiffen it and continue without a condom. If you want to have anal sex without a condom, you should wash your penis properly afterwards with warm water and a neutral soap. The same applies to anal toys and fingers.

Learning anal sex - How do I do everything right?

Learning to have anal sex and doing it right from the start is like getting into a car for the first time as a driver and passing the driving test. It takes a little practice, confidence and also composure. There is no perfect anal sex guide, as it always depends on your partner, your confidence and your intuition. After you have made the preparations, first start to stretch the anus a little. Since the anus is a muscle, it can be stretched bit by bit, compared to the vagina it will always be tighter, which is also the attraction for men. You should start by applying the lubricating gel around the anus and massaging it. This is where your partner will find out whether it is pleasant for him or not. Take your time and calm for this, the aim should not be to put the complete penis in, but to have fun and enjoy the whole thing, it does no one any good if a partner feels uncomfortable.

Careful stretching is the key

You can start to insert a finger. Do this calmly, carefully and very slowly. If your partner becomes tense or uncomfortable, stay in this position for a while before continuing. Once your partner is relaxed and both are enjoying it, you can start to stretch the anus with the second finger or with an anal plug.

Anal plugs or "butt plugs" come in different sizes and stretch the anal area slowly and bit by bit due to their special shape. If you both feel prepared enough, the penis can now penetrate the woman from behind. The most sensitive of the anal positions is the spoon position. This way, everyone can enjoy the intimacy, penetration is easy and each partner can thus determine the pace. The partners both lie on their sides and the rear partner then slowly penetrates from behind.

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Anal sex positions

The first steps have been taken, you have both had your first anal sex from behind and now you want to progress from beginners to advanced. A range of anal positions are now available for your exciting sex life. Once you have tried these 5 anal sex positions, you are already anal sex pros and can let your anal fantasies run wild.

1. The candle

You lie in the missonary position and the woman rests her legs on the man's shoulders. This gives him a particularly good angle, the buttocks automatically point up a little and the anal sex becomes even more intense.


2. Riding position and the inverted rider

In the rider position, the woman sits on top of the man facing his face, with the penis penetrating the anus rather than the vagina. In the reverse rider position, the woman sits on top of her partner facing his feet. The advantage of this position is that the woman is the active part and can decide for herself how fast or slow the anal sex takes place.

3. On the lap

The woman can sit on the man's lap both facing the partner and facing away from him. This can be done in bed, for variety, but also on a chair. Again, it gives the woman more opportunity to steer herself and be in control.

4. The inverted missionary

For this, the passive partner lies on his stomach (at best bending one leg a little) and the man pushes in from behind. This is probably the most relaxing position after the spoon position.

5. Doggie Style

The doggy style is well suited for anal sex because the butt offers a very good angle and the man can penetrate excellently. The passive part kneels "like a dog" on all fours and the active part kneels behind. The active part can show his dominance and this gives an additional attraction.

Anal satisfaction for the man

Now you are well prepared for your anal adventure together. But most of the positions and adventures so far have been related to anal sex for the woman. However, some men also wish to be satisfied anally. Anal sex for men is no different when it comes to preparation and pre-stretching. An anal plug can be used as an aid for male anal sex. A strap-on dildo for the woman can also be a suitable aid for satisfying the man anally in all positions. Other aids include anal chains or love balls for the anal area.

For some women, the topic of anal sex, both with themselves and with the man, is still a taboo topic. Some are afraid that it could cause them pain, others are perhaps not informed enough or are even ashamed of it. So that the man nevertheless does not have to forego his pleasure, some of our escort ladies offer the "Greek" service. The ladies at BB Escort are experienced in the field of anal satisfaction and will both enrapture the man and also gladly let the man satisfy them. Some of the ladies also have the necessary tools to be able to satisfy the gentleman in different positions.

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