BB Escort new style

We are not sleeping in Corona time, we are preparing for you! Since 01 April 2021 you can enjoy the escort ladies on our new homepage. Would you like to see better pictures of the ladies? Would you like to enjoy private pictures of the ladies? Or would you rather find out about erotic sex techniques? All this is now possible with us!

Sexy escort pictures

For our guests we have adjusted the pictures of all the ladies to an appropriate size and quality, so that everyone can see the ladies from all sides. Bigger, better and more pictures is the motto here. Annoying anonymisation on the ladies' page has been removed by us. A new location for the photo shooting of the escort ladies was implemented at the request of guests. Due to the large number of escort ladies, we always have 16 ladies on one page! This way you will not get a sensory overload and we can guarantee that we will always continue to search for the TOP escort ladies in Germany for you.

Stable prices at BB Escort

In cooperation with the escort ladies, it has been decided that the ladies will remain at their regular fee levels. Price increases? Not with us! Due to the current situation we have not changed the fees of the ladies. Hidden price increases after the reduced value added tax do not exist with us!

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VIP Ladies exclusively for VIP

In the VIP area you can filter the escort ladies. This gives you the opportunity to make better use of your advantage as a VIP customer. Be the first to see the new ladies. You also have the possibility to book our new ladies first. Enjoy the exclusivity of seeing and booking ladies that are reserved exclusively for VIP customers and are not displayed to customers without VIP access.

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Private pictures of the escort girls in the VIP

In the profile of the escort ladies, you will also find private pictures of the models. Selfies, pictures from their holidays or the lady shopping. Without anonymisation and completely natural. With these pictures of the ladies you can get a much better picture of your chosen girl.

The erotic lexicon

We are also expanding the erotic lexicon for you. This gives you the opportunity to find out about all the secrets and preferences in eroticism. In addition, you can find out what is hidden behind some codes. If you find an intimate option on a lady's sedcard that you have not heard of before, then take a look at the erotic lexicon and find out what it means there. Please note that we continue to expand the erotic lexicon so that you can inform yourself in this area. Therefore, it can also happen that we explain preferences that the ladies of BB Escort do not share.


The magazine in the area of sextalk, fetish and agency

Here you will find many exciting and informative topics from the respective areas. Browse a bit in our texts about different sex topics, inform yourself about various practices in the fetish/BDSM area or get suggestions for your sex life or your next date with an escort lady. In the agency section you will find all the news about the agency and its escort ladies. Here all actions of the individual escort ladies are explained again in detail.

The newsletter

You can also register for our newsletter. You will receive it once or twice a month. Here we inform you again about new arrivals and about current actions of the ladies and the agency. Meet individual ladies even before their official start. Or benefit from the special offers for newsletter recipients.

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Opening hours

We have also extended our opening hours for you. You can reach the BB Escort team 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm.

We wish all visitors a lot of fun on our site and many more unforgettable dates with the high class escort ladies of BB Escort.

And now enjoy!