Is escort lady the right job for me?

For thousands of years, women have been meeting strange men for erotic adventures in exchange for money. In the past, this often happened out of poverty. Today, most ladies decide to become escort ladies for very different reasons. Have you ever thought about whether you should pursue this profession? Then you have come to the right place! Because we will show you which points to consider when making your decision and what really matters in the escort service. Because one thing is clear: being an escort lady is by no means the right job for every woman and you should be clear about what to expect. 

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Sex is your favourite hobby

Having great fun with sex is certainly one of the most important requirements to become an escort lady. After all, it is a rather small percentage of clients who are only looking for a nice chat in the evening. Meetings with clients mostly - though not always - end in bed. Also keep in mind: most of your dates will be strangers! Often there is a short profile with a photo of the client, at least if you book through an agency. However, you will only find out during the meeting whether or not you really like the client's physique, sense of humour, smell and many other things. It is important to realise that you will not only be sleeping with hot dream guys. If you don't see any problems with this and are already looking forward to it, you have fulfilled one of the most important requirements!

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You are open and communicative

Getting to know new people, activities and places sounds exciting to you? Can you deal with people and situations you don't know in a confident, open-minded and relaxed way? Great! These attributes are also enormously important to be successful in the escort business. Because erotic adventures are often preceded by a meal together, a visit to the sauna or a variety of other activities. Those who present themselves in a bad mood, short-tempered or disinterested are unlikely to be booked again by the respective client. A self-confident appearance of the escort and nice conversations are definitely just as much a part of a successful date as having fun in bed. But please don't overdo it: Hours of stories about your stress at university, scolding or even bored looks have no place at a meeting. The client wants to be the centre of attention and you should be able to convey that to him.

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Dressing up is very important to you

It is important for escorts to always ensure a well-groomed appearance. Do you enjoy putting on make-up and styling yourself? Do you like to wear dresses, pumps and sexy lingerie? That's great! Your future clients are mostly business people and they attach great importance to the appearance of their companion. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have model measurements and be no older than your mid-20s. But you should know how to present yourself skilfully and attract attention. For example, if you don't see any reason to shave your legs in winter, you certainly don't have the right motivation for the job as an escort!

Reliability is out of the question for you

Many ladies who are new to the industry make the mistake of not taking their job very seriously. Then, however, the career and the handsome income are quickly over. It should make no difference whether you work as a receptionist, nurse or escort! Punctuality is also the be-all and end-all in this industry. After all, the client is paying to see you - not for a long wait or a cancellation. You should (almost) always be prepared to accept a date at short notice. After all, the more you meet clients, the more money you make! It is a fact that many clients decide spontaneously to ask an agency or an independent escort for a date.

The quick buck as a motive

Do you just want to earn some extra pocket money or buy the new Manolo Blahnik pumps as quickly as possible? These are not good reasons for choosing the job of escort lady. For one thing, you can probably achieve these goals with less effort - after all, you have to be self-employed for escort work! For another, you can only do something well and be successful if you enjoy it. On the other hand, if you enjoy the meetings with different men and can well imagine doing this regularly, this is a top starting point. If you are attentive, you can earn a higher standard of living in the medium to long term.

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Are you actually single?

Another very important question is whether you are in a partnership. If not, it is of course your decision alone whether you want to work as an escort or not. However, if you are in a committed relationship, you should clarify in advance whether your partner can also handle your job. Because secrecy is very stressful in the long run and almost always leads to stress with your boyfriend or husband. Many men are quite possessive and don't want to share their wife with anyone. If, on the other hand, your better half agrees that you have sex with other men, nothing stands in the way of your work as an escort.

Quick test

Here you can quickly find out if working as an escort would suit you: 

  • Are you into sex with changing men?
  • Can you listen well and hold lively conversations?
  • Is daily grooming a must for you?
  • Are you comfortable in fancy clothes and stilettos?
  • Are you reliable and seriously interested?
  • Is money your motivation for choosing a job?
  • Are you single or do you have a tolerant partner?

If you can answer all seven questions with a clear “YES!”, working as an escort could really be the perfect career choice for you! 

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