Advantages of booking through an escort agency

The escort industry is a very diversified business. Broadly speaking, the escort sector can be divided into two different sectors. On the one hand, there are the independent models who work “independently”. These ladies can be found via advertising portals and usually do not have their homepage. Then there are the escort agencies that arrange escort ladies. Sometimes the agencies give the impression that the escort ladies are employed by them, but in fact the escort ladies work as self-employed ladies for BB Escort. The agency takes care of the mediation, advertising, and also the internet presence of the ladies. Agencies often offer the ladies a professional photo shoot. In this way, the ladies appeal to even more gentlemen and the ladies receive more bookings. But why should you book with an agency, and what are the advantages of booking with an escort agency?


The top priority of a reputable agency is anonymity! Both the guests and the ladies appreciate the largely anonymous services provided by an escort agency. The guests are not obliged to introduce themselves with their real names at BB Escort. The clients can choose whether they want to use a pseudonym, introduce themselves only with their first name or their full name. After a date, all data of the guest will be deleted, should the guest wish so. Discretion is important to us! We will only contact you on the day of your date via the method of your choice. This can be by e-mail, SMS, or even a discreet phone call with the request to call us back. This way, you can be sure that no one will find out about your booking. In addition, the agency can take over the hotel booking for the lady for an advance payment. When the lady has moved into her room, she will contact the agency with the room number. The colleagues from BB Escort will then immediately inform you of the room number so that you can visit the lady. In addition, BB Escort offers you the possibility to discreetly transfer money to a foreign bank account via Western Union, bank transfer or credit card instead of handing it over to the lady in cash. Personal and confidential data will of course never be passed on to the ladies or other third parties.


With our agency, you have financial security. How exactly do we implement this? This is explained quite simply. If you have already paid a deposit because the lady has a long journey, then your money is not gone if for some reason the meeting does not take place. An escort can also fall ill or have a family emergency. Even an Independent Lady can have illness or another emergency come up. However, it can often happen that your deposit is not transferred back, and usually renewed meetings are then no longer possible. Thanks to the booking through an escort agency, you are protected from this. Your deposit does not expire, even if you decide against a new date with the lady and would rather book another escort through BB Escort. Especially with BB Escort, you can also be sure to meet the lady you see in the photos. On the one hand, we offer you the professional pictures of the photo shoot. On the other hand, as a VIP customer, you have the possibility to see the ladies without anonymization as well as private photos of the ladies. The combination of private and professional photos gives you a perfect impression of the lady, and you know that you will not have any nasty surprises when the lady stands in front of you.

Different payment options

You can usually only pay an independent escort lady at the beginning of the date, at least this is the safest option for you. Of course, with some ladies it is also possible to pay in advance via PayPal or bank transfer, but there are many sharks swimming in this pool, and you can experience a nasty surprise. The money is paid, the lady doesn't show up, and you are left without an escort. A few ladies like to be paid in the form of vouchers, such as vouchers from a large online mail order company or for various app stores. For many men, however, payment at the beginning of a date seems rather strange and depresses the mood. Therefore, some men would like to pay before the date. At many agencies, this is possible by making a normal bank transfer to a foreign bank account or by paying by credit card.  Don't let the often strange-looking handing over of money take away your anticipation, and pay in advance. Thanks to the security our agency offers you, you won't lose your money under any circumstances. Of course, the classic cash payment at the beginning of a date is also possible.

Time is money

Booking an escort lady through an escort agency saves you a lot of time and certainly also nerves. It can be tiring and exhausting to search through all the advertising portals before a date until you have found a lady who fits your wishes and needs exactly. And then this… First you have invested ages in research, written to the lady, and then she has no time for you on any of your dates or at any of your times. That is tiring, exhausting and frustrating.  Using an agency is much easier. Tell the team at our agency what date, time, and place you would like to have a date. You can also express specific dress preferences. You can also indicate your wish for special characteristics and preferences of the lady when you make your booking. The colleagues will then pick out the ladies who most match your wishes — should there be more than one. You will have a selection to choose from and only have to decide. This makes it much easier and more relaxed for you to get to your desired lady. No more frustration and unnecessary long searches.

No personal contact

Well, you can assign both positive and negative characteristics to this point. Clearly, there is also a saving of time. Most men are happy to go on a date with an unknown person. Not knowing anything about the lady is usually what makes it so attractive. It is like a real date when you meet for the first time in a restaurant or in town. However, a few appreciate just this prior exchange because it allows them to get to know the lady better before you meet. With BB Escort, it is not possible to communicate with the lady beforehand, or even to meet her. The communication runs exclusively through the agency. If you have special wishes or ideas, then tell the colleagues, and they will pass on your wishes to the lady. It is now up to you whether you see this as an advantage of booking through an agency.

Contact the agency

You have a contact person at all times

“Unexpected things often happen”. So if the meeting place changes because you have got a table in your favourite restaurant after all. You like the wellness area of your hotel so much that the escort lady should accompany you there, then you can contact the colleagues in the agency at any time. The BB Escort team is available for you from 10:00 – 22:00 and should your date start outside business hours, you will, of course, have a contact person at BB Escort until the start of your date. In addition, the employees are always available to answer your questions. After all, your date already starts when you book! Isn't it nice to be greeted friendly and warmly on the phone? The team of BB Escort has an open ear for every one of your wishes and will try to meet your needs as best they can. The colleagues at BB Escort are always customer-oriented and friendly.

Feedbacks from customers about the agency

Feedback from guests about our agency speaks for itself. For example, D. from Munich writes in his feedback: “Thanks also to you for the organization at short notice and the perfect communication, other agencies can take an example from that.” Or E. from Stuttgart writes: “Thank you very much for arranging and organizing the date!” The regular anonymous surveys among our customers also confirm with over 80% satisfaction that they are very happy to book through our agency. They would recommend the agency to others and are satisfied to very satisfied with the dates as well as the ladies themselves and the whole arrangement. “Exceptionally courteous and sympathetic. Very pleasant contact”, “Communication was great”, “The team has provided a great customer experience” or “Yes, the ladies were very nice and fulfilled my wishes with a lot of love. (As they say, not everyone is the same) so I can only evaluate the encounter with my ladies. They were accommodating and lovingly responded to my wishes, which is what people like me with a lot of suffering need. She had compassion and immediately noticed what I was missing and what I would like.”

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