Boredom in bed? - With these 9 sex practices certainly no more!

You have been in a relationship for a long time and the sex life has become routine? First you cuddle, then the petting begins and finally the typical in-out play takes place? We have 9 exciting sex practices for you that will bring new momentum into your sex life.


At the latest since Fifty Shades of Grey, sadomaso (SM) has received more attention than before. Of course, as SM newbies, you don't have to and shouldn't directly recreate the scenes from said movie. How about gentle bondage games, blindfolded or spanking? Through blindfolded eyes you perceive touches much more intensively, you can't guess where your partner will probably touch you next. Tied hands and legs lead to absolute immobility. Your partner can please you on every part of your body, take care of all erogenous zones and thus quickly lead you to an intense orgasm.So that the thrill leads to pleasure and passion in both of you, you must trust each other. Also, it is advisable to agree on an easy to understand stop code word for harder SM practices.

to the fetish ladies

Remote control sex toys

Have you ever used vibrators with remote control? Remote-controlled sex toys are not just for women: vibrating penis rings and anal plugs are also available. The latest technologies even allow control via app. The apps allow you to control the vibrators regardless of location. You have time off and your partner has to work? Your partner is sure to think of you often when they know you're leaving a sex toy in place until they return. The good thing? You will definitely feel it intensely whenever your partner thinks about you. No matter if you are relaxing on the sofa or just cleaning windows. The vibrating on your most sensitive body parts, will instantly give you goosebumps. And if your partner is gracious, he may already let you feel an orgasm or two during the day. Once your partner is back home, you'll both definitely be ready for more intense action!

Beautiful sex

Many know it: at home you wear sweatpants, the old T-shirt and your hair stands up in all directions. Not very erotic, is it? How about going all out for your partner? Start with your personal hygiene. You like it shaved? Go for it! Continue with sexy lingerie, evening wear, hair style and a beguiling perfume. You can also dress up your surroundings for your plan. If you feel like having floral sex, you can decorate with candles and roses. A bowl of chocolate fruit and an iced champagne can also be used later in lovemaking. Chocolate fruit will melt seductively on your naked hot body, while a kiss with ice cubes in your mouth will give that special emotional kick. But maybe you are in the mood for adventure and put the favorite sex toys at hand? No matter how tired your partner comes home, at this sight he will certainly be immediately wide awake.


The place makes the music

Who says it always has to be the bed? Let off steam! Not only your own four walls offer exciting possibilities. How about in the car? Which sex positions work in the car depends on your vehicle. Try your hand on the back seat, the trunk or the passenger seat. You know those typical big family gatherings? No one will definitely notice if you disappear into the bathroom with your partner for a hot quickie. After that, the family reunion isn't so boring anymore either. It can also be exciting outdoors, in elevators, hotels or other people's cars. Just imagine sitting in the back seat of a cab with your loved one. How exciting would it be to get your partner going by touching his or her crotch? Just don't get loud, you don't want to get caught, do you?

Sex in the water

Speaking of exciting places: Have you ever had sex in the water? It doesn't matter if you like to do it in the pool, the hot tub or the bathtub. Sex positions that are especially suitable in the water are the spoon position and doggy style. To make your adventure in the water work especially well, you should pay attention to the right temperature. Too cold is not beneficial for the male sex, while too hot is unpleasant for both of you. It is a special thrill if you could be seen. Press yourself tightly against your partner with your hips under water. This way, not much can be seen by others. The bathing panties pushed to the side and already the way is open. Slow intense movements are now the order of the day. Another unbeatable advantage of the water is its lightness. You can lift your partner without any problems and thus test different positions that you physically can't manage on land. Whether from behind or in front - there are no limits to your imagination.

I want to have an adventure

Unusual sex positions

No matter where you would like to have fun, you should definitely try your hand at unusual positions. Surely the Kama Sutra will tell you something. Depending on how flexible you and your partner are, you can pick out the most exciting positions. Maybe you will find a new favorite position? Small tip: If you don't find yourself visually very erotic in a sex position, turn off the light. Darkness not only stimulates the mental cinema, you will feel all the touches much more intensely. You can also try simply turning 180 degrees in your familiar sex positions. Instead of facing your partner in the missionary position, you can position your head between your partner's legs. Now facing down, an extremely stimulating sight awaits you. If your partner comes to orgasm in front of you, the sight of the muscle twitching in combination with your feelings will also make you explode.

Sex in threesomes - or even more?

Sharing gives pleasure. Also during sex it can be really hot to have strangers with you. Here, the mixture of the number of woman to man depends only on your wishes. A great way to test yourself in this area as a couple are swingers clubs. There are clubs specifically for couples and some where singles are also allowed. Whether you just do it in front of strangers in your favorite position or actually involve other people in your sex play is up to you. If a swingers club is too daring for you, you can contact private individuals through various dating apps.


You don't like to be watched while making love, but would find it interesting to watch others do it? Porn is an excellent option for this. There are countless focal points in porn, so talk to your partner about your common preferences. If you already know your partner's fantasies, why not surprise him with an appropriate porn? Whether you only let the porn heat you up during foreplay or even act it out is completely up to you. An extraordinary idea is also to record your own porn of you and your partner. Of course, your partner should agree to this in advance. But is there anything more exciting than watching yourself and your partner getting closer and closer to the big climax and finally coming?


Our last secret tip for more excitement in your sex life is the so-called sexting. For sexting, you and your partner need a cell phone. The simplest and most harmless form consists of messages. Write to your partner what you would like to do to him now, what underwear you wear or how excited you are at the thought of him. One step further, you can include detailed descriptions about your fantasies. Maybe you touch yourself and explain exactly what you are doing? Your partner will love nothing more than to come right up to you. Nude pictures and videos are also part of sexting. At any given time, you alone decide how far you want to go. Sexting can be very well combined with sex in a new place. Your partner will want to eat you up on the spot. All you have to do is tell him at the summer party that you are not wearing any underwear and that you are going to the bathroom. To put the icing on the cake, you can add a proof photo. You have underwear on but your mind is only on the one thing? Send your partner a photo of her wet panties or boxer shorts with pleasure drops.

And action!

Don't be shy! After all, the motto for sex is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It is now up to you to try out one or another sex practice. Only if you try out, you will find new exciting ways. And if your partner or you do not like a practice, you have lost nothing, but gained experience.

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