When caviar is mentioned, you may think of an expensive delicacy from the depths of the sea. For some people, however, caviar has a wholly different sexual meaning. We are talking about the so-called poop fetish, which is also called caviar fetish or CV fetish. At this point, the delicacy comes from the depths of the human anus because in some cases the excrement is actually eaten with relish. So, when natural caviar is mentioned in this context, human excrement is meant. Just as urine is often titled golden shower in the scene, the word excrement is glossed over as caviar. The revaluing terms definitely find favour with lovers of caviar during sex. Coprophilia is the appropriate term from the technical language. Coprophilia simply describes sexual arousal caused by human excretions. However, no distinction is made between golden shower and caviar. What exactly happens to the excrement during lovemaking is not precisely defined in this terminology. Homosexuals and heterosexuals live out this fetish for poop equally. There is little difference between women and men, both sexes produce a similar number of caviar lovers. Whether the presence of caviar alone serves to increase pleasure or whether natural caviar is included in lovemaking varies from person to person.

Caviar games

Coprophilia can take many forms and intensities. Caviar play is even sometimes strictly separated from the actual sexual act. Holding faeces until it no longer works can evoke pleasure just as much as the mere contemplation of a defecating human being. In between, anything the imagination can come up with is possible. However, a partner is not necessarily needed for every kind of piano play. When compliance is no longer possible and the excrement inexorably makes its way, this triggers unexpected feelings of pleasure even without a partner. Smearing oneself with poop or allowing oneself to be smeared also occurs, as does licking the excrement of others.

What is a fetish?

In caviar BDSM there are also so-called toilet slaves. They lick the mistress clean at the anus or even let her poop in their mouth. In extreme cases, it happens that the excrement is actually eaten afterwards. This extreme practice poses numerous health risks that anyone trying caviar play should be aware of. If faeces are put in the mouth or swallowed, vaccination against hepatitis A and B is strongly recommended. Various fungi and bacteria in human faeces should not be underestimated. The desire to experience BDSM caviar with multiple senses is often acted out. If poop gets into the vagina of the play partner, this can also have serious consequences. The sensitive vaginal flora is disturbed and numerous diseases are almost always the result. When playing poo games, fun and health awareness should therefore always be kept in balance. In this way, both partners will enjoy playing with golden shower and caviar longer, more often and also more. Watching the bowel movement as the anus slowly stretches to reveal a pile is another caviar game from the voyeuristic corner. Each person from the scene lives out this (toilet) fetish a little differently, of course.

Caviar - an experience

“It's always a new experience to feel and explore excrement with your body,” reports Harald B. from Cologne. He likes to live out his toilet fetish to the full. Especially excrement games really turn him on. “Golden shower and caviar are among the horniest things ever. Depending on what the mistress has eaten before, I am always allowed to have new experiences. Smelling, licking, tasting and also feeling the shit are simply part of it for me. When the shit is still really warm, and I knead it between my fingers or rub it on myself, my lust increases immeasurably. We have also experimented with dried poop. When I take a shower with dried poo on my body, and it softens and smells again, it excites me all over again. Freshly showered and clean, I am sometimes allowed to really give it to my mistress afterwards. If I have not cleaned myself properly and completely, I am punished,” the toilet slave continues. Where his fascination for the defecation of others comes from, he cannot name.

People are actually disgusted by excretions, regardless of whether they are their own productions or the works of others. Not only in fetishists, but also in dementia patients, the disgust seems to be blown away. If something smells or tastes unpleasant, it serves as our body's defence. Unhealthy or harmful things should be kept away in this way. Many CV lovers say they have never got sick from playing caviar – at least not seriously. According to devotees of the scene, one just has to tread carefully. “Even as a teenager, I had a special relationship with faeces, urine and going to the toilet in general. Later, I regularly pooped on mirrors to watch myself do it. However, I enjoy it more when other people poop, and I am allowed to be there. I don't talk about it with my immediate environment.” Many people who like caviar feel the same way as Harald. His mistress Sylvia and he have a completely normal relationship on the outside. Cuckolding during sex is their passion. Sylvia gets aroused by pooping, but doesn't want to come into contact with it herself. The two found each other on the internet and live out their poop fetish as a couple. The classic BDSM relationship with power imbalance gets a certain spice from the fascination for excrement.

Caviar Fetish

The abbreviation “CV” for caviar is well known in the SM scene. Of course, in BDSM caviar is not normal at all, except for people with CV fetish or toilet fetish. Read more about BDSM and about fetishes in our articles or in our erotic lexicon. The predispositions and preferences in relation to nature caviar vary greatly and are lived differently. The caviar fetish is practised both alone and with a partner, or even in groups. Voyeurs are almost as frequent as active fetishists. The mere observation of the process of excretion is enough for them to feel pleasure and to increase it. So touching does not always have to take place. 

Others would like to donate caviar. At this point, a distinction is made again as to whether they do this alone or act out the caviar games with a partner.  Caviar lovers sometimes come into contact with the faeces, but sometimes not. They also watch how excrement is produced, and sometimes they observe how someone pleasures themselves with it by kneading or rubbing it.
Furthermore, it may be smelled or licked and in extreme cases the poop is even eaten. So, united by the caviar fetish, many types of play are practised. Pooping during sex is probably the most common type of play. In any case, from a sexual standpoint, CV is a real pleasure for fetishists. Human caviar does not always have to be connected with golden showers, or “NS” for short, but fetishists often like both. In the scene, one speaks of “CVNS” or “NSCV” when someone loves golden showers and caviar at the same time. If the fetish includes poop and excludes urine, it is called a pure KV fetish.

All about pleasure pain

Experience caviar

Do you also have a special relationship with excrement and everything that has to do with it? Don't worry, you are by no means alone. Often people don't talk about their KV fetish, or only rarely, for fear of scaring off those around them. But it is so nice to be able to live out a fetish freely and not have to be ashamed of it. However, finding like-minded people who enjoy caviar during sex as much as you do is not easy. The internet offers numerous platforms, but unfortunately, you can never be sure who you will meet. After all, living out this special fetish intimately should be a pleasure. It is not always possible to find exactly the partner for your secret desires and longings. 

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Basically, a fetish for us is simply a sexual inclination that wants to be lived out, so don't be afraid to tell us your wishes openly. There is no reason to be ashamed in front of us. Quite the opposite – there are plenty of good reasons for you to enjoy, celebrate fetish and caviar and relax. You are welcome to contact us via the hotline or fill out the contact form. Together we are sure to find exactly the lady who will give you what you need.

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