Can I choose the client?

Many women dream of a lucrative side job in which they earn a lot of money and have as much spare time as possible. In the process, many women come up with the idea of working as an escort. But few have an exact idea of how the escort job actually works. Here, many ladies ask themselves the questions, can I foresee the guest, get to know him or choose him?

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Can I meet the client beforehand?

Most escort clients are in another city on business, and some also come from abroad. Clients book escort ladies when they are on a business trip, do not want to spend their holiday alone or want to treat themselves to something special. Very rarely do clients come directly from the city, where they also book the escort lady. Some clients also decide to arrange a date with the escort lady at very short notice. For these reasons, it is not possible to see the client beforehand, or more precisely, to meet him beforehand. Of course, this also means that the escort lady cannot choose the client directly before her date. Otherwise the escort lady would have to travel to the client's city to get to know him beforehand or vice versa. In addition, both escort ladies and escort clients want to remain as anonymous as possible, which is why a meeting at the other's place of residence is not possible.

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Can the customer send a photo of himself?

Anonymity is a top priority in the escort business. Both the escort ladies appreciate working anonymously and the guests who would like to remain anonymous. Escort ladies are anonymised on the homepage of the escort agency and have a stage name. The client who books the lady also often introduces herself only with her first name or also with a pseudonym. Sometimes the agency also knows the real name. However, there are also clients who are known to the agency with their real name, but who do not want their real name to be passed on to the escort lady and would like to be addressed with a pseudonym. Sending a photo is a taboo for 99.9% of clients. If the client voluntarily sends the agency a photo of him/herself with the request that this be forwarded, this will of course be forwarded to the lady. This happens in very rare cases and mostly, he sends the picture only after a binding booking with the escort lady. The agency will not ask the client for a picture.

Can I choose the client?

No, an escort lady meets with the client like on a blind date. In addition, as already mentioned, the agency itself has hardly any information about the client and cannot pass anything on to the lady except for the name. If the client has told the agency about special wishes and preferences, these will, of course, be passed on to the escort lady. If the lady does not want to meet this customer because of his preferences or cannot fulfil his wishes, she can refuse the request for the date. The job as an escort brings many things with it. One of them is surprises. An escort lady should be aware that working as an escort is always a blind date with a man. In some cases, guests book ladies several times, so of course the lady already knows her client. This is also passed on to the lady by the agency if she has already had a date with the gentleman.

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I want to meet men, but anticipate and choose them!

This is possible in principle, but not as an escort who works with an agency. In this case, you can work as an independent escort and thus set your parameters independently of everything else. You can phone the guest beforehand or even ask him for a video call. Whether you will have much success and chances on the big escort market is of course questionable. Nowadays, many women and also men use the platform Tinder to get to know a partner or even just a one-night stand. However, this is not an escort job, but pure fun dates without any further financial interest. Those who book an escort lady consciously book a lady of certain (intimate) possibilities and the prospect of actually having sex after getting to know each other or after a cosy meal.

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