Cleaning naked

For many, daily house cleaning is a real pain, others see it as a passion. No matter what type of person you or your wife are, daily house cleaning is a must! But if you are one of those for whom it is more of a necessary evil than a real pleasure, we have a way for you to make cleaning really exciting. We are talking about naked cleaning. Just drop your clothes and clean like God made you - naked! If the cleaning part is your wife, why not suggest that she cleans naked? You will find the sight especially erotic and your partner will feel more attractive because of your looks. Besides, you can use the opportunity to "dirty" the freshly cleaned dining table together and then clean it again.

What is cleaning naked?

The phrase "cleaning naked" actually says it all. In general, it is about a man or woman cleaning something while being naked. Whether it's your own flat, your partner's flat, the windows or things like shoes, boots and so on is left to the imagination. The classic naked cleaning within one's own four walls can be carried out for the pleasure of both partners. There are rarely punishments here and it usually ends with a number between the sofa cushions or in the unmade bed. Some, men and women, like to clean naked in order to attract attention or because they like to show themselves frivolously. These people then clean the windows or their kitchen naked, although they know, or precisely because they know, that they are being watched by others. This thrill gives them a special sexual attraction and the reactions of others turn them on.

am i a voyeur?

However, naked cleaning is also often used in the BDSM field in order to humiliate the submissive partner and, if necessary, to punish him. The submissive partner also derives satisfaction from cleaning naked, because he can show his pleasure and his possible exhibitionistic disposition.  The pure cleaning is not in the foreground here, but it is part of a role play between the submissive and dominant partner.

What is a cleaning slave?

The idea that cleaning is purely a woman's job has long been outdated. Both women and men can clean. In the BDSM scene, this is usually referred to as a cleaning slave. This can be a submissive lady who cleans for a dominant master or a submissive gentleman who cleans for his dominatrix or mistress. The cleaning slave can be completely naked or dressed in a strikingly charming costume. For ladies, these costumes are usually very tightly cut, show a lot of cleavage and have very short skirts. But ladies can also wear lacquer, leather and latex lingerie. Men can, of course, also wear the costume intended for women for humiliation or clean up in special lacquer, leather or latex lingerie. In and of itself, there are no rules for the dress code and everyone can realise their ideas according to the role play.

However, it is best if the clothing can be taken off relatively quickly, because usually the costume or lingerie does not stay on for long. In that case, utensils from the BDSM scene should be included. If the submissive partner does not clean "neatly" enough, it is up to the dominant part to punish him. A whip, a flogger or other elements from the BDSM scene can be used for this.

Cleansing naked for a domina

These are the rules you should follow

Basically, when cleaning naked, "everything can, nothing must!" applies. So the rules in your own 4 walls are to be discussed with your partner. What do you want and what does your partner want and above all, what do you both not want. Your partner can clean naked because it makes him/her sweat, but he/she can also just want to clean. The goal is to have a clean flat afterwards. Others want to bring new energy into the relationship and heat up their sex life by provocatively cleaning in front of their partner. So talk to each other about each other's wishes. In the case of submissive cleaning, what pleases both is also allowed. Often a slave contract is made between the sub and the dom to clearly state what one likes and what one does not. Safe words are also specified here so that the role play can end immediately. For example, it may be stipulated in advance that there will be no sexual acts between the sub and the dom.

Where can you clean naked everywhere?

Theoretically, you can clean naked anywhere and at any time within your own four walls. Of course, you should bear in mind that you will be seen by curious neighbours and not just have a spectator. However, it can still result in a complaint if others feel inconvenienced by the nudity. The motive for the nudity is important. If you or your partner are naked to get each other hot or to clean naked, there is no evidence of exhibitionism and you have nothing to fear. If you then "wave" at the shocked neighbour with your best piece, this can be considered an exhibitionist act and is a misdemeanor. It is better to clean naked with closed curtains exclusively for your partner. Some BDSM houses also offer you the "safe framework" to practice submissive naked cleaning with your dominatrix or sub.

You should also refrain from cleaning your car naked in the open street or even in a car wash. Rather use the closed garage or the driveway of your house that is not visible from the outside. Of course you can also wear short and skimpy panties etc., erotic: Yes! Completely naked: No. This way you will not run the risk of being reported for causing a public nuisance.  Attention. Washing the car on private property is not allowed everywhere. 

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Nude cleaning and BB Escort

You are now thinking that naked cleaning and the escort don't go together too well, but we are happy to prove you wrong. Many of the ladies at BB Escort offer role play and especially the fetish ladies like to visit a BDSM studio with you or you at home while you can show your submissive side while cleaning. Let a colleague from the BB Escort team advise you and find the perfect lady for your "clean pleasure".