How do I deal with it when I am dissatisfied with a date?

On this occasion, we would like to explain to you once again exactly how you should proceed if you are dissatisfied on a date or with an escort lady. We will explain what options you have and what solutions there are for situations in which you are dissatisfied. Please also note that the previously agreed fee is always given to the escort at the beginning of the date.

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I do not like the escort lady

At BB Escort you have the possibility to see the ladies in the VIP area not only with their professional photos, but also with private photos. Here you can get your own picture of the lady, without anonymization, filters, and editing. The photos are updated regularly, so you have the opportunity to decide before booking whether the lady appeals to you externally or not. If it is indeed the case that the lady does not meet your wishes or looks completely different from her pictures, discuss this immediately with the lady and contact the escort agency while the lady is still present. It is not an alternative to spend the booked time with the escort lady and then complain to the escort agency afterwards that the lady is not the woman from the pictures and that you now want your money back.

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I just can't connect with the escort lady

Of course, you can always only tell from pictures what's on the outside. Every person is different and it can happen that you are simply not on the same wavelength or the chemistry is not right. In this case you should talk to the lady about it. Maybe the call girl feels the same way you do. Don't just go through with a date that you don't feel comfortable with or that makes you uncomfortable and end it prematurely. Again, complaining to the agency afterwards is no way to get your money back, as you actually used the service. Contact the agency, preferably while the escort lady is still with you, and clarify the situation.

The escort lady wants more money for extra services

No matter if the escort lady wants you to pay more money for the taxi home or for special services. You should not pay this under any circumstances. When booking, you will receive a complete list of costs. This means the fee of the escort lady and also any travel costs or expenses. This covers all the costs of the escort lady and you do not have to expect any further costs. Our escort ladies all know that, with new escort ladies, it can sometimes come to misunderstandings. Therefore, it is also important here to simply contact the agency directly so that this situation can be clarified. If you pay the escort lady additional travel costs or similar, then it is not possible for us to reimburse you for these.

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In front of you is an adult woman

We would like you to consider that the escort ladies are not employed by the agency. Escort ladies are arranged by BB Escort and work independently. This means that if you have a problem that concerns the lady, discuss it with the lady. Confront the escort directly, tell her what you don't like about the date. Lying to the lady, telling her how good the date is and then complaining to the escort agency afterwards or leaving bad reviews is not an adult and mature act. We as an escort agency cannot clarify afterwards and also cannot comprehend what happened. There are two stories about every situation, and our colleagues cannot judge which one is closest to the truth. Therefore, it is up to both you and the escort lady to communicate with each other. Talk to the lady if you want something or if you have the feeling that something is wrong.

The escort lady is late!

Everyone can get stuck in traffic jams or the Deutsche Bahn is late again. 5 - 10 minutes could be expected as tolerance in such situations. If an escort lady is late, clients often call the escort agency and vent their frustration on their colleagues. However, they are not responsible for an escort lady being late. Therefore, we would like to ask you not to vent your frustration on the agency staff, but to confront the escort lady with it upon arrival. You do not have to accept being late for 30 minutes or more. Unfortunately, we have already had the experience that a lady arrived 1.5 hours late, the client received her in a friendly manner, spent the date with her without addressing her about it and then afterwards shouted at the colleagues and demanded his money back. Send the lady straight back home if she arrives late for their date together like that.

How does an escort lady travel to the date?

When do I get my money back?

There are various factors that influence whether you get your fee back from the lady and how much you get back from the lady.

  • If you break off the date within 15 minutes, the escort lady must return the entire fee minus the travel costs. Because she still had the journey to the date.
  • If you have booked a date for two hours and break it off after only one hour, the lady will charge you the fee for the minimum booking time and the travel costs.
  • If you have a longer date and you break off the date after the end of the minimum booking time, the escort lady will refund the fee for the remaining, unused hours.
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