Are escorts employees of the agencies?

As you already know, escort ladies either work independently or cooperate with an escort agency. But how exactly is it when you are included as an escort in the portfolio of an agency? Is one then employed there? This is a question that new escorts often ask themselves. We bring light into the darkness and explain exactly how the cooperation with an agency works and what rights and obligations both parties have. Let's go!

Working with an agency or as an independent?

Escorts are self-employed

As an escort, you always have to be self-employed. It doesn't matter whether you are affiliated to an agency or work independently and want to do the profession as a main or part-time job. — In any of these constellations, you only earn money if you work, i.e., if you make appointments with clients. An escort agency cannot and must not employ you in the classical sense because then you would have to follow the instructions of the management. This would mean, for example, that your agency could force you to go on dates with clients you do not want to meet. That would simply be forced prostitution and is of course punishable by law. In addition, a normal employer would deduct non-wage labour costs, i.e., health, pension, and unemployment insurance etc. directly from your wages to the respective institution. In the escort business, however, the escort lady herself is responsible for paying the costs of the legally required insurances.

The difference between an escort agency and independent escort

This applies both to escorts who organize their meetings with clients themselves and to ladies who arrange their dates through an agency.
Basically, escorts are clients, agencies are service providers and the gentlemen who contact them are called clients. In other words, you commission your agency to arrange dates for you. When a date takes place, the client first pays the agency. From the agreed fee, the agency then deducts the agency fee that you agreed on in advance. The remaining amount is then transferred to your account. Despite the agency's support, you are and remain your own boss and decide whether you want to meet a gentleman or not. However, an agency makes life easier for many escorts. Because if you are reliable, look neat and are well received by clients, you can get many dates through a good agency. And usually a lot more than if you take care of it on your own.

Who are the customers of an escort

What to consider

Self-employment as an escort naturally requires a certain amount of commitment on your part. It is not at all the case that you present yourself at an agency, come to an agreement with the management, and they then take care of everything for you. The agents want to earn money by having you go to meetings, but they also have certain expectations. For example, you should be easy to reach, have a well-groomed appearance and be discreet. No agency will work for long with unreliable escorts who seldom answer the phone or often let dates slip. This is also why they charge an agency fee for every date they organize with clients. Because if you have to pay whether you go on the date or not, the agency's financial risk is reduced. Otherwise, it would be a very one-sided business. Therefore, it is better to have a good look at the interested parties before you accept. Most agencies already have some information about the clients. It is always better and above all more serious to turn down a meeting from the outset than not to accept it at short notice. Of course, this should not happen too often. Because, as mentioned at the beginning, both you and your agent only earn something if you actually work.

Holidays, Sickness and Unemployment

In contrast to an employee, you are not entitled to legally regulated annual leave. However, this does not mean that you have to work 365 days a year as an escort lady. However, you should always plan your holiday in time and inform the agency about it: In which periods exactly can you not attend meetings and are you not available? Furthermore, you are of course responsible for setting aside the financial means for your holidays. As is usual for self-employed people, you will not receive a salary or holiday pay during your absence.

The same applies if you fall ill. There is no continuation of pay from the agency. If you take your job seriously and do it well, you should be able to earn enough to provide yourself with a financial cushion for such periods of absence. However, it must be said quite clearly that full-time escorts have a greater financial risk than those who meet gentlemen part-time. The main job gives a certain financial security, even if the income as a part-time escort is sometimes not as great as with full-time escorts.

Of course, it can happen that even very good and sought-after escorts have no clients for a longer period of time. Many escorts reported this at the beginning of the Corona crisis. For such a case, you should definitely take precautions, manage your money wisely and always save something. Because if you don't have another job that you can live off, things can get tight financially. Quite a few ladies even had to apply for financial support during the lockdown. It's best to put away a certain amount or a fixed percentage of your fees every month so that you don't slip into subsistence level in exceptional situations.

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After each date, you will receive an invoice from your escort agency, in which the respective commission is listed exactly. You will also receive an invoice for cancellation fees if a fixed date is cancelled because of you. You should only pay these fees when you have received an official invoice because you will need them later for your tax return.


As you can see, it has both advantages and disadvantages that escort ladies are not employees of agencies. You should therefore not rush into anything, make private provisions and always keep a close eye on your finances.

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