3 reasons why an escort lady is sent home

The horror-imagination for every fresh escort lady: She arrives at the hotel and is looking forward to a nice date. But then the door is slammed in her face! The customer simply sends her home because he doesn't find her attractive after all or doesn't feel like it anymore.

Ladies who have been working as escorts for a long time rarely think about this problem. This has a simple reason: it happens very rarely that a guest sends the booked lady home. And when it happens, there is (almost) always an understandable reason for it. We have collected the three most common reasons why a client cancels the date.


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Reason 1: The pictures do not match reality

Good pictures are (literally) the business card of an escort lady. But there is a fine line between “aesthetic” and “unrealistic”. Maybe the pictures are already a few years old, maybe the photographer has used soft focus to turn a 40-year-old woman into a twenty-something. Many customers choose their companion based on the photos and expect the pictures to represent reality. 

It's not because of age or clothing size that a woman is sent home. It is because the image does not match the reality.

Many customers want to book an older lady or prefer a woman with curves. Model measurements are not a mandatory requirement to be successful as an escort lady. You may of course retouch small flaws. But your pictures should reflect reality.

Imagine how uncomfortable it feels when the client expects a willowy lady and sends you home because you do not meet this idea. It happened that a young woman got complexes because of this and almost decided to have liposuction! With professional pictures that are not overly edited, you don't create false expectations. In the end, everyone will benefit from this.

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Reason 2: Unpunctuality and delays

Delays are annoying, but sometimes can not be avoided. Whether traffic jam or train failure: It can happen that the escort lady is late for the date. However, mainly business clients book a date with an escort agency. The day is tightly scheduled, the next meeting calls. A delay of more than 15 minutes is therefore a logical reason to shorten the meeting or cancel it completely. And if the meeting is more than 30 minutes late, even the most patient man gets angry. It's especially annoying for everyone involved if you have to travel a long way. In the worst case, you'll be standing in front of closed doors because the customer doesn't want to wait anymore. You are even stuck with the travel costs if you have not agreed on a down payment. And if you don't have an agency behind you, but only offer pocket money meetings, you'll also have to deal with the customer's anger. 

Our tip: Take a train earlier or leave 15 minutes earlier! Especially in big cities, you often get stuck in traffic jams. And the fact that the DB is delayed is nothing new. The further away the meeting place is, the more buffer you should plan for.

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Reason 3: Inappropriate appearance

There are customers who want to be surprised by the outfit of the escort lady and have no specific ideas or wishes for their date. And some men know exactly what they want. An outfit request is one of the most common requests for an escort date. Whether casual, sexy or elegant: as an escort lady, it is your job to fulfill your guest's wish as good as possible.

If the client wants an elegant black dress and high heels, you should not show up in jeans and t-shirt. It's no wonder if the client sends the escort home. Maybe you embarrassed him because he wanted to go to an event with you or had planned a little surprise.


An escort lady should therefore definitely check whether there is a special request in terms of outfit or equipment. Does the guest want you to bring a special sex toy? Would he like to see special lingerie on your body? An escort agency usually takes care that this important information reaches you. However, you have to implement it yourself. If you don't have the appropriate outfit in your closet, you should definitely communicate that. There is always a way to solve such problems elegantly.

What happens when you are sent home by the client?

Disrespectful behavior can also lead to the escort lady being sent home. The aggressive advertising of extra services pisses off many customers. And sometimes the chemistry with each other is simply not right. It is usually not the end of the world if an escort lady is sent home during the date. For a failed or shortened date, there is usually not the full fee from the customer. Under certain circumstances and in the case of self-inflicted cancellations, it can happen that the escort agency creates an invoice for the placement despite the cancelled fee. After all, the people in the background still had work to do when requesting and booking appointments. We have made the experience that escort clients have understanding for most things. But they expect a certain reliability - in terms of realistic pictures, punctuality and a professional appearance. If you pay attention to these points, sending home should remain the absolute exception.