Personal introduction of Zoe, Dana, Jelena, Ellen and Ivana by the agency

Today we would like to introduce you five of our ladies. They have been enriching our agency with their presence for several months now.

A few words about Zoe from Mannheim:

That Zoe is from Mannheim, you can easily recognize by the uncomplicated and cheerful nature of the lady. Zoe works full-time in the social/medical field. She is a very helpful and open person. In eroticism Zoe likes to try out new things and your previous feedbacks speak clearly for her! With her natural way she makes the hearts of your guests beat faster. But due to her Italian roots, Zoe also has real fire in her blood. Get to know Zoe best in person.

Feedbacks of the guests about Zoe

T. from Frankfurt: The first time I saw her, I was almost struck by her, because Zoe is really a beautiful woman. Zoe also fulfilled my dress request. It was a beautiful sight! At least then I knew that visually not too much was promised and that the photos on the homepage correspond to reality. After a first shy kiss, we made ourselves comfortable on the couch with Prosecco.

It was a fantastically beautiful date and I can only recommend Zoe. Thank you for the perfect organisation, the discretion and once again thank you to Zoe for everything I was able to enjoy.

M. from Stuttgart: Hello dear Bells Team,
the meeting with Zoe was every respect a great woman ! I will definitely meet Zoe again, please send her all my best wishes, the meeting will remain unforgotten! VG

K. from Frankfurt: Dear Bell Team,
It was my second date with Zoe and it was again a wonderful and beautiful evening. Zoe is a beautiful and a wonderful young woman with whom you can laugh a lot and talk about many things. I would like to thank Zoe again for this wonderful evening, which unfortunately went by far too quickly. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will invite Zoe to a date again.

My thanks also go to the organisation and the competent and friendly communication with Justin.

To the ladies from Mannheim

A few words about Dana from Munich:

Dana from Munich is the cheerful nature in Peron and always has a smile on her face. With this lady, time flies by. Dana who likes to nibble due to her job in the pastry shop occasionally brings the one or the other gentleman a cupcake. Let Dana give you a hot massage. For your date with the young lady you need in any case good laugh muscles.

Feedbacks of the guests about Dana:

R. from Munich: Dear Bell, dear team of BB Escort,
it was an unforgettable date! Dana embodies a man's dream. Pretty as a picture, the pictures do not do her justice. Her sunny disposition, the mischievous laugh, paired with her intelligent and appreciative nature, make any nervousness evaporate. The erotic pleasure with her is on the same unforgettable level. And her bottom ......
I thank Dana from the bottom of my heart for her honest and appreciative way.

Thank you dear Bell and your team for the perfect organisation. My compliments for Dana's presentation and statements. They were identical to the 'original'.
This was my first booking with you. There will be more to follow.
Best regards from a very touched guest,

M. from Munich: Hello Bell,
the date with Dana was simply super! She is a charming young woman who breaks the ice with her wit and charm and creates a pleasant atmosphere. She exudes an unbelievable eroticism and spoils a guest with devotion. With her open manner, she not only fulfils every erotic wish, but also gives you the feeling of having your best friend with you, with whom you can chat about everything. It really was a wonderful evening. Many thanks for the organisation!

J. from Augsburg: Hello Kevin!
Thank you for organising the last-minute date with Dana last Thursday in Munich! She is a really great woman who is not easily forgotten! It was perfect from the first moment, the time was much too short. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with this erotic woman who knows exactly what she wants! I think Dana enjoyed it too! Love to Dana, it was certainly not the last time!!!! LG j

To the ladies from Munich

A few words about Jelena from Nuremberg:

Jelena from Nuremberg is on the one hand a submissive and very erotic escort lady, but in addition also has a real pleasant personality. Her basic motto on a date is, please and be pleased! Jelena is always very feminine and chic dressed and always has a very neat appearance. Meet this reserved but always very erotic woman and spend with her an evening you will never forget!

Feedbacks of the guests about Jelena:

O. from Nuremberg: My second date with Jelena was simply enchanting. It was like meeting a good friend again after almost a year. It crackled from the beginning and got better and better. The danger of a repeat performance is still there. Many thanks also to the team for the great organisation.

R. from Nuremberg: The date with Jelena was - again - amazing. She is a very pretty, sporty and eloquent young woman. At the same time she is so natural, open and uncomplicated that I could relax without any problems and enjoy the evening very much. I forgot the time and let myself be pampered. Thanks to Jelena for that!

G. from Nuremberg: Dear BB team, I still owe you a feedback for Kim Burkhardt! Jelena arrived punctually and as agreed in front of my hotel room. The first impression was already: "Wow" This feeling lasted through our whole date. Lovely conversation partner and caring erotic lady. In short, it was a wonderful experience with Jelena, which certainly needs to be repeated. The organisation was perfect, as always!

To the ladies from Nuremberg

A few words about Ellen from Stuttgart:

Ellen from Stuttgart is wholeheartedly active in your sideline as an escort. This lady always likes to try out new things in the erotic field and even educates herself regularly in corresponding seminars. Whether it is a Tantra massage training or when it comes to the perfect prostate massage, with Ellen you are therefore exactly right as a guest. Ellen is uncomplicated and extremely open-minded and therefore always open for new adventures in bed. Do you have certain fantasies that you would like to live out once with a lady, then you are exactly right with this escort lady?

Feedbacks of the guests about Ellen:

A. from Stuttgart: Hello dear BB Escort Team,
the date with Ellen was really wonderful and I will certainly remember it for a long time! She was super punctual, her outfit just breathtaking, she is super sweet, sensitive, tender and much prettier than expected! I really hope to see her again soon! Many warm greetings and a big thank you to Ellen!
And many thanks to you for arranging a very wonderful date with addictiveness!

M. from Stuttgart: Dear BB-Team,
the date with Ellen was really amazing. She is a great woman and the time really flew by. It was a great experience. The whole organisation around it was also very uncomplicated and fitted perfectly.

A. from Stuttgart: Hello dear Bells Escort Team. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big smile again! Thank you also for the cperfect organization. And say thank you to Ellen. She is a classy woman and cheeky at the right moments ;-)

To the ladies from Stuttgart

A few words about Ivana from Frankfurt:

Ivana from Frankfurt is certainly one of the sweetest temptations that you can not resist. With her Czech and always charming nature, you can certainly not refuse this lady anything. Ivana, who on the one hand likes it wild in bed, but occasionally would also like to live out your submissive inclination in escort, is happy about the gentleman who shows her where to go. Ivana is also a sensitive nurse, the right lady for the shy man who still needs some support on his first date. She breaks every ice with your always open and funny way and can also if desired, take the lead at any time.

Feedbacks of the guests about Ivana:

P. from Mainz: I had an unforgettable meeting with Ivana. I love her schrm and am already looking forward to the next meeting with her. Ivana fulfils all my dominant wishes, she loves to live out her submissive vein with me! I love to lead and to show her my dominant way.

F. from Frankfurt: I have met Ivana several times now. Every time very nice with her. Simply a wonderful woman! The organisation by the BB team also worked out great! Gladly again.

D. from Dusseldorf: Dear team of BB-Escort,
I had a wonderful date with Ivana. In the beginning, we were both very excited, but this quickly subsided and it became the perfect girlfriend experience with lots of tenderness for both sides. She is a wonderful, authentic young woman. I must honestly say that this was the best date I have ever had and always wished for. Many thanks for the organisation and also many thanks to Ivana.

To the ladies from Frankfurt