BDSM fairs and fetish events

Have you ever thought about visiting an erotic fair with one of our fetish escort ladies? Fairs are a great opportunity to exchange ideas and discover news about your favourite topics in any field. It is no different for lovers of fetishes and generally within the BDSM culture. Numerous events attract thousands of interested people to the country's exhibition halls every year.


On site, there is much to marvel at besides workshops and appealing shows. Whether clothing, technology, toys or jewellery - large companies present their skills at creatively designed stands next to exquisite craft enterprises. Trying and touching is at the top of the agenda.

The boundary between lifestyle and art is very thin, so there is plenty to marvel at even for laypeople. Advanced artists also use the events as a presentation area. Visitors can expect naked skin and lots of latex. But even those who prefer to exercise discreet restraint are welcome in many places and receive a friendly reception.

What is it all about?


The term summarises a number of sexually arousing types of play that in their basic essence boil down to an interaction between power and submission.

The “B” stands for bondage. “D” can be equated with both discipline and dominance. “S” corresponds to either submission (subjugation) and/or sadism.

This is contrasted with masochism. Pain and humiliation can be part of BDSM practices, but they do not have to be.

The acting out of the respective preferences takes place within a framework that is closely defined by both partners.

The actual sexual act is not necessarily part of such scenarios.


A fetish is a strong preference for a certain object.

This preference goes so far that sexual arousal is developed in relation to the object of desire.

It can be concretely about everyday objects (such as shoes or cooking spoons) or just about the feeling that a certain material triggers on the skin.

In addition to the often cited lacquer and leather fetish, plush or satin fabrics, for example, are also considered particularly appealing.

In a broader definition, individual body parts can also be preferred.

The arousal is either directly caused by the object or by a situation associated with it.

Fetishes and BDSM techniques can be combined very well and mostly exist in a certain context. Fairs offer a good opportunity to learn new processing techniques for one's favourite materials or to acquire special one-off pieces. (Made to measure!)

They also offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people. The latter is especially important to many visitors. Although fetishes as well as the inclination to BDSM acts can be considered as natural varieties of sexual self-conception, the corresponding practices are strongly tabooed. Theme fairs offer the rare option to live out one's own preferences freely and to experience oneself as part of a community. Visit BDSM fairs with an escort, benefit from their experience and sometimes get into conversation with the different exhibitors more quickly.

Fetish and BDSM events you should not miss

The locations for such an event can vary greatly. How would you like to celebrate with an escort fetish party on the Spree or Lake Constance?

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Tortoure-Ship - excesses on the party ship

There (on Lake Constance) you can traditionally board the Tortoure-Ship on designated dates. Every year at the end of June/beginning of August, the ship sets sail, packed with BDSM and fetish enthusiasts. The focus of the action is, of course, the party itself, but you will also find a wide range of theme-related exhibitors on two floors. Since the guests don't miss the opportunity to show up in fancy dress, you will usually meet a large number of spectators at the ports of entry (Constance and Friedrichshafen) who watch the spectacle with enthusiasm. Fancy costumes and aesthetic show interludes are at the forefront of the programme. Explicit sex shows or corresponding event rooms, as known from swinger clubs and dominatrix studios, are not to be expected. However, this should not detract from the enjoyment. As a rule, the guests know how to entertain themselves. Tickets are available for up to 800 people, depending on hygiene regulations.

Manage free for the "Kinky-Circus"

Three times a year, the Kinky Circus in Cologne invites you to a wild party for free spirits and open-minded people. On one weekend each in April, July and September, you can present yourself freely and unconstrained and leave the standardised and often too stuffy everyday life behind you for a few hours in the wild party hustle and bustle. Only those who express their love of freedom at the entrance are admitted to the Kinky Circus - i.e. those who come in an outfit that is as wild as possible and in no way suitable for everyday life. It doesn't matter whether you have bought a ticket in advance or not: no costume, no entry. In this way, the organisers guarantee a spirit of togetherness in which no one need fear being judged for their preferences. Once inside, the colourful society celebrates mainly to house, disco and techno. The motto is: everyone does what they like, no one is forced to do anything and those who like are allowed to live a maximum of permissiveness. There is also a play arena on the premises where couples can give free rein to their desires. You may find escort ladies in the BDSM area who would like to try out this offer with you... Otherwise, the usual party offers can be found. Besides food trucks and beverage providers, of course, there are also tattoo experts. As a special highlight, bondage artists will present their skills.

The Bofewo - a meeting place for bondage fans

Bondage Fetish World in Hofheim takes place every year in March and October. It is a classical fair with a less classical concern. The focus is on workshops and exhibitors, but of course numerous shows are also presented. The workshops deal primarily with the art of aesthetic bondage. Guests are explicitly asked to come in everyday clothes first. This is to ensure a neutral appearance on the streets around the exhibition hall. On site, guests are allowed to act more freely. Changing rooms are available. However, sexual acts are widely prohibited. Nevertheless, visitors can look forward to interesting examples of the use of numerous unusual exhibits. Publishers are also present, so readings will also take place. A plus for friends of oven-hearted literature. The dates for these, as well as workshop bookings, can be found directly on the organisers' website.


The German Fetish Ball - a major event known throughout Europe

The German Fetish Ball - Europe's largest fetish weekend gives friends of hardcore entertainment the opportunity to get to know the highlights of the scene across Europe over five days. The long weekend takes place annually in Berlin. It is celebrated in May. If you plan to throw yourself into the fray together with an escort lady, it is advisable to book a hotel room well in advance. Room prices skyrocket the closer the event gets. As a rule, the whole city is in an uproar. The guests, some of whom have travelled from far and wide, carry their anticipation, and with it their special fashion tastes, out with them days in advance. It's a rousing spectacle that features a variety of artists and DJs. The party is held in changing clubs. Visitors can also get new outfits and inspiration at the stalls of various traders at the "Fetish Fair", which takes place at the same time. A good tip for all those who are late to the party, because there is a strict dress code for the evening events. It should be colourful, colourful and unusual, even in patent leather, but definitely sexy. Anyone who shows up in everyday clothes will be turned away. It is also strongly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance. The main event will take place on Saturday evening. However, various pre- and after-parties are definitely worth attending. In some cases, cocktail evenings and trips on the Spree can be expected.

The German Fetish Fair

The aforementioned "Fetish Fair" is the largest German fetish fair.

Logically, it attracts many visitors to Berlin every year. It is specifically pointed out that the exhibition is not a show event. On the 3000 m² of exhibition space, craftsmen and innovative companies from the BDSM and fetish scene are given the opportunity to present their products in an appealing setting. It's all about quality and diversity. In this context, no one is guaranteed to be disappointed.

Vigilance is worthwhile, by the way, because numerous shops in the capital are also offering attractive deals outside the exhibition halls in connection with the trade fair weekend.

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Marvel at burlesque shows and bondage arts at Obscene

Guests at the Obscene Fair also like to be seen in sexy outfits. However, the body-hugging style of dress is not compulsory. The focus of the Karlsruhe fair is on the special shopping experience. You will find a wide range of primarily handmade BDSM/fetish accessories. Sometimes also very unusual gifts for the lady of your choice. In addition, there is a broad exchange offer in a tolerant atmosphere, crowned by parties and life shows. In addition to intense BDSM performances and bondage demonstrations, there will also be a burlesque show or two. The event will start in the spring of each year. The current dates can be found on the website. Especially popular: the RopeXperience. Anyone who wants to can prove themselves in the art of bondage in a specially designated area or gain valuable insights in one of the workshops taking place around the fair.

The Passion Fair - An offer for professionals and beginners

Enthusiastic visitors will find another fair alternative in Hamburg in November. The organisers of the BDSM and Fetish Fair Passion promise three days full of lustful experiences. Everything the toy box has to offer comes together here: in addition to shows, life events and parties, there are numerous community meeting places. You can show, watch and play in special locations and play rooms. An extra bondage area offers space to try things out and explore new things. Numerous workshops will also be offered. If you are travelling with a BDSM-enthusiastic escort lady, it is best to ask her before the show if you can practise what you have just learned. The majority of visitors use the event for free self-expression, yet no dress code prescribes a specific setting. So beginners and the curious are also very welcome. Toys, BDSM art, furnishings, clothing and jewellery are presented in numerous variations. The opportunity can be used well to get up close and personal with unusual or particularly noble materials. Where else will you have the opportunity to hold toys made of porcelain or real wood in your hands? Perhaps you or your companion would also like to try out one or two costumes. Under certain circumstances, completely new passions may arise.

The Fetish Celebration - a special festival

At the beginning of October, Bottrop offers an entertaining mixture of festival and fetish fair with the Fetish Celebration. Especially latex lovers will get their money's worth here. The nights are dedicated to frivolous lust and an uninhibited party atmosphere. Light and laser shows give the evening parties a special atmosphere. During the day, guests can spice up their kinky style at various stalls and listen to changing readings in a cosy atmosphere. The workshop programme is wide-ranging, so it won't be hard to find new exciting activities even for old hands. The event will take place at "Eloria". As Europe's largest Escape Room, it fits perfectly into the scenario and is also a real eye-catcher on "normal" days.

Folsom Europe - street party and circuit event

Folsom Europe is a legendary street festival, based in Berlin. Every year in September, visitors can expect a variety of club events and parties around the scene. Numerous local traders take part with unusual offers. The programme includes hip DJs, events on party boats and in party buses. As colourful as the approaching autumn, fetish fans will buzz through Schöneberg and mix up the streets. Everyone who is open to the scene is welcome. A big focus, however, is on gay pride, so you can expect some events reserved for homosexual/male guests. Even though the focus is on the togetherness of a proud community, it is not a charity event after all. The proceeds go to charities and AIDS prevention.

Parties and events all over Germany

Outside of these major events, there are numerous events all over Germany for exuberant escort dates. Fetish parties and events are usually announced via corresponding forums. Simply keep your eyes open and keep in mind when booking an escort to indicate such special destinations right away so that you can be sure that your escort enjoys the event as much as you do. Promising in this context is the booking of a lady with swinger club experience, fetish interests or dominant preferences. If you see yourself more as a spectator and simply need a relaxed companion, it is always worth asking. The colleagues at BB Escort will be happy to put you in touch with open-minded ladies. You can also book an escort lady for events lasting several days. Please consider booking appropriate hotel rooms in good time.

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