How do I book an escort lady?

To book an escort lady, it would be a good idea to type Escort+City into Google! With these results you are well served and can click through the individual websites. The offer of escort ladies is very high. This means that every man and every woman can usually find the right escort lady.

What should I consider before calling an Agency?

Before you call an escort agency, you should make a preselection of 1-3 ladies. Furthermore, you should know on which day, at what time and in which city you would like to meet the lady. With this information, an escort agency can enquire about your chosen ladies for you without obligation. If you have very specific preferences or wishes for your date, it is a good idea to let the agency know right away. So the lady has the possibility to prepare herself and if certain wishes or preferences on the lady's part are not possible, the lady can inform you in advance. 

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Booking lead time

An escort agency usually works mainly with ladies who work part-time as escorts. Therefore, it is not possible for any lady to be available within a few minutes. The more lead time you allow for your date, the greater the choice of escort ladies. Some ladies are able to keep the time free for you or are willing to postpone appointments for the date with you. Your date is something special, so you should also meet the lady who is really 100% imaginable.

How to contact the agency?

Usually you have the possibility to contact an escort agency by phone, email or contact form on their website. When making a call, you should make sure that you call with a phone number recognition. Many agencies do not accept calls with a suppressed number.

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What information does the escort agency require for a binding booking?

An escort agency always takes a mobile phone number from the client for a binding booking. Normally, a reputable escort agency only contacts the client on the day of the date if no email address is provided by the client or the client does not respond to the email.

Why do agencies contact the client?

The agency contacts the escort client if the lady becomes ill. If a deposit is paid by the client, the escort agency usually confirms receipt of the deposit. On the day of the date, the escort client should contact the agency again, if the gentleman does not do this due to excitement, he will be discreetly reminded 1.5 hours before the date.

Achtung bei Fake Agenturen!

Einige Escort Agenturen arbeiten mit Fakebildern. Das bedeutet, das die Bilder der Damen meistens gekauft sind oder von anderen Agenturen geklaut sind. Beim gebuchten Date erscheint dann eine andere Frau als die auf den Bildern. Fake Agenturen erkennen Sie oft daran, dass jedes professionelle Bild unterschiedlich aussieht. Achten Sie darauf, dass die Dame auf den Bildern gut zu erkennen ist. Bei Fotos von Frauen, bei dem der Kopf abgeschnitten ist oder nur Haare zu sehen sind, ist es schwer beim Date zu erkennen das tatsächlich die gebuchte Escort Dame vor Ihnen steht. Möchten Sie auf Nummer sicher gehen googeln Sie die Agentur. In der Regel sollten Sie ein paar positive Bewertungen der Agentur finden. Schauen Sie sich auch die negativen Bewertungen an, da auch positive Bewertungen von Escort Kunden gegen einen Rabatt für nächste Date angeboten werden. Auch zu viele oder auffallend viele Bewertungen, sollten Sie stutzig machen, denn auch diese können größtenteils gekauft sein.

You cannot book individual ladies!

If you would like to meet a certain lady and she is never available, this is often an indication that the agency is working with lady profiles who have not been active as escorts for a long time. Check this by asking the agency when the escort lady will be available again. Maybe the lady is on holiday at the moment, has exams and cannot do her job for a few weeks.

The wrong lady turns up for the date!

In this case, you should definitely not pay the escort lady and send the lady home immediately. You should inform the agency about this again. Often the ladies do not know that the agency has sent them to a date where the client has booked another lady.

Recommendation of escort agencies!

If you really want to be on the safe side, ask your friends. Probably one of your friends or colleagues has already booked an escort lady. They can tell you about their experiences with agencies and give you some advice if you are booking for the first time.

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