Behind the scenes at BB Escort

Are you interested in what it's like behind the scenes at BB Escort? Our 5 employees talk about their job at the agency and their tasks. Get a picture behind the voice that awaits you on the phone. We have interviewed 3 of the bookers, our contact person for the escort ladies and our marketing colleague.

How long have you been working for BB Escort?

Kristin: Since November 2019

Stefan: Since August 2020

Justin: Since September 2020

Patricia: Since September 2020

Ann-Katrin: Since September 2020

How did you come to BB Escort?

Kristin: Through a Facebook ad.

Stefan: I was looking for jobs and became aware of a job posting. As a result, I applied, and now I'm sitting here.

Justin: Through a co-worker I already knew. He recommended me to BB-Escort and after a few conversations we realized that it harmonized with us, and I was offered a contract.

Patricia: Through an agency

Ann-Katrin: By a great coincidence because my husband works as a handyman for the company and I then just applied on “good luck”.

What are your daily tasks at BB Escort?

Kristin: Coordinating dates. Contact with guests via e-mails, phone, and SMS. I have an open ear for all guests and their wishes. I make sure that everything goes to the guest's satisfaction during the dates. Communicate with the ladies. Checking and confirming the deposit of guests.

Stefan: One of my daily tasks, is to organize dates between the ladies and the guests. This works by phone, text message or email contact.

Justin: Mainly coordinating and booking dates for our guests via email, phone, and SMS. Furthermore, we create feedback questionnaires the day after the date and check the daily incoming payments.

Patricia: I am responsible for the accounting and the castings of the escort ladies. I coordinate the photo shootings of the ladies and create the employees' schedules. In general, I take care of the ladies and do some back office tasks.

Ann-Katrin: I am responsible for the advertising and the social media presence of the escort agency. I also write some texts for the magazine section on the homepage, design and send the newsletters and take care of some administrative tasks.

Your job in three words

Kristin: Sex, men, escorts

Stefan: Women, men, dates

Justin: Always — something — new

Patricia: Interesting, Erotic / Sex, Women

Ann-Katrin: Erotic, Sex, Women

What do you like about BB Escort?

Kristin: Super colleagues, safe workplace, super child-friendly working hours!

Stefan: I like the variety, the different stories and the contact to the guests and ladies which is mostly very entertaining, funny and friendly.

Justin: The relaxed, family atmosphere. The professionalism that is required and our modern office.

Patricia: Because this is new territory for me and I actually work or am allowed to work on many things, I learn a lot of new things.

Ann-Katrin: The job is a lot of fun, and you never stop learning. We have a super nice team and I feel very comfortable here. The entire working atmosphere is just right.

Which escort lady would you recommend to a guest and why?

Kristin: Linda, she is super professional, enthusiastic, reliable and willing to compromise. Maja she is just like Linda and Ronja. She is open and reliable, insider tip.

Stefan: There are a few of them, I hope the ladies not mentioned are not angry with me. I would always recommend the ladies Aylina, Linda, and Nora. They are always very uncomplicated and sympathetic, appear on time for almost every date, if the city traffic allows it, and because I have received only positive feedbacks about the ladies.

Justin: Nora Meisner is from your appearance and her professional work, definitely a recommendation on my part. Likewise, the feedbacks from our guests are consistently positive. A very great lady.

Patricia: There are a few, and each for a different reason. These 3 ladies would be at the top: Linda, Ronja and Dana. All 3 ladies are uncomplicated and open.

Ann-Katrin: Because I actually have no personal contact with the ladies, this question is difficult to answer. Spontaneously, I would recommend Dana which is because I find her really sympathetic in her photos.

To the ladies

What are you doing in your free time?

Kristin: Being a mom, yoga, meeting friends and my dogs.

Stefan: I do a lot with my friends and enjoy the sun with cool drinks.

Justin: I like to spend my free time at the beach or at home with my friends.

Patricia: I spend a lot of time and travel a lot with my family when I'm not working and meet with friends as often as I can.

Ann-Katrin: I am a family person. We take trips to the sea, go hiking in the mountains or go geocaching.

Describe yourself in 5 sentences?

Kristin: I am a friendly, understanding and reliable person. Family is the most important thing for me. I love to live by the sea. I can also be sensitive easily. Once you know me, you know how incredibly funny I am. 

Stefan: I would describe myself as an open and sympathetic person. I would argue that many people with visually assess differently. I enjoy travelling, learning about new cultures and meeting interesting people. I always have a witty or ironic saying in store. With my mobile phone, I am the best DJ at parties.

Justin: I would say that I am quite easy to work with. I can relate and adapt to different people and characters. It is important to me to do my work reliably and if I can help or take over a shift from a colleague, then I really like to do that. I am always open to new things and don't need long decision-making processes to do so.

Patricia: I am a very open, positive person. Very calm and patient and it's hard to get me upset. Many say that I am too good-natured and think too much of others, which unfortunately is not always beneficial for myself. In summary I am a very simple and uncomplicated person who doesn't beat around the bush ;-)

Ann-Katrin: Sometimes I am a bit chaotic.I like to wear clothes, whether they suit me or not, because I stand by the way I am.  Mostly I try to please everyone else, I myself come far too often much too short. I am a sun worshipper. For me, the winter can not be over fast enough, with the first warmer rays of sunshine are already taken out the short things and even in March is already swimming in the pool or in the sea.