New introductions of the past weeks

Today we would like to introduce you to five of our newcomers of the last weeks. The ladies have all already had their professional photo shoot and a few dates with selected gentlemen. Are you curious what makes the ladies special, how they see themselves and why they have become an escort lady? Then you have come to the right place. If you would like to learn more about the ladies, then take a look at the sedcard of your selected lady or make your picture of the lady and book the escort lady of your choice. Don't forget to send feedback about the lady to the agency after your date. This will help other clients to get an idea of the escort ladies.

Madison Smith 22 from Munich

Madison is 22 years old and comes from Munich. With her brown doe eyes, she enchants every gentleman occasionally. She is very charming, elegant, and stylish. Madison has the right clothes for every occasion and knows exactly which outfit is appropriate for which occasion. Whether it is a tight cocktail dress or high waist jeans.  Madison loves to travel and see distant countries. Accordingly, she also loves Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Although she seems reserved at first, she can become very passionate. Once the ice is broken, preferably with a Lillet, white wine or a stimulating conversation, Madison is very sociable and open-minded. Madison is happy about every duo date that she can accept at BB Escort and finds especially these dates very exciting. Madison knows exactly what she wants and has many sides that she would like to show you and which she also likes to live out.

Amanda Blum 23 from Stuttgart

Amanda is 23 years old and comes from the Stuttgart area. With her cuddly nature, Amanda is exactly the right companion for pleasant hours together. Amanda enjoys yoga and inline skating. She is also very persistent in other sports and cuts a good figure doing them. Amanda is most happy when someone really appreciates her and treats her like a gentleman. However, for her, there is no such thing as “the perfect gentleman”. Every man is as perfect as he is, but she appreciates it very much when a man knows exactly what he wants and has both feet firmly planted in life. Amanda is easy to laugh with, and a humorous manner always goes down well with her. She finds her cheeky and crazy nature special and unique. That is exactly what distinguishes Amanda! Let yourself be surprised and enjoy a date where you can laugh a lot and have a cheeky young lady by your side.

Jolie Stern 29 from Munich

Jolie Stern is 29 years old and comes from the beautiful state capital Munich. Jolie enjoys the adventure of escorting as much as slipping into an elegant dress for classic dinner dates and simply feeling sexy. Under her evening dress, off-the-shoulder, with extravagant jewellery, she likes to wear elegant sexy lingerie with suspenders and high heels! You can give Jolie the greatest pleasure with an unusual date, or even small surprises, such as flowers or a date by candlelight. For Jolie, the division of roles between man and woman is still very classic: the man is the strong and leading one, while the woman lets herself be guided by him. Jolie sees herself as unique and multifaceted. She is very multifaceted, with her, you can talk with laughter and try out many new things. Let yourself be enchanted by Jolie's smile and enjoy a dream date with Jolie.

Delia Rose 22 from Hanover

Delia, who comes from Hanover, is just 22 years young. Delia feels most comfortable in the “short black dress” with matching high heels. Despite her young age, Delia knows exactly what she wants. She enjoys being pampered by a gentleman with a hot oil massage, of course pampering in return with a relaxing massage as well. Her sweet, dreamy nature makes her very special and often makes her seem more innocent than she really is. We can assure you, innocent this girl certainly is not! The student is a real communication talent. She speaks fluent English, can participate in any communication and additionally heats you up with dirty talk. Delia Rose is a real cheerful nature, always has a smile on her face and wants to see and discover many new things. With this young lady, you will have fun through and through and experience many unusual things.

Mona Lehmann 29 from Munich

Mona Lehmann is 29 years old and lives in Munich. She comes from Mexico and therefore speaks little German, but would like to learn. Her English is fluent, and her mother tongue is Spanish. Mona is a personal trainer, so she is athletic and well-trained. Due to her Mexican descent, Mona is very passionate and spirited. But when it comes to intimate moments, she can also be very cuddly and affectionate. For Mona, the job as an escort is not a job in the conventional sense. She feels particularly sexy herself when she can wear sexy yet elegant clothes. She loves meeting new people and getting to know them. For these very reasons, the job is so much more for her. Mona is good at putting herself in a man's shoes and into his feelings and needs. She fulfils the men's wishes and should she ever not hit the nail on the head, then she likes to let the gentleman guide her and tell her what he wants at the moment.