New introductions 09/2021

Today we present you again 5 new arrivals of the last weeks. New ladies regularly join the BB Escort team. We will therefore keep you regularly updated on which ladies have joined us. Here you can find out more about the ladies, what makes them special, why you should book them and how they came to escort in the first place. All the ladies we are presenting today have already had a professional photo shoot. As a VIP guest, you will still find the private pictures that were previously on view on the lady's sedcard. If the information about the lady is not enough for you, then just have a look at the lady's sedcard and find out more about her. After your rendezvous with the lady, you should give us feedback about your meeting. On the one hand, this serves to better prepare our ladies for dates and to make the meetings perfect for the guests. In addition, other guests will also find this feedback very helpful, as they can use it as a guide.

Fabienne Fried 38 from Munich

Fabienne is with her 38 years, one of our more mature escort ladies. She only started with us a few weeks ago as a beginner escort. Since Fabienne is self-employed, she can arrange her times freely. So that her free time is not too boring, she has decided to become an escort lady. Fabienne likes to travel, see new and foreign countries and discover their cultures. But it doesn't always have to be faraway countries, she also likes to discover the nature around her and goes hiking with enthusiasm. She is very linguistically adept and has broad knowledge of political and social issues. She knows exactly when it is appropriate to talk and keep the communication going, or when to just listen and keep silent. Fabienne is a natural woman. She has feminine curves and a lot of wood in front of the hut, as they say colloquially. If you have a date with Fabienne, she will greet you with a glow. Her high spirits and also her charm will make you melt away. As a mature woman, she knows exactly what men want and what you can do to please them.

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Celin Munter 28 from Stuttgart

Celin is 28 years old and comes from Serbia. She has lived in Germany for several years and speaks fluent German. With a height of 1.74 metres and a weight of 59 kilos, she simply has a perfect and dreamlike body. Thanks to her job as a fashion consultant, she knows exactly what is in and what is chic. She always dresses stylishly and has the right clothes in her wardrobe for every occasion. To keep her body in shape, she likes to do sports, but then enjoys being pampered in a spa. All in all, Celin is very passionate and also likes to experiment. What excites her most about escorting is the curiosity about the unknown date. This special feeling she has before meeting a stranger in a strange environment is particularly appealing to her. To make Celin happy, it smells out if the man is affectionate and humorous. But she also doesn't say no to a good meal and a relaxing bath (also for two)! Celine is an independent and self-confident woman who knows exactly what she wants, nevertheless she likes it when men are dominant and passionate and yet can also sometimes give up the reins and let her lead.

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Luisa Rodrigesz 25 from Hamburg

Luisa is 25 years old and comes from Hamburg, but has Mexican roots. These roots are also clearly noticeable in her character. Luisa is very passionate and open-minded towards new things. Luisa is a linguistic talent, besides her mother tongue German she also speaks fluent English and Spanish, and she also has good knowledge of French. She has two small and inconspicuous tattoos. As she works in the health sector, she knows exactly how to keep herself healthy and fit. She likes sports, but also loves to cook healthy food and because she likes to have something sweet now and then, she also likes to bake. Luisa admires her mother the most. She is a very self-confident and strong woman, which is something Luisa would like all women to be. When the occasion allows, she prefers to wear the classic little black dress with high heels. She feels most comfortable in them. The perfect gentleman for her is an attentive and well-groomed man who knows how to treat a lady. If this man then gives her sincere compliments and smiles at her, then she is blissfully happy. It is obvious why you should meet Luisa. With her, every date becomes an adventure, she is bursting with positive energy and changes from stylishly elegant and eloquent to sexy and passionate at the right moment.

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Elina Nice 22 from Frankfurt

Elina is 22 years old and comes from Frankfurt. She is currently a student and likes to spend her time between lectures, exams and studying for exams with a nice male companion. For her, the perfect gentleman is a man who knows how to deal with a woman and expresses himself in a chosen way. Elina, on the other hand, doesn't like showing off and bragging at all. Besides German, Elina speaks fluent English and a little French. Elina is very communicative and educated, she knows her way around politics as well as other areas. However, she also knows when it is advisable to keep quiet and just listen. She is also very interested in philosophy and art. To keep fit, Elina likes to do sports. She is a real cheerful nature, loves to laugh and is happy when her laughter is also contagious for her guest. What attracts Elina to escorting is the feeling of being the secret lover, the seductress who reads every wish from the man's eyes. She is very empathetic, so she can put herself in the shoes of the person opposite her, and she senses exactly what the man wants and needs. Elina likes to wear lacy bras under her clothes. She feels most comfortable in them, and paired with high heels, it is the perfect outfit for Elina.

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Chiara Grey 25 from Salzburg/Munich

Chiara Grey is 25 years old and comes from Salzburg. Born in Austria, she is available all over the world. She loves to travel and is open to new things. The trained office administrator speaks fluent English as well as German. To relax after her daily routine, she likes to read a good book or go jogging. It clears her head and helps her prepare for her dates. Chiara likes to drink an old whisky and loves international cuisine. What appeals to her most about escorting is that she is in a different world there. Everything feels decelerated, she then lives in a stress-free world. She only lives in the moment and forgets everything else. What counts for her then is the passion, the seduction of the guest and of course the satisfaction, both of the master and of her own. She feels most comfortable in a short summer dress with high heels. Being a very open person, she likes to try new things and is also very versatile. Chiara wants the man to tell her exactly what he wants, and he should also be honest and respectful towards her. You will spend unique hours with Chiara and time will fly by.

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