How do I book an escort lady for the Oktoberfest?

Every year from mid-September to early October, Munich is in a state of exception. The largest folk festival in the world takes place in Munich. The Munich Oktoberfest is known and loved far beyond the Bavarian borders. People from all over the world travel to Munich to celebrate at the Oktoberfest. Every year, several million people dressed in dirndls and lederhosen visit the famous Wiesn. Often, whole groups of men arrive who simply want to party, and not alone, of course. Some assume that it is easy to find a suitable woman at the Oktoberfest. But disillusionment comes quickly. The ladies at the Munich Oktoberfest are not as willing as visitors often assume. So what could be more obvious than booking an escort lady to accompany you to the Oktoberfest? How this works and what you have to consider when booking an Oktoberfest escort, you can find out with us!

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What do I have to consider when I book an escort lady to the Oktoberfest?

The Oktoberfest time is also an exceptional time for escort ladies. Many men call an escort agency drunk, want to book an escort lady for the next day, and the next day they don't know anything about their call. Or the escort client books an escort lady in the morning and in the evening, when she is standing in front of his door, he doesn't open the door. Most of the time, the clients have forgotten the time or have fallen asleep drunk. But even if the customer opens the door, a date with a drunken guest is not always thrilling for the lady. Therefore, it is important for the escort clients to know and clarify a few things in advance when booking.

Tell the escort agency if you want to go to the Oktoberfest with the lady. You certainly expect the lady to be perfectly prepared, styled and dressed in dirndl for her date at the Oktoberfest.

Clients who want to book an escort during the Oktoberfest have to make an advance payment, even if you do not want to meet the lady at the Oktoberfest, but in your hotel room afterwards. Often escort clients drink too much at the Oktoberfest, they forget the time while partying or don't show up at all for the agreed date. For the escort lady it is then very annoying when she has first got ready for the client, slipped into a sexy outfit, driven to the agreed meeting place, only to find that no one opens the door. Therefore, the deposit for the escort lady is a small compensation for time senselessly wasted.

Choose a meeting place with the escort lady that is easy to find. “In front of the tent entrance” is not a suitable meeting place with an escort lady. The problem here is, for those who have never been to the Oktoberfest, each tent has several entrances. In addition, it gets so crowded in front of the tent entrances, especially at the weekend and in the evening, that it becomes almost impossible to find someone there whom you don't even know. It is best if you travel to the Oktoberfest together with the escort lady. Otherwise, we recommend a meeting point before the Theresienwiese.

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What should be considered at the Wiesn with the escort lady?

The art of drinking enough, but not too much!

Everyone knows that there is a lot of drinking at the Oktoberfest. And where there is a lot of drinking, unpleasant situations can often arise. It can happen that both the guest and the escort lady behave inappropriately. This behaviour can be really unpleasant for both parties. If the client is at the Oktoberfest with his colleagues and his escort drinks too much and does not behave, it can quickly become embarrassing not only for the lady but also for the escort client at the Oktoberfest. But drunk guests are no bed of roses for escort ladies either. Munich escort ladies prefer not to attract attention at the Oktoberfest. Colleagues, friends or even family can sometimes meet you at the Oktoberfest. But the escort ladies don't want to be seen with a drunk gentleman who is possibly a lot older than they are. Therefore, my tip for the guests as well as for the escort ladies: Don't drink too much alcohol at the Wiesn!

Attention, don't get lost!

At the Oktoberfest it is loud and it is crowded. Therefore, it can actually happen that the escort lady and the escort client get lost in the hustle and bustle. But what do you do now? Neither the client has the escort's phone number nor does the escort have the client's number. Here it is especially important that you arrange a meeting point at the Oktoberfest with your escort lady where they can meet again and again. The easiest way is to agree to meet again and again at the table. But if you are just looking for a new place and get lost in the hustle and bustle, this is no longer an option. Therefore, it is best to agree on a place that both of you can find again, even if you are a little drunk. Choose a specific ride, a place before the Oktoberfest or similar, so that you are sure to find each other again. In an emergency, contact your colleagues at the agency so that they can contact the lady. A telephone call at this volume could be difficult and requires patience. Therefore: Arrange a common meeting point in case you get lost.

Kissing in the tent is out of place

As already mentioned, if you book an escort lady from Munich to the Oktoberfest, there is always the risk for the lady to be seen by colleagues, the boss or the nosy neighbour. Therefore, please understand that the escort ladies will not kiss you or otherwise become intimate in the beer tent. You are welcome to enjoy the intimate time together in your room after your visit to the Oktoberfest.

Let's go to the Oktoberfest

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