Real-time transfer for your next date

Instant payment for your next date in second
Fast, reliable and comfortable for your next date with BB Escort. Use the option of real-time transfer or SEPA instant payment for your money transfer. This form of transfer takes seconds. This means that you transfer the agreed amount to the agency's account (as an agency, we have been granted power of attorney by the escort) and after a few seconds we and the ladies will have access to this money. 

How does fast real-time transfer work?

Real-time transfer is a service provided by banking institutions which enables payment to be transferred from one account to another within seconds (in real time). 

Almost all banks now offer this option of real-time transfer (SEPA Instant Payment). You carry out your transfer online like you normally would, on your computer or on your smartphone. The bank now offers you the option of using the real-time transfer service. For this you can click on the existing field in the normal transfer.

Short waiting times

You're familiar with the standard transfer. With these, the time until the amount is received (visible) is usually at least one working day. This means you may have to book a date a few days in advance. We recommend real-time transfer so that your payment can arrive at our agency on time. This gives you the opportunity to book spontaneously and grab the date you want, which may be a little further away, at short notice.  

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Transfers possible on weekends and public holidays

You can do this not only during the week, but also at weekends and on public holidays, as this service can be performed around the clock, seven days a week. Take advantage of this and book the lady you want from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt at short notice, for example on Friday evening, and pay your deposit with the recommended option of fast real-time transfer. 

The difference between real-time transfer and normal transfer is that in the best-case scenario, a standard transfer is only received on the following working day, while a real-time transfer is possible 24 hours a day, all year round. If you carry out a standard transfer on Friday, it won't be visible until Monday at the earliest. This means that you may not be able to make the booking you want for the weekend. Or would you like to spontaneously organize an upcoming holiday with a magical date? The SEPA Instant Payment option is also suitable here. 

Real-time transfer fees

This service is currently subject to fees. These fees vary from bank to bank, but they’re usually less than one euro. 

The advantages of instant payment

Why should you be interested in real-time transfer?
One unbeatable advantage is that there's nothing standing between you and your very spontaneous date. So, the right click on your transfer immediately gives you the right kick. 
Imagine that you're in the mood right now or you suddenly have some free time for an exciting date with one of our escorts. In some cases, we’ll need a deposit to arrange a date. And thanks to the possibility of fast real-time transfer, this is no longer an obstacle between you and your preferred escort. In future, this will also be possible on weekends and public holidays.

Our new Special for you

You can immediately benefit from our new Special, which is now available for selected women. This means: You'll receive a 10% discount on the agreed fee if you make a down payment of (at least) 250 euros on your planned meeting with the lady. Of course, you can also transfer the fee for the agreed date in full. 

Take advantage of the processing speed and then enjoy your erotic, exciting get-together with one of the ladies of BB Escort.

In short:

In short:

  • Instant payment for your next date in seconds
  • Functional explanation of fast real-time transfers
  • Short waiting times
  • Transfers possible on weekends and public holidays
  • Difference between standard transfer and real-time transfer
  • Real-time transfer fees
  • The advantages of instant payment
  • Use of the Special at BB Escort
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