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Are you curious to know how you can earn a handsome salary as an escort? Good news – here you can find out everything you need to know as a successful escort lady.
Here you will get a lot of important information about escort and lifestyle. If you have always wanted to run your own business as a successful escort lady, you should definitely not miss our information. We will not only give you numerous tips, but also deeper insights behind the scenes, so that you can be on the road to success right from the start. Ready to go? Great, let's start with the five basic points for a promising escort career.

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Residence and mobility

As you can imagine, the density of potential escort clients is much higher in big cities than in the countryside. In Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt or Duesseldorf, it is therefore much more likely that business clients are looking for an escort for the evening. In the village, the chances are significantly lower. Therefore, the place of residence of an escort is decisive for the number of her assignments. It is also very advantageous for escorts to own a car or to have one at their disposal regularly. Although the public transport network is well-developed in most large cities – with your own means of transport, you are simply much more flexible on the road. In addition, it is much more convenient for you to get home from late appointments. After all, it's much more pleasant if you can just get in your car instead of waiting (in the middle of the night) for a bus, train, or taxi.

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Flexibility and willingness to travel

While we are on the subject of cars: With your own car, as already mentioned, you are much more flexible and can arrange appointments at short notice. No client likes to wait until his or her companion has organized the best route for the journey by bus. Such last-minute arrangements are actually more common than you might think. When a meeting ends earlier than planned and a gentleman is bored, he often spontaneously picks up the phone. Dating an escort lady is many men's favourite pastime. You can go on such dates much more often with your own vehicle than without a car. Basically, you should also prepare yourself to be out for a whole weekend or even longer. Some gentlemen have very specific ideas about the kind of companion they want and what their time together should look like. A weekend of skiing in the Alps or a few days' holiday in Tuscany? You shouldn't miss out on such big-money opportunities. So make sure early on that a good friend or neighbour can spontaneously feed your cat or take care of the flowers at any time. It would be a shame if you lost a few wonderful days and a lot of money because you didn't organise your everyday life in time! So flexibility is the magic word to earn a very good living with escort services. 

Accessibility and spontaneity

As you have already heard, some meetings take place at short notice, but only if you as an escort are also easily accessible. No client will spend a long time on the phone after his escort: If his favourite is not available, the appointment will simply be made with another lady. As an escort, you should always have your phone close by. It is also important that you can get ready and arrive at the agreed meeting place within a few hours, sometimes even faster. An escort who is spontaneous and well prepared scores enormously here. On the other hand, if you have to complete the full beauty programme including a full body shave after the call from the agency, you will soon no longer be contacted for immediate meetings. It is ideal to pay constant attention to your own appearance and always have suitable clothing and lingerie to hand. I recommend taking a shower in the morning, styling your hair and putting on make-up. Then, after setting the date, all you have to do is freshen up a bit, slip into a nice outfit and start your assignment without any stress.

Individuality and empathy

Maybe you know such situations from Hollywood films or have even experienced something like this yourself: Some women enter a room and everyone present turns their heads towards her. Usually it's not about outstanding beauty and model measurements. Rather, these ladies have a particularly positive and open aura. They respond instinctively to their counterparts and you simply enjoy spending time with them. If you are this type, you are the jackpot for every escort agency. The women who are particularly successful are those who are able to approach almost all people in a very individual, relaxed, yet sophisticated way. If you also have a good general knowledge and can express yourself adequately, not much can go wrong. In contrast, escort ladies who always reel off the same "programme", act bored or don't like to communicate, will hardly be successful. The typical escort client is on the road a lot, has responsibilities and stress. He wants to enjoy the beautiful things in life in his free time and wants a pleasant companion for these few hours. In addition to a certain intelligence, a good way of expressing yourself and charisma, empathy is also one of the skills you should have as an escort. After all, the client can also have a bad day. 


Spontaneous, fun-loving ladies who value their appearance and are mobile have good chances of becoming successful as escort ladies. Can you listen well, show interest in your conversation partner and hold pleasant conversations? Great! If, on top of that, you can make your clients feel comfortable during the time you spend together, you will quickly build up your own client base. And with that comes a truly enjoyable lifestyle full of benefits.

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