Das Duo-Spezial: Genießen Sie die Ménage-à-trois!

Fall is approaching and it will soon be winter. The days are already noticeably cooler and the gentleman longs for a cozy evening in front of a hot open fire – or maybe rather for a hot evening in front of a cozy open fire? What if this evening took place with exciting female company? And what if there was more than one lady?

What the escort ladies expect from their guests

Again and again, our escort ladies approach us to share their experiences with their guests. Unfortunately, these are sometimes negative experiences. The dissatisfied ladies then always talk about a very specific, unwanted behavior from certain guests during their date. In order to make the time with the lady of your choice a complete success, I kindly ask you to adhere to the following code of conduct and to avoid the below mentioned mistakes.

The summer special of the escort ladies

The sun is firing up our imagination again at last and we are looking forward to balmy evenings in the sidewalk cafe, flirting in trendy clubs and watching beautiful bodies in hot outfits.

The World Cup Special 2018

Not only men are looking forward to the time of the World Cup. Also BB Escort and the escort ladies are dedicated to the football matches! For all football fans as well as for those who do not care so much for the leather ball, we have a special offer.

BB Escort Agency news

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There are some new ladies we can bring you together with and whom you definitely should get to know: Marleen from Hamburg, Juliana from Frankfurt, Ella from Bad Tölz, as well as Sabrina, Adele and Isabell from Munich.