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I took the time to give you a personal recommendation for our escort ladies.

With 70 special ladies, it is difficult to specifically highlight one of them for you. However, I can strongly suggest my personal top 10 ladies here.

First of all, there is our escort lady Cindy from Nuremberg. She is really insatiable. Cindy also likes to visit swinger clubs privately. Therefore, she is THE top recommendation for swinger club beginners. If you prefer mature and experienced women, choose Cindy.

If you are from the Stuttgart area, I can recommend Martinique to you. With her, summer comes to you each time of the year. She is like the girl next door, very communicative and open-minded. With this lady, you will never miss out on sizzling sexuality.

Evelyn from Dusseldorf / Dortmund has just returned and she will set your heart aflutter, too. With her 173 cm, the lady is not only a real eye-catcher but also like an erotic force of nature.

Despite her 29 years, Camilla from Cologne is the proverbial sweet girl next door that everyone dreams of. Therefore, get Camilla into your dream and let her pamper you.

With her huge and natural bust size of 95E, Leonie from Paderborn near Hanover is pure enjoyment for every "nature" lover! She is one of the most open-minded and natural escort women at our agency. Since Leonie loves to perform her activity so much, she has the following special ready for you: Meet her either in Dortmund or Hanover and benefit from the travel cost special of only 50 euros. Do not miss this opportunity between March 14th, 2020 and March 27th, 2020.

Isabella greets you from the far north, from Hamburg. The ideal companion, amenable to new experiences as well as to role-playing – be it the schoolgirl, the nurse or the applicant for the position as your assistant – Isabella is game for anything. Do not hesitate and start your inquiry for your next role-playing game.

Feral Barbara from Stuttgart is a very open-minded and cheerful lady who excels with her wildness. She is always motivated not to leave her gentleman behind with any open wishes. In her handbag, Barbara permanently has a lot of toys at the ready for you!

Anke from Munich / Augsburg not only loves Greek culture and cuisine but also “Greek” eroticism. Personally, she is a big fan of it. Therefore, book Anke right away and benefit from her travel expenses special (no travel expenses to Munich) in the period from March 13th, 2020 to March 27th, 2020. She is looking forward to your request.

Odett from Salzburg, too, is happy to come to Munich to you. She is a classy and lively woman who is looking forward to convincing you with her wide range of intimate capacities. Get to know the Austrian heartiness through Odett.

Kim from Regensburg / Munich is the typical Bavarian country lass with a wide range of intimate capacities. Whether a golden shower or couple visits, Kim is always available for the appropriate opportunity. With her sexy lingerie, she knows how to emphasize her features.

to the ladies

In addition, I don’t want to keep back the latest feedback about our ladies from you:

Feedback for Giulia Graf:

I’ve to say that you’re really a very professional and accurate agency! I’ve explained my needs and you gave me exactly what I was looking for. Giulia was so elegant, beautiful and really like a girlfriend experience. Thanks again

Feedback for Romy Fell and Lana Engel:

I would gladly like to give you feedback on my meetings with Romy and Lana. Romy was absolutely unbelievable and made me feel relaxed and at ease and we had an amazing time. The meeting with Lana was better than perfect and she exceeded all my expectations, she was very professional and we got along very well. She has one of the most beautiful bodies that I've ever seen. So yes... both meetings were perfect thank you very much for coordinating everything. 

Feedback for Amira Huber:

Yes, I had a wonderful time with Amira, here is a brief feedback. Amira is a very sweet and gentle young lady.  She is a pleasure to spend time with as I felt very comfortable in our conversations and sharing a meal together.  She is very friendly and makes it easy to enjoy the time together. Thanks again for all your help and professional services. 

to the ladies

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