Terms of Bells Escort agency

Please note the following important tips to avoid misunderstandings!

It is in this website is merely a promotional platform for men and women, to offer services in the field incidental or escort service. Bells Escort sees itself as an intermediary between you and the escorts. All accompanying persons acting in their own name and for its own account. They are capable of industrial self-employed in addition to their normal professional activities or alongside their studies.

Upon acceptance of a booking by the escorts a direct contract is only between you as the customer and the escorts. It arises because no contractual relationship between the customer and our company.


We give neither illegal nor immoral or unethical service. Payment is made exclusively for the temporary company of escorts. Anything more is not part of the contract between you and the respective accompanying person.

Inquiries, bookings, formation of a contract:

Between you and the agency is created by your request and a possible mediation taking place on no contract. The Agency shall act only as an agent under a brokerage contract with the escorts and receives for its work (advertising, running the website, telephone service, security services, etc.) a commission. The agency's service is free for you. We arrange the time of the escorts and no erotic services. As you and the escorts want to make the date is entirely up to you both. Your wishes are of course 1:1 forwarded to the escorts.

Timely booking request on your part makes sense. The escorts dispose freely of their time. We can therefore request your appointment after consultation with the escorts confirm. Upon your request we will contact you immediately with the escorts in and inform you as soon as possible on the confirmation of booking.


The fees listed is not "pay" for certain "services", but solely as compensation for the applied, time spent together. For special arrangements, such as longer holiday accompaniments, we provide you gladly on behalf of the persons accompanying an attractive, individual fee offer. You can find the price list on our website under "fees". There are travel expenses that you can refer to our fees page. Basically you can but make almost every accompanying person at any location in the world. In this case, increase the specified fees to the costs of travel. Travel expenses all disbursements for the arrival of the escorts. These include, for example, train and flight tickets, allowable expenses for taxi fares, meals during the journey, and especially the time spent to get to the desired place. A detailed list of these travel costs can also be found under the "fees" on our homepage.

Payment of the booking:

If you are with a person accompanying a booking for a period of 12 hours or longer agree, a deposit of 30% of the agreed fee is due. A deposit is also payable if the accompanying person takes a longer journey up.

You can pay the deposit by bank transfer like, Western Union or credit card. Your payment will be taken from us in trust counter and forwarded to the appropriate companion. About the payment, you will be informed immediately of us. The appointment is binding upon receipt of deposit. This person will keep the date free exclusively for you.

Cancellation of the booking by Bells Escort:

Bells Escort is for the sake of the unconditional will to the best possible performance and fullest satisfaction of the customer try to fulfill all the agreements reached. If the booking lady companion, however short term for good cause, such as illness, accident or death, prevented and can not perceive as the appointment, Bells Escort Service will propose a replacement lady. Rejects the customer this, the claims on the actual power are off. The deposit paid to the fee, the customer is immediately zurücküberwiesen.Bells Escort Agency reflects the excess of the cancellation charges for the flight or train ticket the lady companion, if the customer has completed a travel cancellation insurance. Other claims of the customer are excluded. Bells escort agency and the perfect lady to withdraw without giving notice of the booking if the implementation of the appointment by the customer is permanently disrupted. The same applies if someone violates the contract to a great extent. In this case Bells Escort Agency replaced at no cost and retain the deposit of 30% of the fee as a substitute their own expenses.

Cancellation of the booking by the customer:

With timely cancellation (Accompaniment is not yet on the arrival) fall for the customer at no cost. A refund for pre-ordered flight or train ticket is not possible. Is the accompaniment already on arrival, drop the travel costs and an expense allowance, which is dependent on the distance to the traveling companion, but at least in the amount of € 100


Discretion is much more than just a word for us. Offer our agency and the escorts and expect discretion. All team members are contractually bound to secrecy. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Customer and also companion commit never produce outside the contract period to contact directly, but each contact only through our agency.

FAKE bookings:

Unfortunately, it happens that customers or competitors' breakfast a Clown "and find it particularly funny to reserve fictitious dates and let the escorts" lost "run. We distance ourselves strictly from such actions and share a precaution with that we this, especially the escorts against pursuing blatant misconduct civil and criminal law with all its sharpness consistently.