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As a university town Ulm connects as a border town, Baden-Württemberg with Bavaria. On the right of the Danube Ulm belongs to Baden-Württemberg and on the left of the Danube Neu-Ulm, which belongs to the Ulm district, but is already in Bavaria. As the birthplace of Albert Einstein, Ulm has a lot to offer. You can stroll with your escort in Ulm through the Botanical Garden and let the smells and the play of colors of the flora and fauna have an effect on you.
During the Christmas season, you can experience the largest Christmas market in Baden-Württemberg with your escort in Ulm, with its own street names, mulled wine stands and all kinds of Christmas huts.
If you prefer to be sporty with the ladies from Ulm, you can use the Danube Cycle Path, which leads from the source of the Danube to its mouth in the Black Sea. Or you can use one of the many hiking trails with your escorts from Ulm, which lead all the way to Lake Constance.

Hotels in Ulm with an escort lady

The modern "Maritim Hotel" in Ulm with its glass facade is located directly on the Danube and is only a few minutes walk from both the Ulm Cathedral in the old town and the train station in Neu-Ulm. The central location of the "Maritim Ulm" offers you the opportunity to book a high class escort lady who is also not mobile, as the hotel can be reached quickly and easily by public transport. The hotel has a pool and a spa area, so you can not only be pampered by your escort lady, but also spend hours together in the pool before enjoying their togetherness completely relaxed.

Rustic and somewhat quirky, in the truest sense of the word, it is there in the "Schiefes Haus". The hotel is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most crooked hotel in the world and is also located just a few steps from the Danube. The rooms combine the history of the house and modernity. Let your high class escort model show you where the hammer hangs and enjoy sex in Ulm a bit askew.
The "RiKu Hotel Ulm" is located directly in the city center of Ulm. A second hotel of the Swabian hotel group is located in Neu-Ulm. The RiKu in Ulm is home to the Barfüßer home brewery, which has been brewing its own beer according to the German Purity Law since 1990. Enjoy a cold beer here with your escorts in Ulm and catch the charm that this location has to offer. The modern furnished rooms will make you and your escort lady forget the time and you can completely enjoy every minute there.

Nightlife - Our escort agency in Ulm recommends:

If you want to enjoy a beer outside of your hotel with your ladies in Ulm, then the rustic Bierakademie is the place for you. The waiters are very friendly and have a wide range of different beers in stock for you and your escort.
Would you prefer it a little faster, wilder and hipper with your escort, then the "Club Frau Berger" is just right for you. Once you have climbed down the stairs into the basement, you will not want to get out again so quickly. The varied beats from hip-hop to indie rock to techno will have you and your high class date dancing in a balanced way. If you need a break, enjoy a short time in smoking room and treat yourself and your date to a game of foosball.

Enjoy the culinary variety with your escort lady in Ulm

"Zur Forelle" it is what it sounds like, and how could it be otherwise, in the Fischergasse. Located on the banks of the Danube, this classic, Swabian restaurant, offers fresh fish and trout as well as traditional Swabian home cooking. The view of the Danube makes the ambience perfect while enjoying a delicious trout.
The "Myha" offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a modern and stylish interior. Here, all your taste buds will get their money's worth. From mild to spicy dishes, everything is there, optionally for meat lovers but also vegan suitable dishes.
Be sure to visit the pancake house with your escort in Ulm. Who likes it sweet and hearty, which is exactly ricjtig in the first Ulmer pancake house the "Allgäuer Hof". Here there is a selection of over 40 different pancakes, from sweet pancakes with fruit, chocolate or ice cream, to savory pancakes filled with minced meat, liver cheese or roasted vegetables. There should be a variant for you and your escort date, which you would like to share too far.