Bells escortladies in Berlin

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The variety of predicates, Berlin has earned over the last decades - vibrant, vivid, iconic, sexy. And especially in the last century, Berlin's urban landscape and atmosphere have changed over and over again in many ways. Berlin experience with an escort of escort agency Escort Bells in an unforgettable way, be it a private residence or a business trip to Berlin.

Restaurants in Berlin

The restaurants in Berlin are due to the multi-nationality that prevails in the capital, also of the highest quality. Seafood in exquisite top quality enjoy you and your escort lady in "Fischers Fritz", which leads the award-winning star chef Christian.

Named after its chef Tim Raue restaurant offers imaginative tasty Asian food creations. This is ideal for fine Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

Pure substance - the name says it all. ecologically grown, always fresh and, where feasible, from the region, the high-quality ingredients with star chef Daniel Achilles are the basis for delicious dishes of French haute cuisine. .

Each of the many restaurants in Berlin is an experience in itself and you and your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells are guaranteed to find the right for your palate.

Shopping in Berlin

Berlin is a mecca for shoppers from all over the world. In a shopping trip with your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells along the shopping streets of Hautpstadt You will be surprised if the facet wealth.

Although the big name missing on the Steglitzer Castle Street, the one offering three shopping centers, numerous rest stops, cinemas and hotels is endless.

On the world-famous Kurfürstendamm are both established local businesses as well as world-renowned high-end boutiques.

Galeries Lafayette and noble cafes, which is Highlife shopping on Friedrichstrasse. There is nothing that is not there. Let yourself drift or wander with your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells on targeted search of shoes, accessories and clothing from the beautiful flair.

Real life scene there in the miner street. Restaurants full of oriental delights, creative jewelery galleries and shops full of alternative clothing to create a very interesting and above all a unique atmosphere.


With your selected escort model of the escort agency Escort the Bells versatile Berlin nightlife for you is a very special experience.

The "sapphires" in the middle of Berlin neighborhood, the lively Friedrichshain district, is a popular hightlight of the Berlin night scene life. The drinks menu shows over 100 different whiskeys as well as a seemingly endless variety of cocktails.

Another Bar-gem is Newton Bar at the Gendarmenmarkt. Excellent long drinks in a posh interior - a highlight of a Berlin night with your escort of escort agency Escort Bells. Here you can enjoy in the ergonomically comfortable chairs with your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells an exciting evening in a dignified high-class atmosphere.

Also in terms of club landscape in Berlin, you can be sure that you do not get bored with your date.

A very special place is the "40seconds" for avid dancer, which has given a new line dm club life in Berlin. On the eighth floor of this beautiful club is atmberaubendem with panoramic views. The "40seconds" is a real gem of the Berlin scene - a refined interior, subtle but at the same time stylish granite floor, a ten-meter-long bar in the heart of the premises and three lounges for special guests of the house.

As for the classic entertainment, you will find even and especially in Berlin a multiple offer. A large number of best-equipped museums you can visit with your escort lady escort agency Bells Escort in Berlin. The State Opera House on the boulevard "Unter den Linden" is another offering with excellent performances - your escort lady is also open for a visit there.

Other highlights of Berlin

It seems impossible to be the cultural highlights of Berlin enumerate here, especially since every single traveler has a distinct flavor. Here's an attempt.

The Lakes Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke in the southwest of Berlin are just the thing for you if you like to spend your time outdoors. Surrounded by evergreen forests Ice Age you walk with your escort lady of the escort agency Bells Escort and then return to the middle-class "fishing lodge" a. You will also find in the center of Berlin, the green lung of the city, the Tiergarten.

If time permits, there is in Berlin a large number of historical places that you can visit with your escort lady of the escort agency Bells Escort - so the built with dedication Holocaust memorial, also called stelae field, the Museum Island on the several grandiose can explore museums with several thousand valuable exhibits, or the extremely arty gallery called "East Side Gallery" - these are just a few examples.

Experience Berlin, with an escort of escort agency Escort the Bells Ausführbarkeiten are almost unlimited.