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BB Escort

The escort agency BB escort convinces with its smart and experienced team. Since its foundation in 2013 it has already satisfied a great number of customers. In south Germany, Austria and Switzerland BB Escort is one of the established escort agencies. Thanks to our long-standing experience, competence and know-how we are the perfect partner for bringing together our clients with the right escort lady.

Office BB Escort

For our team, passion is the most important base for its work. Friendly contact with our clients and employees is natural to us. Furthermore, we are absolutely discrete and focus on quality when choosing the right escort ladies. Our team (Daniela, Bell,Ana, Jessica and Gerlinde) is ready to help you from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 10 PM and from 12 AM till 8 PM at weekends and holidays. During the meeting with one of our ladies, both parties can always reach us on the phone.

Photographer/Sedcard of our ladies

Fairness and transparency are very important to us. That´s why we publish new photos of our ladies after six months' time. For this purpose, we trust in our photographer. This way we can guarantee you authentic and professional photos. Every lady fills out a sed card before providing her service to you. In case of changes, the card will be corrected immediately.

The self-employed escort ladies

The most important thing for the success of an escort agency is the quality of its ladies, which we choose carefully. The ladies we offer have been selected with attention to quality. We always try to fulfill the high expectations of our clients. The ladies impress with their excellent behavior, open-mindedness and self-confidence. Another characteristic point of our high quality is the flexibility and reliability of our escort ladies, who offer you a great variety of possibilities. At a very short lead time only they can visit you at every location in the world. Paying by credit card is no problem at all.

Paying by credit card at BB Escort

You can realize your deposit via credit card, debit card, Giropay or instant transfer. We collaborate with a German company. Just communicate your card details or fill out the payment form under this link. For data transfer we trust in the so called SSL security system. Of course, you can make payment by credit card via your smartphone or tablet. On your bill you will find the name of the director of this agency as well as a neutral and discrete payment code. Your credit card is charged only one time and your data is not stored.

Important informations for visitors

When and how is the booking made?

The ladies can be booked easily and directly with the:
request form
by phone or
by e-mail.
Before making your request, you should know which lady you want to meet on which day and at which time. We can only contact the lady once we have this information. For short-term (same day) bookings, we recommend to contact us by phone, so we can find out directly whether the desired lady is available. If you won't decide which of the ladies is the fitting one for your date, we are happy to learn about your ideas and our team can then recommend someone.

Please keep in mind: The earlier you ask, the higher your chances that the lady you request will be available.

May I conact the lady by phone?

This is not possible, we are sorry. The ladies want to be contacted through the agency only. The ladies have opted to communicate through an agency because they don't want private contact before and after the appointment. Of course you may convey your wishes, preferences and ideas about your date to us and we will pass all of this on to the lady. If you have a message for the lady, just send us an e-mail, which we will forward. Please understand that the ladies put great emphasis on privacy and anonymity.

Booking process

For any booking we will need your mobile number. We may only contact you by text message "please call us back", and only on the day of the date.


For the lady to be able to visit you at home, we need a landline number where we can reach you at the agreed time.


For a visit to a hotel, we need the number of your room once you have checked in, where we may contact you before the date. The lady can only set off for the agreed date after a successful security check.


If the distance is 100 km or more, the lady requires prepayment of 30% plus travel expenses (fuel, food). You find more detailed information under Payment Options.


All these measures ensure that only serious clients make a booking and that BB Escort arranges only dates which are safe and to everyone's satisfaction. In the whole booking process, absolute discreetness is paramount, enabling an unforgettable encounter with the lady of your choice..

Possible payment options

Generally, the lady is paid in cash at the beginning of the date. If the geographical distance to the lady's home is greater, a prepayment may be made. We offer several convenient payment options: cash, credit card, bank transfer to our neutral business account, Western Union and immediate transfer.

Cash payment:
Please hand the lady the agreed amount in an envelope before the date and allow her to take a brief look.

Prepayment: You can choose among the convenient electronic payment options listed above. You will receive the information about the exact amount including itemized travel expenses and all information regarding the payment. You may let us know your preferred payment method by e-mail or phone in advance. As an arranging agency, we have been authorised by the ladies to receive payment on their behalf. This way, you and the lady can enjoy a beautiful date without having to worry about anything.

If you prefer not to hand over cash at the date, you can also pay in advance and enjoy the encounter without any burden. Just let us know of your wish and the payment option, and we take care of the rest. Your prepayment will be made into a neutral trust account and will be deposited for the lady. This ensures an optimum of discreetness and security.

We know that plans sometimes need to be changed on short notice. You may therefore cancel even if you prepaid. Of course you will receive a full refund of your prepayment. Only expenses which have already been made up to that point, for example flight bookings, cannot be refunded.

Can you visit the Lady? Hotel reservation

Unfortunately not, as visiting the ladies would not fit in the philosophy of BB Escort. But we are happy to book you a room in a hotel of your choosing. If you don't know the town, we will recommend a hotel to you. For this, we need to know how much you want to spend approximately. We will book after having received a prepayment for the price of the hotel on our business account. Now you are ready to meet the lady in a hotel room without having to take care of anything else. For liability reasons, you can only use the room for the duration of the date. Please contact us for further information.

Service of the escort ladies

BB Escort offers ladies with whom you can spend wonderful moments for a certain time. The fee is is only for the time with the lady and no "fee for services". Every lady acts on her own responsibility and determines her services herself. We are thus unable to provide a detailed list, nor do we guarantee that certain services will be provided. The lady's sedcard does obviously list her intimate options (love spectrum of the escort lady).

In Bavaria the most important parameters are laid out in § 6 of the Hygiene Ordnance. Our software of course accommodates the countless possibilities, allowing you to filter the lady's looks and services with the click of the mouse. Now you have all the tools at your disposal to ensure that the lady meets your criteria and the date will be exactly what you want. Play around with the software to test all of its possibilities. You can always deselect options without leaving any trace.

Double dates

Due to repeated customer requests, you will find the option of double dates next to the ladies' sedcards. For a double date the fee is due per lady respectively. We know where "the chemistry is right" and have thus pre-selected for you. Based on the lady of your choice, you find the suitable escort ladies that will turn an evening into an exciting adventure.

Discreetness our primary goal

Discreetness towards you: That's the only thing that counts for us – particularly regarding your data, your phone number and e-mail address, which nobody except the specific person in charge will learn. We do not store data and we do not set up customer files. It's a small price that you will have to re-enter your data when you book again. Discreetness among escort ladies: Our escort ladies are real ladies, so that a discrete approach is the best approach. To avoid jealousy, envy, doubts, disharmony or similar feelings, please don't tell anything about one of them to another one. I ask you for this out of experience and for the sake of all of us.

Do the photos and data of the ladies correspond to reality?

The photos of the ladies were taken by a photographer. The agency is present at each of these shootings. We repeat the photo shootings each 6 months to guarantee that the photos depict the ladies in their current and actual optical appearance. This way we also get to know all our models in person, which enables us to provide you with an even more enjoyable experience.

Travel expenses (additional expenses - when and for what?)

Travel expenses are incurred if you wish to meet the lady away from her place of residence. The ladies' profiles show travel expenses for the most-visited cities. Generally we calculate a standard fee per kilometre or the train or flight tickets plus a fee for the time. If your meeting point is not listed in the sedcard, please talk to us. We are happy to speak about this with you on the phone or by e-mail. Depending on the mobility of the respective lady, travel expenses may vary slightly.

Don't worry, our travel expenses are relatively minimal ancillary costs.

I have to cancel the date - what now?

Despite perfect planning, something happens on your end and the date has to be cancelled. That's not the end of the world. Simply call or e-mail us and we will limit your costs to the expenses that we actually had. If the lady is already on her way, you only have to pay the travel expenses. Our terms and conditions are absolutely transparent in this regard as well.

Your opinion counts: we explicitly ask for your feedback

Our agency thrives through your feedback and thanks to you, we can still get better. Hence we are always happy to hear from you. Whether it concerns the recommended hotel, the booking process or the lady. We use all of your feedback for improvement. And you can also use other guests' feedback to gain a better impression of the ladies. Under "Feedback" the sedcard of each lady contains the comments left by other guests. You may submit your feedback by e-mail, feedback form and text message. If you give your consent, we will make your feedback public, of course anonymously. In no case will we ever make names or other personal data public. We guarantee absolute discreetness at any time. We thank you for taking the time and helping us. We all benefit from this, thank you. ☺

VIP access. Experience more...

Our faithful clients receive VIP access. As an appreciated VIP client, it can well be a bit more exclusive. In the VIP area you find further ladies who, for reasons of discreetness, can only be found in the VIP area. The protective banners have been removed here and you can select the ladies in their full beauty. If you want to gain access to our VIP area, please contact us. Access requires proof of a prior booking. Please let us know the booked lady, the time of booking and your name, phone number and e-mail address. We will verify the data and briefly thereafter open your personal VIP access. 

You may not pass on your personal access data to third parties without authorisation or to make them public. We retain the right to block access to the VIP area without prior notice, particularly in cases of breach of the terms of use.

Important notice: VIP access is valid for one year since the last booking.

AND PLEASE CONSIDER: Out of fairness and loyalty we only open the VIP area for guests whom we know. Of course we are discreet and don't mail photos of the ladies, which should be understood and from which we make no exception.

May I conact the lady after the date?

Many of our clients experience this: a wonderful date with a breathtaking woman. No wonder they are interested in repeating the experience. But contacting the lady directly would clearly put her under stress. Because she has to justify why she won't hand out her number. Please refrain from asking the booked lady directly. She wants to create a wonderful atmosphere with you for both of you to have an unforgettable date. Please respect the context and enjoy.

Importnat notice

To avoid misunderstandings, we wish to point out that BB Escort is only a platform for advertising. In case of a booking, a contract between you and the escort lady will be concluded as each of the escort ladies has her own business. The agency acts only as a broker and receives commission from the lady. The ladies are free in their decision. If you require an invoice, please let us know before the date, so that we can inform the lady accordingly.

Important informations for Escorts

Dream Job Escort Lady

As an escort lady you enjoy a lot of privileges. You get to know interesting and professional gentlemen who have a successful career and have travelled a lot. An escort makes many interesting experiences, learns something about herself and about men and becomes an insight into levels of society that were hitherto closed to her. And in the erotic sphere too, you have the chance to dive into different worlds. But you should be aware that escort is not an easy side job. The guests are usually cultivated, educated and polite. And they want to spend a pleasant time with you. But from time to time it will happen that an escort comes across a man who doesn't correspond to her personal ideal of beauty. Be aware of this before you embark on the adventure of working in the escort business with wrong ideas.

Why Bell Bennett Escort Service

- Bell Bennett Escort-Service is one of the top agencies in Germany and enjoys an excellent reputation

- We have an extensive client base of reputable domestic and international guests

- Our concept is based on professionalism, trust, reliability and discreetness

- We are well-ranked with Google all over the country and engage in a lot of marketing

- We receive a lot of requests, which means you have a high earning potential

- Our agency contracts have no minimum term or hidden clauses

- Professional photo shooting with a well-known photographer

- Support from Bell Bennett and its staff

- Absolute discreetness

- you may contact us with confidence

- We guarantee the utmost safety of your appointments - We take care of your travel arrangements

Conditions required for working as an escort

Many escort ladies are in it for the money, but if you don't enjoy this work, you won't be successful in the long run. This is of utmost priority.

You shouldn't have less than 18 years of age. Your looks are your capital and we pride ourselves in representing women with cultivated looks. Good manners are important as well. Manicured fingernails and freshly painted toenails should be normal for you. Further elements of your success are a positive aura and friendly manners. On the other hand we don't want to represent artificial escort ladies with too many cosmetic operations. You should have a natural beauty and an open way of dealing with people and to enjoy adventures. Your wardrobe should be multi-faceted, with everything from a business outfit to cool jeans and a little black dress. Our clients put great emphasis on good general education. Because our clients are not only in your town, it is beneficial if you are mobile. All of this is important for success in the escort business and to be able to accept the requested dates. As an agency, we also have certain expectations towards your. We expect loyalty, professionalism, humanity and discreetness, just as you expect the same from us. Reliability is our main paradigm.

Your application with Bell Bennett Escort-Service

If we have aroused your interest and you comply with our profile, we are looking forward to your application. Use our casting form or send us a personal mail to Of course we understand if you don't want to reveal your identity at first. Use a pseudonym, but we need to know your place of residence, your age, your looks and your mobility. Please answer these questions truthfully, so that we can decide whether you would fit in our team and correspond to the clients' wishes.

After a positive evaluation, Bell Bennett will e-mail or call you to discuss the details and to answer you remaining questions. If the telephone interview will lead to a positive result, we are looking forward to getting to know you in person. In that conversation, your wishes and conceptions will be the subject. In that personal conversation you will also receive all important pieces of information and documents to read through at home, without any pressure. We would also ask you to grant us some time to consider your application, just as you expect to be able to think things over. Then, if you are convinced that you can work with us and that you fit in our team, we would need the documents back, with your information filled in. Then we will book the photo shooting.

Photo shooting

We put great emphasis on our presence on the internet and therefore it is important to us that all of our photos have the same style. Therefore the photo shooting is done by a well-known photographer whom we work with repeatedly. This also ensures that there won't be any problem about the copyright for the photos.

Photo shooting process: The photo shooting usually takes place in Munich or Augsburg. We will discuss dress code, make-up and hairstyle before the shooting. During the photo shooting both Bell and our photographer will support and advise you. It is important to us that your photos are authentic

How many bookings can I expect?

We are often asked how many bookings are possible. Bell Bennett Escort-Service is a reputable and well-known agency and we have a large client base. But the main thing is your flexibility. Can you agree on a date on short notice, are you mobile and how much time do you want to invest in your escort business? And then your attractiveness, flair, intimacy, naturalness and communication skills are important factors. The more relaxed you are about your new job, the more successful you will be. Most escorts do the work on the side besides a main job or their studies.

How anonymous am I with the agency?

Our agency guarantees your anonymity. You work for us under a pseudonym. Only our staff knows your real name. You will need it to book travel arrangements for example. If you live in a small town, you may also choose the closest larger city as your place of work. Our photographer can of course retouch special characteristics (birthmarks, piercings, scars). We as an agency also have an interest in your remaining anonymous.

What does a woman have to provide before starting as an escort?

What does a woman have to provide before starting as an escort? Of course we understand that a young lady who is just about to enter the escort world cannot provide all types of clothes and utensils. You will purchase those over time.

Your guests will specify the desired outfit, for example

Business outfit: A business outfit usually consists of black dress pants, a blouse and a blazer; combined with nice court shoes and a simple bag, and you are perfectly dressed for your first date.

Sexy outfit: Every lady has a short sexy dress in her wardrobe, combined with high heels and of course never without hold-up stockings!

Classic elegant: For the classic elegant style, I always recommend a beautiful but simple black dress, or black pants and a blouse are a good alternative.

Casual: Relaxed, easy-going. For example dress pants and a nice shirt. Combined with pretty mocassins or half-high wedge pumps. Even jeans or an elegant chino from time to time.

You should always have sexy lingerie, stockings, toys, oil and perfume with you. We take it for granted that you will have lipstick and cosmetics for touching-up with you.

DON'T: Unless your guests explicitly demands it, ballerina shoes, Ugg boots, designer jeans and jogging pants are not the suitable attire for a date.

Your bookings are secured by us

It's always hard to answer this question because you will always encounter new guests and you have o respond to each guest's individual wishes. Working as an escort means spending time with a guest. Your fee is not a fee for a service, but a fee for the time that you devote to the guest. You determine your services independently. A date can be getting to know each other in a bar, a weekend trip to Paris or a discreet encounter in the guest's room. Usually, everything else will just happen without planning.

How does a date with a guest proceed?

It's always hard to answer this question because you will always encounter new guests and you have o respond to each guest's individual wishes. Working as an escort means spending time with a guest. Your fee is not a fee for a service, but a fee for the time that you devote to the guest. You determine your services independently. A date can be getting to know each other in a bar, a weekend trip to Paris or a discreet encounter in the guest's room. Usually, everything else will just happen without planning.

Off-limits area and french without protection

In Munich, please consider the off-limits areas in which it is illegal to provide erotic services. You will find further information at Mü or at Knop & Prase. The same applies to the Bavarian Hygiene Ordinance which states that French without is illegal in Bavaria. You will find further information at Knop & Prase.

The agency – your broker

The agency's role is often misunderstood. You are aware that you are not working for us, but that we only establish the contact and that you are a self-employed escort woman. There is a cooperation contract in place between you and the agency. We receive a commission from you, for which you will be invoiced. Expenses, travel expenses and food are not subject to commission. Your advantage: You have no fixed costs.

The income is taxable

We – your agency. Because Bell Bennett Escort-Service acts only to connect you with your clients and because you work as a self-employed escort, you must pay taxes on your income. You will usually keep an account of your income and you can deduct your expenses, like our commission, travel expenses, photo shootings, tax consultants and similar expenses. We recommend to use a tax consultant with experience in the escort business.