Sex with butt plug: the best tips for anal pleasure

The butt plug is the first stop on the way to anal pleasure for many people. The sex toy serves as preparation before anal sex and is just as suitable for beginners as for advanced "cavers". There are many options for having fun with a butt plug:

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You can use it during vaginal intercourse to enjoy a filling tightness and stretch, or use it to prepare for bigger challenges. For men, stimulating the prostate with specially shaped plugs is an exciting variation. A butt plug can feel terrific regardless of gender.

Would you like to take the first step, perhaps in the company of an expert in the erotic art of love? In our sex magazine you will learn all the tricks and techniques to enjoy sex with a butt plug smoothly and painlessly!

What is a butt plug?

The butt plug is a conically shaped sex toy with a bulbous body and a narrowing tip.  The standard model is about the size of a palm and as wide as three fingers at its thickest point, although there is a huge range of sizes to suit every experience level. A thin bar connects the wide base to the plug, which is inserted anally. The base acts as an anchor so you don't accidentally insert the plug too deep - a must for all sex toys that are used on and in the bottom.

While “butt plug” might be the best-known term, there are several other names for the sex toy: anal dilator, anal plug or anal plug are synonyms that describe this sex toy variant. Unlike an anal dildo, the plug is shorter and stays in place thanks to the narrow bar. When worn during vaginal intercourse, it makes the vagina narrower and thus ensures an intense sensation for all participants. It also pre-stretches the anus, which is the ideal preparation for anal sex.

As a beginner-friendly companion to the world of anal eroticism, the butt plug belongs in every nightstand drawer. At least in theory: in reality, many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of overcoming the sphincter. At the same time, the entire area is interspersed with nerve pathways and is one of the most sensitive regions of the body. And in men, the prostate is waiting to be discovered and stimulated….

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Variations and shapes: What makes a good butt plug

If you let your eyes wander over the shelves in the sex shop or the virtual display, you will surely notice the multitude of sizes, shapes and designs with which butt plugs adorn themselves. For beginners, it can be difficult to choose a suitable model. Surely it shouldn't be the XXL-sized butt plug for the first time, but what factors play a role in the purchase decision?

Size is the most obvious differentiator for sex toys. The longer and wider the toy, the more advanced the user should be. With anal sex toys, this applies in more ways than one: the body must first adjust to the unfamiliar sensation and let the natural instinct drive. Without extensive anal training, it is hardly possible to insert more than the tip of a butt plug without pain. Butt plugs for beginners often come in a set with several sizes to slowly get used to the experience.

At first glance, the variety of shapes and designs can seem overwhelming. Some products entice with mountains and valleys, with grooves and nubs, vibration or shock function. Your individual needs and wishes determine which butt plug may move in with you. It's a pity that you can't test sex toys before you buy them. Unless you ask your escort to bring a piece of jewellery from her richly filled treasure chest to the date.

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Jewelled butt plugs with crystals and accessories

A beautiful back can be enchanting. And what follows the back even more so: a shapely butt can't be beaten for beauty. But with a frivolous accessory, you can add the crowning touch to your bottom. A princess plug flashes mischievously between the buttocks and makes you want to see what's in between.

The butt plug with diamond is a variation that brings the decorative aspects of the sex toy to the fore. A butt plug with a fox tail goes one step further and is an essential accessory for the pleasure of pet play and other types of play for the animal in the man. The fluffy tail is just an invitation to (gently) pull on it….

Vibrating plugs and anal toys with remote control

A remote butt plug combines the two most beautiful (side) things in the world: sexual pleasure and tingling anticipation. Imagine you are enjoying dinner with your escort lady. Under the table, you discreetly control the butt plug your lover is wearing with the remote control. No one will notice anything – except the wearer, of course.

A plug with remote control also sweetens your private moments in the hotel suite. You can comfortably control the intensity of the vibrations from any position and thus enjoy tingling additional effects during sex. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Prostate plugs with slim shapes

The prostate gland produces the seminal fluid that creates the fireworks during climax. However, the inconspicuous gland has a little secret: it is considered the “male G-spot”, which is supposed to trigger longer, deeper orgasms when stimulated. Unfortunately, it is hidden deep inside the pelvic floor – you can only reach it “backwards”. If you feel around three to five centimetres behind the sphincter with your finger, you can strike gold.

To enjoy the additional stimulation during sex, you need a smart little helper. The butt plug for men is longer and slimmer than the usual forms. Here, it's not about the stretching, but about the targeted massage on the prostate. Wearing the butt plug during sex brings you one step closer to anal orgasm.

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Glass, metal, silicone: the material makes the difference

Probably no other topic triggers such passionate discussions as the question of the perfect sex toy material. Each side has good arguments for or against certain materials. In the end, it's an individual decision that every anal lover must make for themselves.

Overview of the most common materials for butt plugs:

  • Silicone sex toys are the modern standard. A silicone butt plug has a supple, smooth surface and gives slightly under pressure. This makes insertion easier and ensures a pleasant feeling.
  • Metal or glass are ideal for playing with different sensory stimuli such as heat or cold. In addition, the material is extremely durable, does not deform and has a pleasant weight.
  • A wooden butt plug is environmentally friendly and at the same time a high-quality companion for erotic games. Don't worry: the material is specially hardened so it won't splinter. An exceptional treasure for every sex toy collection!
  • Plastic is inexpensive and is characterised by its low weight. On the other hand, the material is not very resistant. Rubber or PVC need extensive care so that the material does not become porous.

Experts agree on only one point: A good butt plug must have a smooth surface so that it can be inserted easily. It also needs enough internal structure and firmness to overcome resistance at the sphincter. Soft jelly or soft silicone are therefore not suitable.

Using the butt plug: The ultimate guide

Enough of the grey theory, it's time for practice! Basically, the use of a butt plug is quite self-explanatory. However, with a few small steps you can make the experience much more pleasant and enjoy your sex toy to the full. The most important ingredients for a successful anal adventure are patience and relaxation. Allow yourself and your lover enough time every step of the way! A sensual butt massage will put you both in the right mood. If you want to pamper and prepare the highly sensitive region with your fingers or tongue, that's even better. Hygiene is an important aspect of all butt activities. Rimming brings your tongue and anus into contact - brushing your teeth and taking a shower beforehand is a great idea. Want to feel clean all around and not have to worry about unpleasant surprises during anal sex? An anal shower cleans the rectum completely and prepares you optimally for the use of the butt plug.

Tip: If you would like your escort date to take a trip into the world of anal eroticism, you should make a note of this during the booking or preliminary discussion. Your escort lady can prepare better with this knowledge and clean herself especially thoroughly in advance.

Preparation for a smooth service

Unlike the vagina or the mouth, the anus has no natural moisture to facilitate penetration. Lubricant is therefore a must when you venture into the adventure of anal sex. You have the choice between water-based lubricant and a silicone-based lubricant.

Silicone-based lubricant is called anal lubricant and is particularly suitable for use at the rear entrance. It does not absorb into the skin and provides a slippery feeling for longer. You therefore don't have to top up as often and can concentrate on the main attraction. Only when you shower after sex does it disappear down the drain. However, you should exercise caution when using a butt plug made of silicone or plastic: The material is not compatible with silicone lube and can become porous.

Water-based lube can be used in combination with any sex toy. However, it evaporates quickly and you need more to achieve a pleasant effect.

Inserting the butt plug without pain: This is how it works!

Anal sex and playing with anal sex toys makes many people uncomfortable. Doesn't it hurt to insert something into the buttocks? If you've ever experimented with butt plugs or your own fingers without preparation and without thinking, you might know the burning pain.

But it doesn't have to be! With lube and calm, steady breathing, you can speed up the anal workout. The more you relax, the easier it will be to insert. Of course, when inserting a butt plug, you start with a small and thin version, and then you can increase.

If you want to insert a woman's butt plug, you should be patient and take it slowly. Because if you act too quickly and hastily, it can feel painful for the recipient. It is best to breathe in a common rhythm and follow the natural movements of the body. Light pressure with each exhale is the key to success.

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Care tips: How to keep your sex toys beautiful for a long time

With good care, a sex toy can last several years and even accompany you for a lifetime. The lifespan depends primarily on the material, although with silicone and plastic you can do a lot to ensure that your sex accessories stay beautiful for a long time.

Silicone is a material that is characterised by its hygienic, smooth surface and flexibility. Most modern sex toys are made of silicone because it meets the demands of a good sex toy to the fullest satisfaction. However, the material is a bit of a diva: if it is not cared for properly, micro-cracks can form in which bacteria and fungi can settle.

You should clean your silicone butt plug with water and a mild soap after each use, and then treat it with a toy cleaner. Also, make sure to use only water-based lubricants! All other agents will attack the sensitive surface.

Butt plugs made of glass and metal are virtually indestructible and can easily remain in your arsenal for several years. The biggest risk is scratches in the material – unlikely during normal lovemaking. For hygienic reasons, you should still give your sex toys a bath regularly. Silicone-based lubricants are no problem for the material.

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The butt plug is much more than a simple sex toy. It is a symbol: When this small accessory is used, dreams come true. Because many men have the desire to feel the tight heat and firm grip of the muscles during anal sex. But it does not have to remain a fantasy: An escort lady can make your erotic dream a reality.

If you are interested in your escort bringing a butt plug or you want to delve deeper into the subject together, you should clarify this when booking. Not every escort offers this special service. Some women simply do not like anal sex, others prefer less elaborate sex practices on an escort date. But there are many escort ladies who enjoy anal sex and are happy to answer your request. The colleagues at BB-Escort will advise you comprehensively on the phone or by mail and can recommend a lady who shares your passions and preferences.

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