Sizzling hotel visits in Muenster

Spend tingling hours or a whole night with your Bells Escort in a well-kept hotel that leaves nothing to be desired. For example, the Hotel Conti at the main station is ideal for this. The central location and the pleasant, discreet atmosphere make it the perfect retreat for your tête-à-tête with a hot lady.
The Hotel Kaiserhof with its fitness and wellness area with whirlpool and sauna is also recommended. Located directly opposite the main train station, it is the ideal destination after a stroll through the city center with its sights such as the historic city hall. Enjoy exciting and relaxing hours here with your lovely escort.

The nightlife with an escort in Muenster with charming company

Do you feel like exploring the nightlife with your sexy Bells escort? For example, you could start at the Amp am Hawerkamp. Located in the immediate vicinity of the freight station, the location is a club and disco in one. Here, rock and hip-hop are played as well as electronic beats and songs from the wild 90s.

If you are more in the mood for exotic drinks, we recommend the Watusi Bar on Dortmunder street. A wide selection of delicious cocktails and music between exotic sounds, indie pop, beat from the 60s and pop pearls make the charm of this bar. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere with your sexy escort.

Culinary highlights in Muenster with a stunning lady

Dinner can be an exciting introduction to a sparkling night. For example, take your companion out to the fine dining restaurant Chesa Rössli on Kardinal-von-Galen-Ring. The international menu offers excellent seafood menus and delicious sushi dishes, among others. Restaurant Chesa Rössli is one of the highest quality restaurants in Münster.

At Spiekerhof 25 you will find the perfect restaurant for the gourmet who prefers french and mediterranean cuisine. The Giverny Restaurant with its stylish ambience, exquisite cuisine, competent wine advice and friendly service will spoil the gentleman and his companion. Perhaps you will let the evening end as French as it began?

Sightseeing in Muenster with a classy lady at your side

Hanseatic city, science city and bicycle city - Muenster has many faces and so much to offer. One of the most famous landmarks is the St. Paul's Cathedral, which was built in the 13th century. Visit with your charming escort lady also the Prinzipalmarkt with its picturesque gabled houses, the Gothic town hall and the late medieval Lamberti Church. For art lovers, the Pablo Picasso Museum of Art is worth a visit.

In nice weather, a trip to the Aasee or the Botanical Garden of the Westphalian Wilhelms University is worthwhile. History buffs can take a walk to the Buddenturm, the oldest surviving part of the original city fortifications. And if you want to see stars twinkle with your escort lady, we recommend the large planetarium in the LWL museum of natural history.