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Become escort lady Thereby, the "escorts" are women who spend part of their time to pursue a socially oriented escort service. This exclusive service takes place for an appropriate fee, which is fixed in advance or defined as a fixed price, for an escort agency and the escort lady. The time span of this escort service can vary depending on the customer's wishes and range from a few hours to days or weeks.

With us, you will find detailed information on how you can become an escort yourself, what requirements you should bring with you and how a day as an escort lady can play out. Subsequently, you can directly use our application form to apply for the escort service without obligation.

As you already know, an escort lady, gladly also just called escort, spends a small part of her private life with a mostly male person who has booked you for a desired period of time for a fee. The range of customers is as diverse as the profession itself. The reality shows, however, that the men who use escort services appear extremely well-groomed and sophisticated, have an appropriate level of education and are extremely thoughtful in dealing with women.

The ambience in which you will find yourself is very pleasant and not infrequently characterized by a touch of luxury. The service of escorts is as great as the demands of the men themselves. Escort ladies are mainly booked for social events, but also for trade fair visits, vacation and business trips through our escort agency.

Becoming an escort: Do I commit to sex with every booking?

As an answer to whether love services are included in the service offer and what specific role sex plays in the escort service, basically no 100% statement can be made.

Well, there does not always have to be a sexual desire behind the male guest. Many men will book you, among other things, "only" for the purpose of escorting at events or fairs, to "not stand there alone". Many men are simply uncomfortable to sit alone at a lunch table during business trips or to spend excursions without a partner.

Even the women's domain, to chat about certain current topics from business, politics and private, for example, during a cozy dinner in a restaurant or during an extensive guided tour of the city, is also a big issue with men. Also for this reason, the demand for escort ladies is increasing rapidly.

Provided that you yourself are attractive and sexy, it can of course also come to certain needs for the men, which not infrequently end in a joint love game.

For this you should have a healthy and open attitude.

The escort services, however, are clarified in advance with the guest.

What requirements should I bring if I want to become an escort?

If you become an escort, you usually work in a part-time job and therefore not full-time. You will meet your clients only if you keep the necessary time free and agree to the meeting.

In practice, you will be booked as an escort for several hours or even days.

It does not happen that escort ladies meet with their clients only for a few minutes. In such short appointments is usually the sexual desire and satisfaction in the foreground. An escort lady, however, is much more than a prostitute and not comparable with it. Since the guest does not honor any service, but always only the time of the escort lady.

However, you can also offer such services, provided that you are willing to face them.

Determine for yourself personally how many visits you can accept per week and whether you value well-groomed and long-term visits or prefer rather short meetings of only 2 to 12 hours.

Which men do I meet? The variety of men is great: businessmen, millionaires, pleasure lovers and singles are the most common customers in the escort service.

Do not worry - As a high-class escort will not meet unkempt or uncivilized men.

The escort service is well remunerated (we will come to this later) and therefore usually used only by men who can also afford the necessary change. You will often also be invited to restaurants or bars, where your customer will take over the bill.

Check also your personal requirements, which play an essential role as an escort lady:

Appearance / attractiveness: certainly play for the men the appearance and the optical impression the most important role in an escort lady. Customers prefer attractive and slim ladies, who in no way have to be similar to a top model. So if you are physically fit, attractively sexy or naturally attractive, you already have numerous plus points that are important in this job.

Courage: shy women have a difficult time giving themselves to the escort service. Any escort requires a healthy amount of courage and self-confidence. After all, you never know exactly what type of man you will meet and to what occasions and locations will be invited. Escort ladies usually appear so confident that you do not see it on them that they were booked for this service.

Communication: eloquence is not necessarily required for the job. However, you should be able to entertain their escort to a certain point. Boring conversations are not appreciated. Heat up your partner during the service by specific flattery, then you score twice. Only at important business meetings are eloquent women sought who can "talk" a bit without embarrassing the guest.

Flexibility: For some men it is extremely important that you remain flexible. It is quite possible that an appointment, where you are invited, is moved back a few minutes. If you allow for a healthy amount of flexibility here, men will thank you for it.

Fashionably attractive: Just as you pay attention to your face and figure, you should also place a high value on your external appearance. Do you have enough dresses and gowns in your closet? Do you have the right outfit, depending on the occasion? You can also convince your customer with the fashion "underneath"? Excellent - then you have already answered these questions positively.

Hygiene: It goes without saying that you appear well-groomed at your appointment? Excellent, because hygiene is a top priority for men. A nice scent, well-groomed and shaved legs and discreet make-up are a matter of course.

Mobility: If you are mobile and can even travel abroad for meetings, many doors are open to you in this business. In many cases, you will have to travel to a destination by private car, bus or train, as you will not always be picked up directly by the customer or a meeting will take place in your vicinity. Remain especially flexible here.

Willingness for "more": As an escort lady you are the center of attention for many men. Often, they also want more from you and round off many a day with a portion of sex, as hard as it may sound. You should be extremely open to this topic because the mutual physical contact, whether gentle or imposing, will accompany you in all situations in this job.

Have you answered all these key points positively for you? Excellent, then nothing stands in your way of a future as a future escort lady.

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