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Mannheim is the city of locomotion, not only the first automobile of Carl Benz drove through the streets here, but also the first Lanz Bulldog and the first two-wheeler of Karl Drais. In 1880 Karl von Siemens introduced the first eclectic elevator. Today the city is more characterized by music, art and museums, such as the Schillerbühne, the Kunsthalle, the Technoseum and the Reis-Engelhorn-Museums. Why not visit one of these museums with a lady from BB Escort Service Mannheim. Each of the individual museums or theaters are worth a trip with your escort dates. Visit one of these museums with your high class escort in Mannheim and be enchanted not only by the lady, but also by the exhibits. Since 2014, the second largest city in Baden-Württemberg is UNESCO City of Music, the reason for this is the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg, a modern successor to the Mannheim School in which already in the 18th century many musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart complement the music scene of the time.

Who didn't dream of being a prince or princess at some point? In Mannheim Castle, which is the largest baroque complex in Europe after Versailles, you and your VIP escort in Mannheim will definitely feel like royalty, take advantage of this feeling for a special day, it is worth a visit. With its almost 450 meters in length and six hectares in area, it is one of the largest castles in Europe, from the city center seven parallel streets lead towards the castle.

Another landmark of the city in the three-country corner is the Mannheim Water Tower. You can stroll through the gardens with your escort, relax or end a long day perfectly there. The water features in front of the tower have 7 different water images that change every 15 minutes. So it's worth spending some time there with the lady from BB Escort Service Mannheim, the romance and sizzle will come all by itself and is a perfect introduction to your sex date in Mannheim.

Stay overnight - Our high class escort agency in Mannheim recommends:

Our escort agency in Mannheim recommends the "Maritim Hotel Mannheim". It is located directly at the water tower, use the atmosphere of the water feature to get in the mood with the escort lady in Mannheim as well. It has an exclusive location with a dreamlike view. The Renaissance-style hotel is just a few minutes walk from the castle and offers you a rich and varied breakfast in addition to a pool and a wellness center.

Located on the banks of the Rhine is the Hotel Speicher7, here too you and your escort date will get your money's worth if you like to be pampered in the hotel's own wellness area or have always wanted to try a yoga class. From the former warehouse they have a breathtaking view of the Rhine and the banks of the Rhine, the modern interior invites you to linger.

Nightlife with escort girls in Mannheim

"Auf in den Jungbusch!" this is not like the fountain of youth, in which you jump to get eternal youth, but the former working-class neighborhood. The disreputable area that used to be part of the red light milieu is now a hip nightlife district. The Taproom Jungbusch is ideal for beer lovers, the craft beer bar serves over 24 types of beer from the bottle and various craft beer varieties from the barrel. Invite your escort lady in Mannheim to a cool beer.

In the "Onkel Otto" counts quite clearly: "who is in, is in". The ladies of Mannheim love to dance and celebrate to sounds from today back to the 70s.

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