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Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt found of the nearly six million inhabitants of the Rhine-Main area around 700.00 plus 300,000 commuters what makes the city "of the" metropolis of the environment. Measured in terms of gross value added is number 1 in Europe. Frankfurt is just behind London and Paris as the best location for multinational corporations in Europe and the city offers the highest site density and is also in average income, the Numer 1 of the Federal Republic.

Frankfurt's attractiveness is also in a large number of very specific points of interest, both in the city itself as well as within. The city is a major European financial center and one of the best German industrial sites. Every year the city hosts Frankfurt Millions of guests and is a magnet for people from all over the world. Not least because there is also a large part of the escort industry and good offer.

Frankfurt is one of the German cities with the highest standard of living and the best opportunities for business, culture and leisure. All of this means that you can spend with your chosen escort of escort agency Escort Bells an excellent time.


Enjoy a magnificent view of the skyline einmaile "Mainhattan" as Frankfurt is known in Germany, most from the River Main and the Main bridges. From there you can and best of all admire your chosen Escort Lady the architectural masterpieces of the city.

Before your eyes wide then full size of the skyscrapers of this impressive city. The twin houses Castor and Pollux or headquarters of the European Central Bank are also in front of you, as the highest bank building in Europe, the Commerzbank Tower, just to mention a few.

As mentioned before, Frankfurt is also a real cultural experience and if you bring enough time, there is a lot of tourist attractions to visit worthwhile. Stroll to go with your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells example, very stylish in Frankfurt Botanical Garden or the zoo. Also, the spacious palm garden is a very special experience, if you wish Culture: A visit with your escort lady, for example, in the Old Opera House in elegant evening dress will enjoy and appreciate. Also, the Frankfurt Opera House regularly offers attractions and concerts.


You can enjoy delicious culinary creations in the hotels with your chosen escort of escort agency Escort Bells. After dinner, you can end the evening at the bar in the "Room of the Stars." There you will receive top-class long drinks in interesting flavors. The Downtown Bar with its modern decor and the unique look.

Excellent restaurants in Frankfurt

If you want to run your escort of escort agency Bells Escort in Frankfurt for dinner, so there are some selected recommendations for you:

Maintained at a young contemporary style is the "Main Tower Restaurant" which is located at 200 meters above the city.

Indian colonial theme restaurant as you will find in the Ivory Club. Frankfurt also offers a number of other exquisite restaurants. Creative and easy therefore Holbein the restaurant is at the Art Museum. The inn depot from 1899 drives rather the "traditional" rail, nevertheless very fine and tasty. The Frankfurt dining area offers definitely been around enough facets for everyone to find something suitable. If you opt for one of the many restaurants in Frankfurt, get help and guidance from your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells. The restaurant Sushimoto you get excellent Japanese dishes and also the Ginger II is gourmet heart beat faster when you Asiensn the kitchen feel they belong. Classically, it goes to the tavern Depot 1899 - there is room for more than six hundred people. While this means a little less privacy, the food served can be the one but quickly forgotten. In the beautiful garden of the restaurant "Gargantua" They are specially catered for in the summer, the restaurant "Holbein's" it's going to mainly light, novel and innovative. The Frankfurt Kitchen will inspire you, wherever you come.

Nightlife in Frankfurt

Also to enjoy with your escort lady the Frankfurt nightlife, as expected, offer many possibilities. Especially with its enormous glass dome and its charming atmosphere stands out is the second largest restaurant of the Federal Republic of Germany, the "Living XXL". It is directly dependent of the building of the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank. You can also listen to live piano music in the cozy Jimmy's Bar there. If you like American crime novels of the 1980s, visit the King Kamehameha Club there to dine stylishly and dance.

The lounge is in good hands, if you like it a little more opulent. Accompanied by your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells you can on three terrific designed floors enjoy the wonderful view over the Main class here at long drinks.

An evening in Frankfurt is enhanced markedly by the company of a escort lady. Alt-Sachsenhausen with its many bars and nightclubs, the U60311 or the Jazzkeller Frankfurt are extremely recommended for your date with your escort lady escort agency Escort Bells.

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