Condom obligation

After frequent complaints from the ladies have reached us in recent weeks, regarding repeated requests for unprotected intercourse, I would like to ask you on behalf of BB Escort and our ladies, to refrain from such attempts in the future.

Important note to all guests of the escort ladies

Please consider also your health and that of the ladies. We thus ask you to be aware of the risks related to the practice of sexual intercourse without a condom. HIV is not the only disease that can be contracted through the refusal to use a condom. Other STDs include syphilis, hepatitis or chlamydia and should not be underestimated. Over the last 10 years, many scientific studies have pointed towards a dramatic increase of infections caused by unprotected sexual intercourse.

Please consider the Bavarian Hygiene Regulation as well, which from 2017 onwards will apply to to all of Germany. Here too, the use of the condom is made compulsory.

§ 6 Obligation to condom usage - Female and male prostitutes and their customers are obliged to use condoms during intercourse.

Enjoy safe sex with an escort lady

IMPORTANT: All ladies have the right to discontinue a date immediately, in case a guest makes repeated requests to have unprotected intercourse.