What to do if the period falls unfavorably?

As an escort lady you pay attention to your appearance and are always aware of your body. After all, a good body feeling is fundamental for the self-confident appearance your customers expect. With this mindset, nothing stands in the way of the ideal date. Actually, because nature likes to give you a little something. What if your period starts sooner unexpectedly and maybe even catches you during a meeting?


First of all, don't panic. There is a solution for every problem and a self-confident appearance also ensures a competent aura in this context. The most unfavorable solution would be to end the date spontaneously and without explanation. You not only leave behind a highly dissatisfied customer, you also incur unnecessary costs. Booked hotel rooms finally want to be paid.

Menstruation from his perspective

Men know that women menstruate from time to time. Theyare seldom confronted with this phenomenon, butthat doesnot mean that every man reacts with sheer disgust to this verynatural fact. On the contrary, someeven like sex during theday. However, you cannot presume this benevolent attitude. Education and socialinfluence place a strong taboo on thesituation. With the direct confrontation you sometimes crossthe thresholdof shame that the customer cannot or does notwant to overcome spontaneously. As I said, as an escortyouare expected to know your body and be prepared forunpleasant eventualities. Fortunately, however, thereareplenty of ways to handle the situation.

Prevention is better than aftercare

It is best to start observing your period carefully before starting your activity in the escort area. If your days are reliable and regular, you can try not to accept dates in this timeframe. Of course, you can also skilfully arrange meetings during this period that do not require vaginal penetration from you. It may well be that you are dealing with people you know with completely different preferences. In this case, targeted planning will help you to exclude losses. If you use hormonal contraception, you can control the onset of menstrual bleeding quite well.

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Spontaneous surprises

Nevertheless, of course, fluctuations occur in every woman's cycle, which can lead to unpleasant surprises.

If it catches you during the act of lovemaking, the child has definitely fallen into the well. At least if your period is very strong. Small entry bleeds may be overlooked in the heat of the battle. If you notice them in front of the customer, you have the chance to disappear briefly in the bathroom.

A non-binding apology will suffice. He does not need to know what will happen if the problem can be solved quickly with a soft tampon.

Blood, everywhere blood

However, you will have to respond verbally to obvious traces. Apologize kindly, but don't let your insecurity be noticed at best. A natural charisma is usually transmitted to your counterpart. Take control of the situation and offer strategies on how the date could proceed. Make sure beforehand that you tolerate sex during your period. So you can relax and ask if you need to get order quickly (i. e. put up a barrier) or if he is so uncomfortable with the idea that he might want to break up the date. If you break up, try to find a benevolent ending. Of course, you only calculate the hours spent together. Get a certificate of the time actually spent and contact your agency. This gives you support when it comes to negotiating refunds. Without feedback, the commission is due for the entire planning period. If the customer admits that he wants to continue anyway and if sex during the bleeding is not problem for you, it can of course just go on.

Sex during the bleeding

You know yourself best and are probably already aware of the extent of your bleeding.

If you are no exception (which of course there are) you will only lose 30-70 ml of blood during your days – over the entire period of your period. Of course, red blood always looks like much more than pure water, but in the end it is clear that there will not be huge crashes. On most days, you're more likely to expect single tracks than a complete massacre.

So you may as well have sex. This can even be wonderfully relaxing and has an extremely positive effect on period pains.

The escort secret for the period

Means and ways

If he doesn't notice any of this, you can use a few simple tools.


Soft tampons are small sponges that are inserted far into the vagina. They are very receptive and are only felt by very sensitive persons during sex. Of course, soft tampons can also be pressed further than desired by the penetration.

Stay patient here, when squatting, the sponge can usually be felt well and finally removed. If possible, insert the tampon with a bit of advance, otherwise you may get wet very slowly.

(Note: Conventional tampons are not suitable for wearing during the act.)

Natural sponges

If you use menstrual cups privately, you will certainly realise from the sheer size of such a container that they should not be worn during sexual intercourse.

Menstrual cups can be an alternative. They are flatter and fit close to the cervix. The fluid is held securely and their structure is relatively pliable.

Menstrual cups

If you use menstrual cups privately, the sheer size of such a container will certainly make it clear to you that they should not be worn during sexual intercourse.

An alternative can be menstrual cups, which are flatter and close to the cervix. The liquid is kept safe and its structure is relatively flexible.

Bleeding - no problem for him

If you are intimate with a man who doesn’t mind your bleeding or even welcomes it, you have of course hit it very practically.

In this case, the question is probably a WHERE rather than an OB; if you want to exclude dirty sheets, you will have to put towels underneath. For special preferences, there are also bed sheets made of dark latex. You can of course directly change the location and enjoy yourself in the tub or in the shower.

But please keep in mind that the movement inside of you can accelerate the mucous membrane detachment in your uterus. It may shed more tissue at a time than you’re used to, and the bleeding may unexpectedly become severe. Advantage for you: It also shortens.

Hygienic concerns

The period blood itself is in no case to be classified as unhygienic. It will only do so if it has time outside the body to serve as a food source for germs and bacteria. So it would only be unsanitary if you do not wash the sheets afterwards or do not clean your underwear. Fresh, the blood of a healthy woman is harmless. However, what is generally the rule for the exchange of body fluids: Only condoms (or lick cloths, if you are intimate with women) protect against sexually (or even via the blood) transmitted diseases. You may be more susceptible to infection during the infection phase, so you should insist on these principles.

Conception potential

Many women assume that they can not get pregnant during menstruation.

According to the textbook, this idea would basically also work, In reality, unfortunately, things behave less clearly.

Sperm survives in the female body for several days, and so it can actually come to fertilization due to cycle shifts. Are you a condom burst or the like, you should definitely think about follow-up measures, unless you take additional contraception.

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