Sugardaddy: Material benefits versus long-term relationship

The relationship with a sugar daddy is different, special, but often associated with obligations and challenges. Anyone who is supported by a sugar daddy enters into a relationship that is always based on a quid pro quo. As a rule, sugar daddies look for young women who expect material care and attention and are willing to do favours and spend time together in return. Or the other way around: a sugar mommy chooses a young man. Sex can be part of the arrangement, but it doesn't have to be - at least that's the general view when it comes to sugaring. 

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What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is usually a wealthy man, usually from the age of 40 upwards, who is willing to fulfil a young lady's material desires. There can be considerable age differences. In return, the lady agrees to abide by agreements between sugar daddy and sugar babe. This usually involves sexual favours, but also dates, romantic meals, holidays, and shopping trips. Many sugar babes also have their car or rent payments paid for by the sugar daddy. Those who are sugar daddies are usually looking for attractive ladies for something long-term. Since it is a longer arrangement, it is usually not only the looks that have to be right, but also the interpersonal aspects. Therefore, at the beginning of an SD relationship, there can be longer phases of getting to know each other, during which both find out whether it harmonizes or not. After all, sugar daddies are willing to invest a lot of money in the arrangement — and sugar babes need to be sure that they trust their chosen SD and that they will reliably receive the material attention. Both sides want to hedge their bets, as it is ultimately a business relationship.

Become a Sugarbabe: What advantages do I have?

If you are thinking about becoming a sugar babe, you have the advantage of financial or material security. The prerequisite is that you are dealing with a reputable sugar daddy who can demonstrably support you. This way you don't have to keep entering into new relationships. Another advantage is usually that you have a kind of partnership, but it is characterized by distance. It is not a real love relationship, but both parties are free to get a little closer sometimes. Whether it's a cosy evening on the couch, a trip to the Maldives or a night at the club — everything is possible and allowed if it's part of the agreement.

Important: Make sure that you always use contraception, even if you are a sugar baby. Even though it may be a more exclusive kind of relationship, you can't definitely rule out the possibility of transmittable diseases or the risk of pregnancy. By the way, some ladies find the idea of dating a man much older than themselves particularly appealing. In this way, the relationship with the SD also offers the opportunity to live out their sexual fantasies. It is not uncommon for young ladies who are freshly separated from a long relationship or who have been divorced — and are now searching for something that is not too binding, but offers some security.

What are the disadvantages of being a sugar babe?

For sugar babes, a relationship with a sugar daddy can become a burden because it is a more exclusive form of a favour with mostly sexual acts. This means that the babe always decides for herself when she wants to sleep with her sugar daddy and whether it is basically an option for her. However, if the sugar daddy shows little understanding, it can quickly become uncomfortable — after all, the sugar daddy “pays” in the long run with compensatory attention and gifts and expects a corresponding response from the sugar babe. Another disadvantage is that a sugar babe is basically dependent on a man — because sugar daddies usually demand exclusivity and are willing to pay for rent, living expenses, clothes, and extras for the chosen lady. As a sugar babe, you often date a single man — for several years, for example. Note: There are also sugargirls who have several sugar daddies. The challenge then, however, is to keep the secret well. If the benefactor finds out that the sugar baby is cheating on him, there is usually a major breach of trust — and the relationship ends.

What role does age difference play in sugaring?

Because it is usually — but not necessarily — older gentlemen who are looking for a lady between the ages of 20 and 30, the age difference can be large. Therefore, if you decide to have a long-term relationship with a sugar daddy, there may be generational conflicts, discussions, and disagreements. One important thing to keep in mind: If you show yourself in public with your sugar daddy, you may get “strange” looks. However, if you are a convinced Sugarbaby, you should not let yourself be distracted by external influences and opinions and enjoy the arrangement. 

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What is the difference between Sugarbabes and Escorts?

As a sugar baby, you enter into a long-term business relationship, whereas escorts are usually booked for hours or sometimes for a weekend. A major difference is that escort ladies do not get entangled in deep commitments and can thus rather avoid conflicts. After all, it is not a long-term exclusive relationship and payment is made in the form of money, the amount having been agreed upon beforehand. So, those who work as escorts enjoy a stricter separation of their private life from their job, whereas with sugar babies — due to the attention of the sugar daddy — these points can quickly become mixed.

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