Private remains private

Of course, we do not want to lump all clients together. But there is a good reason why escort ladies should never give out their private phone number. We will tell you about the unpleasant experiences of some escorts. We also explain why giving out your private number should be taboo for you from the very beginning.

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Better safe than sorry

At first glance, it seems to make life easier for independent escorts if clients can reach them directly at any time. However, if you take a closer look and listen to the stories of experienced escorts, things look quite different. Clients do not know the time of day or night. They contact you every now and then, even just to ask how you are. They tend to forget that the escort service is your work and that you don't have to be available around the clock. We have heard the most amazing stories: gentlemen who call on Christmas Eve when you are sitting at the Christmas roast with your family. Or some who seem to have a little crush on their companion and wish her a good day or night every day. That can be handled quite well with one customer, but imagine what it would be like if ten or even 20 gentlemen had your private number! It's annoying. You can't get out of chatting at all and you lose a lot of time. What's more, you don't get a cent for writing messages or making phone calls. On the contrary, you may even have additional telephone costs!

What is Escort?

Therefore, we would like to advise you to get a second number and preferably even a second mobile phone as soon as you start in the escort business. You can then safely leave it at home when you are out with friends or have dates with other clients. There is the possibility to block phone numbers, but in many cases you will probably also lose the client. This would also be annoying and can be prevented from the outset with a “service number” that can only be reached at certain times. Perhaps you are thinking now: I don't see a problem there, if I don't want to answer, I just won't do it. Then it is guaranteed that one or the other gentleman will ask you why you have not responded to his calls or messages. In that case, there is only one correct answer: I was off-duty! And if you do decide to give out your private mobile phone number, you should remember this polite but firm response.

Agencies protect against clingy customers

Ladies who work with an agency usually don't even face the problem of clients asking them for their mobile phone number. This is because the client is fully aware that it is a business. In the case of escorts who join an agency, the request for dates will only ever be made through the office. The agency then also takes on the task of informing the gentlemen that escorts do not wish to be contacted privately. In most cases, the clients understand this. However, some ask at the date whether the lady would like to entrust him with her personal telephone number. The idea behind this is usually that both parties could save the agency's commission. In the end, however, the result is always the same, at least for the escorts: they invest a lot of time almost every day to stay in contact with clients - but this does not lead to more frequent or longer dates! As a consequence of giving out your number, you would probably have more work, but not more money! At the latest with this confrontation, the majority of companions decide to keep their mobile number secret. Those who did not take this to heart at the beginning had to change their phone number regularly until they realised how exhausting the whole thing often becomes.

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It may be quite flattering if clients regularly inquire about how they are doing and also want to keep in touch apart from dates. But of course, it can also get out of hand and lead to downright stalking. That's definitely the end of the fun! In such cases, which are thankfully quite rare, the only thing that helps is a very clear statement: “I don't want any private contact.” If even that doesn't help, it may even be necessary to file a complaint. It is best to protect yourself from such unpleasant situations and remain consistent.

On a positive note, many clients place just as much value on their privacy as most escort ladies. You should therefore not be afraid to keep your number secret from clients. Basically, you are doing yourself and your clients a big favour: After all, you avoid unpleasant situations arising between you and your clientele from day one.