Female masturbation: tips & trivia on female solo sex

Spoiling yourself: solo sex is not only popular with men, but masturbation is just as popular with women. That's not surprising, because masturbation offers women tingling benefits. You can pamper your body the way you like it best - until you reach a pleasurable orgasm - and get to know yourself even better. What masturbation techniques are available and what women should look out for in fulfilling masturbation. 

What advantages does masturbation offer a woman?

Solo sex is possible almost anywhere where you are undisturbed, "on call" at will and uncomplicated. But that's not all - masturbation can even contribute to your health and well-being. The reason: the friction improves blood circulation and cramps can be relieved if you're suffering from your period. The highlight is usually the orgasm, because this gives you a wonderful conclusion - something that is not always possible for women during sex for two. After all, many women suffer from the problem of simply not reaching climax. If the other person shows particularly little patience, she becomes even less relaxed. So masturbation offers women a good solution and helps them to explore their bodies even more. The result: Ideally, you learn what you like best and can easily tell your partner in bed.

Before solo sex: Relaxation is key

Self-stimulation in women is most likely to work when we feel relaxed. This is not always the case. For example, if there's a danger that your flatmate will burst into your room at any moment or the postman will ring the doorbell, you probably won't really be in the mood. If you feel stressed by everyday life and the worries in your head are particularly loud, this can be a real libido killer. Therefore, find a suitable place and the right time - for example, right in the evening before you want to sleep - and switch your mind to relaxation. Now you can be with yourself and your body for a moment. Dive in and enjoy the tingling adventure with yourself.

3 tips for exciting masturbation techniques

Every woman likes it differently - and yet they all have something in common: those who choose masturbation are among those who are particularly keen to experiment. So it's all the more exciting to weigh up all the options, because there are many techniques for solo sex.

Tip 1: Decide between clitoral and vaginal. Women who are just discovering masturbation may still be struggling with the question of where exactly their hottest stimulation point is: Are you most likely to come when you touch your clitoris? Do you need something to insert into the vaginal entrance? Or are you into both at the same time? Try it all out - and find out what you like.

Tip 2: Change positions. Vary the positions during masturbation. You have lots of options: For example, lie on your back, bend your legs and touch yourself with your hands. Turning over and lying on your stomach can also be particularly exciting - because your whole body weight is "on the clitoris" when you're pleasuring yourself. And that makes for an intense orgasm. You like it from behind? Position yourself sideways and lie down in the spoon position. Use your hand to slide down your buttocks and now focus on your vagina.

Tip 3: Use your imagination, because sex always starts in the mind. It's the same with a woman's masturbation. The mental cinema doesn't always start consciously, because sometimes it's spontaneous situations that excite us. But: If you want to consciously relax and feel like having fun in bed, you can think "nice thoughts". Whether it's a memory of a hot date from a year ago, a fantasy with an actor, a lecturer or your own boss: everything is allowed in your head, because there are no limits.

What are the tools for masturbation?

You already have the most important tool on your body, because the hands help us to stimulate ourselves. Whether both hands or just two fingers - every woman likes it differently. If you're looking for variety or if you're not really satisfied with your hands, there are solutions. For example, use suitable toys to get you going. While a dildo fills you vaginally and stimulates you from the inside, a vibrator - as the name suggests - increases your pleasure mainly through the intense vibrations.

Some women swear by everyday objects - and reach for deodorant or a bottle, for example. Caution: This is not always a good idea, because if it is a blunt object, for example, it can quickly hurt you. So it's better to use professional toys. Another option: If you like clitoral stimulation, you can also rub a soft pillow between your thighs or ride directly on the pillow. This is also an experience in itself and regularly gives women intense climaxes.

I can't get an orgasm, now what?

While some women only climax during masturbation, others need a partner. The disappointment is often particularly great when your partner is not available and masturbation doesn't really work out. It's not uncommon for us to simply not reach orgasm during self-stimulation. Now it's important to stay calm - because stress makes the situation worse, you cramp up and the climax becomes even more distant. Possible reasons why you don't reach orgasm during masturbation: If you feel like you're being watched or you have the feeling that you're going to be "caught" at any moment, you might feel particularly unrelaxed. This situation can even be arousing if you are role-playing with your partner. However, if you just want to concentrate on the experience with yourself, but it is not possible because of external circumstances, this can be frustrating. Therefore, location and timing can still be essential to your solo experience.

But it's not just external circumstances that make us tense up, because in our heads - where everything starts, as we all know - things sometimes look too bleak for a climax. So don't go crazy: as much as we sometimes want an orgasm, it's not always a guarantee. So it's even nicer to feel the anticipation for the next time when you can really relax. 

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