How to climax more often

Sex is not called the most beautiful pastime in the world for nothing - and orgasm is certainly the icing on the cake of physical union. The French have given this moment of supreme ecstasy and happiness the nickname "le petit mort" - "the little death". This refers to the temporary loss of control over body and mind during the climax that gives us such indescribable pleasure. Wouldn't it really be desirable to take off more often and fly to orgasm or even experience multiple orgasms? Oh yes, very much so! If you are now asking yourself how to do this, you are not alone. More orgasms is easy to say, but how to go about being able to and coming more often is no longer so easy.

In fact, it is known and even scientifically proven that women can experience several orgasms in a row. But is that also possible for a man? It might surprise you, but multiple orgasms are definitely possible for men too. Would you like to know how you can experience multiple orgasms in one night of love? Do you want to answer your friends' curious question "How often do you come during sex?" soon with a smile: "I often have several climaxes in a row"? If so, you've come to the right article. But beware: as soon as you know how both you and your sweetheart can achieve multiple orgasms, you will want to experience it again and again. Oh, I see - that was the initial idea! Great, so let's jump right into this exciting sex topic.

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What is a multiple orgasm?

"I'm coming again!"- when you hear this exclamation from your partner, he or she has just experienced a repeated orgasm, usually called a multiple orgasm. The term is derived from the Latin word multiplus (manifold, repetitive, multiple) and the ancient Greek word orgasmós. The latter means something like glowing inside, feeling strong arousal, bursting with power or feeling intense desire. Wow, that sounds really hot and it really describes the high during coming perfectly. One orgasm feels wonderful, but several in a row can make us really take off.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to experience multiple orgasms. This has to do with the ability to have orgasms, which varies from person to person. And: Women definitely have an advantage here! The probability of reaching several climaxes in immediate succession is much more widespread in women than in men. This is usually due to the ejaculation that accompanies orgasm. Of course, men can also ejaculate several times in one night, but this requires a break of about 20 to 30 minutes between two climaxes. Since the arousal curve flattens out during this time and must first be rekindled, there is a clear difference between multiple and repeated orgasms. Because the multiple orgasm feels like a recurring wave of overwhelming pleasure that makes the body shake - without interruption!

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Can you train a multiple orgasm?

Definitely - you can! How awesome is that? With a little practice, patience and a few deft moves, you too can come more often. However, you should really approach the matter calmly and with enough time. Climaxing, even several times in a row, has a lot to do with relaxation and a positive mindset. If it doesn't work the first few times, you definitely shouldn't throw in the towel right away. Multiple orgasms for men and women are a gift and we should treat them as such. Also, keep in mind that only a small percentage of humanity can regularly enjoy multiple climaxes in a row.

But back to the topic: Both men and women can do a lot to train their arousal curves and orgasm ability. The trick for men, by the way, is to prevent ejaculation. Because if "he" doesn't have to reload, the multiple climax will also work! With the appropriate exercises, which we will reveal to you in a moment, you can get started right away. For your first field test, however, we recommend that you plan the right ambience. Knowing that you have to get up at six tomorrow or that the kids could burst into the bedroom at any moment, you're not likely to be in the ideal mood. How about a cuddle weekend or a short holiday instead? If the stressful everyday life is far away, both of you are relaxed and can let your souls dangle, the multiple (s)explosion is much more likely to work out.

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Four ways to train yourself to come more often

There are several ways to train yourself to experience many orgasms in a row.
Ladies first:

1. Pelvic floor training

A well-trained pelvic floor makes a huge difference when it comes to orgasms and is the basic prerequisite for being able to fly towards multiple climaxes. Three exercises have proven to be particularly helpful here.

  •  Stand up straight with your back straight and your feet about hip-width apart. Concentrate on your pubic area and imagine that there is a miniature lift hidden there. Now try to move this upwards by tensing the pelvic floor muscles and hold it there for three seconds. Now relax and repeat the same lift movement three to five times after a break of ten seconds each time.

  • Do you know the fitness pose "Bridge"? Here you lie with your back flat on the bed or floor, bend your legs and place your feet hip-width apart. Lift your buttocks until you form a straight line between your upper body and thighs. Tighten your buttocks and pelvic floor and hold the bridge for about ten seconds. Relax briefly and repeat the pose five times.

  • Love balls you are real magic bullets regarding your pelvic floor.  At first, however, you should only wear the sexy balls for about 30 minutes a day, because your vagina or pelvic floor can actually get sore muscles: Unpleasant! Once you have inserted the balls, preferably lying down, and positioned them comfortably, they will deliver the desired training effect quite automatically. Your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are therefore strengthened while you wear the balls.

2. PC muscle training

Do you know where your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is located, gentlemen? It is located in your pelvic floor. And what does that tell us? Exactly - as mentioned in point 1, you should also make sure that your pelvic floor muscles are well-trained if your goal is multiple orgasms.  Because tensing your intimate muscles helps you control your ejaculation. Only if you can outsmart the so-called point of no return will you be able to come several times - without squirting, mind you! One exercise is essential for your PC muscle and brings you three mega benefits at once: A harder erection, prevention of potency problems and your ticket to the multiple comers club! What you need to do is very simple. Imagine that you want to interrupt the stream of urine when you pee. Practise this contraction or muscle tension several times a day and from now on please also during sex.

3. Coitus reservatus

What kind of thing? This is the deliberately withheld ejaculation, also known as karezza - and it's very trendy at the moment. No wonder, since multiple orgasms are all about suppressing ejaculation at the last second to maintain stamina for a longer period of time. With the following grip techniques, you can prevent your semen from making its way very close to climax.

  • Just before you come, use the squeeze method by squeezing your penis just below the glans with your thumb and forefinger. This will stop your urge to ejaculate.

  • You can also use the testicle ring as soon as you notice that your climax is approaching. Your partner will be happy to help you so that you don't have to contort yourself too much, depending on the position. Form a ring with your thumb and index finger and place it around the upper end of the scrotum. Now gently and sensitively pull the testicles downwards. This technique also stops ejaculation at the last second and you can continue to have sex right away.

  • Now you will learn why you should train your pelvic floor: The strong tensing of the PC muscle shortly before coitus also prevents you from ejaculating.

4. Change position

A tried and tested method of delaying ejaculation several times in a row is to switch between different positions. Logically, you should choose positions in which you have control. Then you can control at any time at which moment you pull out your member to come only "dry". The abrupt stop of the movement in combination with the sudden tensing of other muscle areas should help you to keep your ejaculation under control.

Popular positions for this are those in which the man can move freely - so the riding position is already unfavorable. But if you stand or kneel in front of your lover while she lies on the bed or table, you have an easy time. The missionary position or doggy style are also good ways to get out of the way at a critical moment. So you're not supposed to leave the bedroom or living room now, but your penis definitely needs to get out of the woman. And always right when you think it's going to happen in a second. You probably won't succeed right away. It takes a fair amount of self-control to impose a taboo on yourself at the moment of the greatest arousal. But: You can move on three seconds later. And just believe the men who have already mastered these techniques: Coming without ejaculation is just as hot as an orgasm with ejaculate.

The Jen-Mo point - what is it?

To introduce you to the secrets of the Jen-Mo point, let's take a little journey into the Far Eastern Taoist culture. The terms Kamasutra and Tantra sex have probably crossed your path before. And that's where the knowledge about the, let's call it the "orgasm spot" of the man comes from. The Jen-Mo spot is really something and fortunately it is easy to find. It is located in the area between your testicles and your anus, relatively centrally on the so-called perineum. If this area is stimulated with light pressure at the right moment, i.e. just before the semen is released, it leads to what is known as injaculation. This is an ejaculation that takes place more or less internally. Normally, the semen simply flows back inside the penis into the prostate. This happens because the massage of the Jen-Mo point compresses the urethra and the semen cannot be ejected. This significantly increases your stamina and you are very likely to enjoy several orgasms in a row. 

You will not ejaculate, but you will still experience the pleasant muscle contractions that you normally feel during coitus. There is one small drawback if the Jen-Mo point is not hit properly or penetrated too hard: Your semen could be conducted into the urinary bladder, which manifests itself in cloudy urine. If this happens as an exception, it is completely harmless. If it happens more often, you should consult a urologist about it. By the way, even if you perfect the Jen-Mo technique, regular ejaculation is necessary and healthy for your prostate, so please don't switch completely to injecting.

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Doesn't it all sound almost too good to be true? Multiple orgasms for everyone - what a dream. But believe us when we tell you: with patience and training, you too can achieve multiple climaxes. Maybe not at first and probably not always - but now you already know the most promising tricks and tips. It's best to get started right away - because practice makes perfect. If you have trained your pelvic floor, strengthened the PC muscle and found the Jen-Mo point, then why not apply your new skills to a lady right away. The BB Escort team will find exactly the right lady for you.

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